Dream » I » Ink

The interpretation of the dream «Ink»

For a young woman's dream in which she tints lashes mascara, meaning that it is seeking new experiences with the opposite sex.

If you dream you see a woman with ink flowed down her cheeks, then in real life, you will encounter a situation where you need to extract and tranquility.

If you dream that you are buying ink, in the near future, you expect trouble.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Man gives you a ink, ink. - Speaking about the progress of your work in writing.


Ink has significance, particularly in magical practices, when it is used to reflect powers that are outside the norm. In written magical spells it is often important to use particular inks in order to achieve the required results. Spiritually this creates the correct vibration and this concept often surfaces in dreams. On a more intellectual level, ink signifies the ability to transcribe and understand knowledge in a more sophisticated way. When a particular flow of energy or information is needed, ink can symbolize that flow. Since very few people now use fountain pens, the significance of ink on a physical level is no longer quite so valid. As a child, learning the art of handwriting could be difficult and pen and ink thus became ?instruments of torture? and can often appear as such in difficult dreams in later life. Formerly in dreams, ink also suggested the ability to communicate in a lucid fashion. The entries for Paper/Parchment, Pen and Writing will help with further clarification.

Freud’s dream book

Spilling ink in a dream is nothing to cry about, but to write with ink is a warning to go slowly in giving confidences even to your best friends.

Miller’s dream book

To see ink spilled over one's clothing, many small and spiteful meannesses will be wrought you through envy. If a young woman sees ink, she will be slandered by a rival. To dream that you have ink on your fingers, you will be jealous and seek to injure some one unless you exercise your better nature. If it is red ink, you will be involved in a serious trouble. To dream that you make ink, you will engage in a low and debasing business, and you will fall into disreputable associations. To see bottles of ink in your dreams, indicates enemies and unsuccessful interests.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Ink, ink — the same, as paint. Red ink - something important; good event.

East female dream book

The dream about ink foretells evil gossips round your name. If in a dream your own fingers are soiled by ink (especially, red), try to be jealous the beloved not so strongly. Otherwise your too strong feelings will bring many efforts not only to the person who now is near you, but also directly to you.


If the black - spoil the reputation; the green - at you everything will turn out therefore do not stop; the yellow - fast acquaintance to very good person; blue, blue, violet - to a long depression.

Old Russian Dream Book

Squabbles; the spilled – separation, loss; to write – business news, a lawsuit.

Schiller School student’s dream book

To use – success in sciences and affairs; the spilled ink – failure.


For a young woman a dream in which she tints eyelashes mascara, meaning that it is looking for new experiences to communicate with the opposite sex. If you dream you see a woman whose cheeks flowed ink, then real life, you will encounter a situation where you are required to self-control and peace of mind. If you had a dream that you buy ink, in the near future, you expect trouble.

Miller’s dream book

An empty ink tank, seen in a dream promises you that soon you will be able to avoid public condemnation for alleged injustice done you. To see it filled - it means that enemies can defame you, if you do not take appropriate precautions.


Outward or obvious communication, message, meaning, expression, creativity.