Dream » T » Treasure

The interpretation of the dream «Treasure»

Treasure to find - sometimes joy.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Find - success by luck, dig - Health, dive for treasure - a gift, look for the treasure - to cheat.

Hasse’s dream book

Dreamed treasure personifies hope that will not come true. If you are looking for it in the company of someone, but did not find it, waking quarreled and parted with that person.

Esoteric Dream Book

Find - kick loss. Bury - "buried talent"; unrealized potential, will torment the problem of self-expression.

Azar’s dream book

False hopes.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Find the treasure - means a small mishap.

Solomon’s dream book

Treasure — the unfulfilled hopes.


To search for treasure symbolizes man's search for enlightenment, his search for the Holy Grail. Expecting treasure and finding a negative as in the story of Pandora's box is part of our learning how to deal with disappointment. To find a box that has treasure such as gems and jewels in it is to understand that we must break through our own limitations before we find what we are looking for. The search for treasure epitomizes the search for tangible value in the everyday world. Treasure in dreams always represents something that is of value to us. It is the result of personal achievement and effort. To find buried treasure is to find something we have lost, perhaps a part of our personality. To be burying treasure is to be trying to guard against the future and potential problems. You might also like to consult the entries for Box, Chest/Box, Digging/Excavation, Gems/Jewels and Money.


Find the treasure - a favorable sign. After such a dream everyone can count on the fact that he will get what you want. If you dream that your treasure hunt is not successful, then in real life to achieve the intended goal you require from you much more effort than you expected.

Henry Rommel

Search for treasure - a vain hope, hype, found - to the temptations, difficulties in relationships with loved ones.Unearth - to health, success, good luck.Dive to the bottom of the luggage - get a gift.If you already hold a treasure in your hands - it's a joy. However, usually happy to follow sadness (especially if the big treasure).Transfer treasure, get rid of it - for the release of any worries or work.

Loff’s dream book

The treasures are often associated with a thirst for adventure and the search for the wisdom of life, as well as a desire to obtain money, on the one hand, you can be a real financial difficulties, which caused the dream, and the other - the treasure can be a symbol of wisdom and experience that you seek to acquire in real life. To realize the dream, consider the nature of the treasure you are looking for. Sometimes the object of the search is an artifact of historical or cultural values ​​as opposed to cash. If you manage to complete a search of the object, it is possible that you will gain a new understanding of life and interpersonal relationships, hidden in a dream in the guise of treasures. However, if you happen to find the treasure where absolutely did not expect to find it, then likely another scenario. Maybe you do not fully understand its capabilities in real life. Your subconscious is saying to you: Look, fool, right under your feet! Here is the answer. Dreams of this kind are not rare and should be subject to careful consideration. Elude you solutions to pressing problems could be much closer than you think.

Miller’s dream book

If you dream that you've found the treasure - so expect generosity from an unexpected quarter: it will be very helpful in your pursuit of happiness. Loss of Treasure portends failure in business and unfaithful friends.

Modern dream book

Has not fulfilled the hopes.


Discovering treasure can represent something you've discovered in real life or would like to discover, or it can represent an insight you're having during the dream or you've had recently in real life.