Dream » A » Acne

The interpretation of the dream «Acne»

Pimple - a reflection of a possible crisis.

Esoteric Dream Book

In the dream you had acne - it portends acquaintance, which will continue candlelit dinners, walks under the moon and the other attributes of romantic dates. Acne has been the other person - then you will find an easy hobby that does not lead to negative consequences.

Ancient French dream book

On the face in a dream you had acne - get ready for a joyful event, which you did not expect. Another interpretation of the dream - the house will newborn.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — earth, metal, water. Elements - moisture, dryness, cold. Emotions - pensiveness, sadness, fear,. Organs - the spleen, pancreas, stomach, lungs, small intestine, large intestine, kidney, bladder. The planets - Saturn, Venus, Mercury. Explanation and interpretation of all foreign, non-functional effects on the skin indicate the beginning of disease-specific lesions of the internal organs: skin rashes, pimples, acne, blisters, itching, and redness of the skin can not be cured only by external means, treat the patient should be an internal organ. Acne and itching - the flash-release of pathogenic power of an overloaded body, but the situation in this case, it may not yet be time-consuming and do not have further consequences in taking timely action. Wart - a viral skin lesions, and if it is localized to the projection of a meridian, then all of a sudden had a dream warts - an important signal about the already long-term adverse condition Authority. And in the dream and waking jump on warts on the face of the projection areas of internal organs: the forehead, the outer and inner corners of the eyes, heart; left cheek, liver and gall bladder; right cheek-light; surface of the nose and the two-century-spleen; chin-kidney; upper lip, stomach and duodenum. Wart on the body often jumps over internal organ or the direction of travel of the meridian, reflecting abnormal movement of the meridian and at the same time the pathology of its links with other meridians. Wart in a dream to see / feel how it arises where in reality it is not, - wart symbolizes bunch of heavy, shapeless, devoid of motion information yin. The jumped in a dream to see the wart - a signal ready to manifest, already mature domestic violations in the relevant bodies. In determining the type of pathology is important warts color: pale, white wart - fever, blood flow and stagnation in her body / meridian, the inflammatory process; dark, black - cold, lack of energy in the body, lack of blood supply, the internal spasms. Warts indicate that the primary lesion of the body comes from the stable of negative emotions: long-term depression, which is a consequence of intemperance of any emotion, violates the carbohydrate balance in the body that is immediately reflected on the skin. In a sudden jumping into warts in dreams and reality there may be someone else's ill will disallow the body: on the body as it has laid down a black spot, the body warns people: throw a painful condition spot on the surface of the skin. However, someone hit someone else's ill will could only find support in already present in the body of negative emotions (here, just like in the article Evil Spirit). Wart in the dream and reality - a serious warning about the already long, though, perhaps, hidden disorders of homeostasis, together with the emotional sphere. So tear / cut the wart adversely: internal reasons and will remain through the resulting hole will leak energy. Cutting the wart in a dream means spoiling affairs and relationships as a result of unreasonable attempts to solve them by force. Wart - a sign of the need to do the correction of their emotions and relationship to the world, along with treatment. Sudden wart - and even the sign of the need to review your environment and the choice of friends.


Disease; squeeze — beware of bone fractures or reputation.

Freud’s dream book

(See Pimples.)

Hasse’s dream book

Dreaming of having acne symbolizes self-esteem issues and your insecurities. You are not comfortable with yourself and feel out of place in certain situations.


Putting up with nuisances, letting things "get under your skin" and bother you but not doing anything about them, repressed anger

The feeling or fear that something is "coming to a head" in your life, that something will soon demand your attention or become a crisis you must deal with