Dream «Reflection»

See my reflection in the mirror - for old age; in the water - to the disdain.

Longo’s dream book

To dream of reflection - expect trouble: perhaps it will come in the guise of the disease, and it's not necessarily going to happen to you, but maybe someone from your home or close friends. See the reflection of someone else - the sign of the evil eye. This dream does not mean that bad energy is you are the person whose reflection you saw in a dream. Just take a look more closely at those who have recently entered the circle of your communication.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — water, metal, wood. Elements - cold, dryness, wind. Emotions - fear, anger, sadness. Organs - kidneys, liver, lungs. The planets - Mercury, Saturn, Venus. See the explanation and interpretation of the reflection in the water (own or someone else) - the state of yin - separation, distance. To dream of a reflection in the water is to take themselves or through another intermediary, not having the courage to direct contact (water-cold fear). Water is amorphous - it has no form, then, reflected in her face does not exist, does not exist (no form) and looking at the water. Hidden fears have long been able to justify provoking, sound distrust of self and others, and forced to seek ways to protect the complex, draining and destroying the ability of perception and self and the world. Trust scary, and people seeking a variety of reasons and ways to check the others, denying that the problem lies in the lack of confidence in himself. Constant irritability and periods of depression confirm and reinforce confidence in one state emerged as a way of survival. The gradual distancing seems a reasonable way to resolve problems. Relationships are destroyed, and the man is alone, entangled in their own claims and fears: the reality of reality is one reflection that appears in a dream. But this is a warning for the future, and that there is not left alone. Sleep is unfavorable: urgent need to review the system of spiritual values ​​and attitudes, for all the troubles provoked by the dreamer. The kidneys, liver and lungs in an unfavorable premorbid state. Distorted reflection ripples - could herald a serious illness. See my reflection in the mirror - the mirror is different from the real, inside-right of the imaginary world of volumes and shapes. Mirror in a dream (too different from the world of reality) - a very sophisticated way, the connection of various dimensions, which allows to capture and reflect the internal history of the human soul. With care should be taken to such a dream: it is absolutely essential - it gives the Cosmos. Everyone lives in his own world, which creates as he himself seems to be correct. The emerging relationship, his behavior - it's all derived from the previous first understanding how to live. Everyone chooses to continue only an actor otrabatyuaet the image that he was once chosen, bringing it (the image itself) to a possible perfection - the same effect on the impact on the public / ambi-ent. But this - statics. A static always unfavorable, especially - static soul! See my reflection in the mirror of the past - there is a perception of a true world: real, undisguised and undistorted relation to oneself. Own face in the mirror of sleep is the same as it was until not actively started to spiritual self-created image of make-up-cast - the role of. The consequence of sleep should be an analysis of all of the actions from the reference point of sleep (the person in the mirror) to the present day (morning after sleep). See the reflection in the mirror as if in a dream of the future - Hibernate knows that his face in the mirror, but did not recognize himself had never seen, to remember nothing. This, as in the first case, the perception of a real face, but not as it was, and how it would be if the real behavior of the person does not change. Actions after sleeping is optional, depending on whether a person like a mirror or not. But the dream is usually shows the need for some changes: the advice above should not be neglected. Do not recognize themselves in a mirror in a dream - a complete contradiction between the need for properly selected and the understanding and vision of his associates, who are real. This dream - a sign of permanent debilitating dreamer voltage to maintain a false image, a sign of approaching nervous breakdown. Get pleasure from seeing his reflection in a mirror in a dream - a sign of the lack of combat itself, the full acceptance of all of the events taking place and. Aversion to his reflection in a dream-a sign of the constant exhausting struggle for the preservation of the selected patterns of behavior, and the discrepancy between the target's own capabilities. Every action to achieve the goal act brings frustration and loss of strength. Covered cracked mirror in a dream and the impossibility of time-look at it at least about their traits - the selected pattern of behavior is wrong to completely erase his own face (and in reality a broken mirror - a bad omen). Maybe someone's complete submission to the will of the. Sleep is very unfavorable, need urgent change of behavior, goals, values, and a doctor's advice. Specific immediate consequences such dreams usually do not predict. But the long-term consequences - not good. Instead see themselves in the mirror of another person - a complete self-surrender (might occur in childhood). If the reflection is familiar then reconsider your relationship with the original, regardless of whether he is alive or already dead. Mental study in this case, free, mentally and paid his debt to grant exemption. We can assume that dream favorable, since such a show - help. To dream reflected in the mirror of some other place (in the dream the dreamer is in the room and sees in the mirror of the road, for example) or another person (not his place) - is simply the use of mirrors opportunities for information transfer (for some reason otherwise it was impossible to show). In this case, you should interpret what they saw in the mirror as a separate sleep.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If a person dreams of his face in the water - bad - to spend time in the life of another life.

Miller’s dream book

D. Person Lake.


Symbolically Spiritual truth that is available to us at any particular stage of understanding is often shown to us as though in a reflection. It is as if we need an image that gives us tangibility. Often, to see a reflection in a dream is to try to be understanding the inner self and the way that we cope with the outside world. If in a dream the two images do not correspond, we will need to make some kind of adjustment in order to live comfortably within the everyday world. Our inner self must give the impetus to the outer reality. A reflection seen in a dream has a great deal to do with the way we see ourselves at that particular moment. Our self-image is important to us, as is the way other people see us. If the reflection is in a mirror, then our image will be perhaps more ?solid?, whereas one seen in water will be more transient. The story of Narcissus and the way he fell in love with himself (or rather his own image) is a warning to all of us against self-worship. You might also like to consult the entry for Mirror.

Hasse’s dream book

To see your reflection in a dream represents your true self - it is time to look within. The reflection may highlight both your flaws and positive attributes. Learn from your flaws and how to improve them, and at the same time appreciate your good qualities. Alternatively, your reflection could also indicate how you want others to perceive you.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Reflections in water. Search of the Shadow or Animy/Animus embodied in the animals (mermaid) living in / to water. After snovidyashchiya can face the objective nature of the personality, and water in that case becomes image of the internal sphere reflecting the outside world. Nartsistichesky supervision of the reflection.