The interpretation of the dream «Accusation»

The charge — a reflection of feelings of guilt or resentment. The reflection of the desire to expose, to "bring to light" (also the fear of it). Reflection of fear of being exposed or charged in vain.

Hasse’s dream book

In the dream, you were accused - is in trouble, blame yourself - a dream foretells that you will be happy and well-known person; his wife - you learn the bad news.

Ancient French dream book

To accuse someone of a crime or bad deed - is to anxiety and grief. Accused you - to success and fortune.

Miller’s dream book

Dreamed that you were accused of any inappropriate action - hence, in the future, you can consciously and cleverly participate in spreading rumors. Blaming others for low deeds - will interfere with subordinates, your dignity will be harmed.

Longo’s dream book

If dreamed accusation in your address, it tells about your concerns: are you afraid of exposure, as did not adequately.

You accused deserved - sleep advises to tell what he had done, otherwise then, when it becomes known to the whole truth, you would be the worse, as all of you will turn away from a dishonest person.

Understand that the prosecution in a dream you do not deserve it, - in reality your act is not so terrible, so much so experience is not necessary. Disaster will not happen even if your secret will someone, because you are very exaggerating the extent of his guilt, having made a very minor infraction.

Accused you of another person - be a long chores likely related to education. Could it be that you have a new boss, which you initially get into this hot antipathy. However, the dream suggests that even before the collision with the problem would cost you to realize that your future boss - is quite common, open and sociable person, sometimes enjoying a psychological mask dictator for greater certainty.

In the dream, despite the fact that you had known for certain innocence of any person, you could not do anything to justify it - which means that in reality you will encounter a similar situation. The future of a certain person in a certain extent, will depend on you, as you will have the opportunity to prove his innocence. Plucking up courage, and giving voice to all the truth, you agree to bring the matter to a successful completion. But because of your cowardice and fear of being accused of something unseemly person can be badly hit.

New family dream book

A dream in which you accuse someone of low deeds, portends a quarrel with his subordinates. See how would your relevance and credibility is not affected! If you dream accuse you, try not to become involved in the intrigues and gossip.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If you dream you are accused of a crime and the accusation is false - it means. You are on the threshold of a great disaster. If you are found not guilty - so, in fact, the insidious machinations of your enemies will fail, and you are the most honorable manner smash all their machinations and intrigues. This dream also means that you will soon get rich through his own diligence and with the support of your friends.

Vedic dream book of Shivananda

Are a sign that you may become rich through their own efforts. But it can bring you a big problem.

Dream book of lovers

If you dream that you accuse someone of misconduct, in reality wait a quarrel with her lover (lover).

Freud’s dream book

Being accused of wrongdoing warns you to be on guard against those who will flatter you in order to obtain favors.