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Dream «Meat»

Miller’s dream book

For a woman to dream of raw meat, denotes that she will meet with much discouragement in accomplishing her aims. If she sees cooked meat, it denotes that others will obtain the object for which she will strive. See Beef.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Is - a disease; see raw - trouble.

Esoteric Dream Book

Fresh — pain (dental, sciatica, neuralgia). Ready to eat - you will be greeted warmly on a trip or journey. Rotten - check the teeth, nose and throat may occur inflammation.

Assyrian Dream Book

If you dream a person eats the meat of a wild animal - he was waiting for the confiscation of property, it is possible that the death will enter his family. If he eats meat of an unknown beast - bad luck to soften it. If he kills the animal and eat its meat - it is waiting for the confusion of the spirit. If he gets jerky - it podpadС‘t under the influence of evil spells. If he brings the meat on the street - he was sick.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Beef in a dream is - a sign adverse and foretells a stop in affairs, a loss and an illness.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

There is a dry meat — to conversation.


For a woman to dream of raw meat in a dream, in real life, it expects a lot of different obstacles on the way to its goal. If she sees cooked meat, others will outstrip its earlier achieve the purpose to which it seeks to. To dream of a butcher in the blood, butchered carcass - a sign of long-term illness of a loved one. If you dream of a butcher chopping meat, then this prediction: the society will punish you severely criticized, and you will incur material losses. Beware of writing letters and signing documents after this dream. For a woman to dream of raw meat - which means that it will face with a variety of stunning events in the achievement of its goals. If she dreams of cooked meat - it is a sign that the other reached the goal for which it has sought to.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Has boiled — wellbeing; raw - illness, death; buy - use; prepare - welfare.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Meat — to see crude - disappointment, troubles; is - to an illness; there is a human - to difficult knowledge; to learn forbidden secret.

East female dream book

The dream in which you see crude meat, promises you big troubles. Be ready to that your way to the planned purpose will be hard. If the prepared meat dreamed you, it is quite probable that your rivals will be ahead of you, without giving the chance to achieve success.


To a chronic illness. Mincemeat - to an illness. Boiled M.: is - to a disease of some internal body. Crude M. - to a serious disease.

Old Russian Dream Book

Is – an illness; to see crude – trouble.

Russian Dream Book

Symbol of the internal; internal feeling, in relation to an external situation; to see crude meat, to expectation of troubles, difficult experiences, concern for native.

Schiller School student’s dream book

To see or eat the boiled – wellbeing; the crude – an illness and grief.

Slavic dream book

To profit

Culinary Dream Book

Any raw meat means joy and pleasure. Eating meat cooked - to use and Baris, paired with some difficulty; eat meat raw - damage to the estate, and sometimes the death of someone from the home; eat meat spoiled - disappointment and frustration.

Henry Rommel

Worked as a butcher - home to disease, failure in business, the threat to your reputation.See or eat raw meat - to trouble, sickness, boiled - to success, prosperity.If raw meat in a dream saw a woman, she would be at the center of the unexpected and unusual events on the way to his goal, cooked meat - a sign that other objectives are achieved.

Islamic dream interpretation

Raw meat means property forbidden, and the meat boiled or roasted means property owned by the king.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Meat — disease. Meat in a dream - worries and troubles. If you dream of raw meat to the patient - he will die, but if healthy - ill. Dreaming meat, bacon - it is our sin any. Beef is - will be a nuisance, as in meat lives stopped. Especially bad if izdohshaya dream of a pig - a big anticipated slander and all in big trouble. Raw meat - very bad: the brawl will or something someone steals; but how you eat it - it's even worse.