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Son warning: you are prone to alcoholism.


Alcohol as 'spirit' or essence is the conjunction of opposites, a combination of the principles of fire and water. It is a means of changing consciousness. In dreams where alcohol is a feature there is an element of attempting to transcend the ordinary and approach the Divine (the Essence). When the normal constraints we put on ourselves in waking life are removed, we can often reach our own truth. Alcohol as a symbol of the removal of restraint enables us to accept dream ideas we might otherwise reject. There is the recognition of the potential for emotional confusion out of which can come clarity. To dream of an alcoholic suggests that we need to look at the way we handle excess and obsession in our daily lives. When alcohol appears in a dream it suggests that in a mundane sense we may need or require a largely pleasurable experience or influence. We have available means of changing perception. We can afford to let go and 'go with the flow' of what is happening to us. As the use of alcohol becomes more prevalent in the everyday, it can have the effect of changing the quality of dreams, bringing more frightening or incomprehensible images to the fore. Often these images need to be interpreted in the way that they were in previous times, as gremlins and hidden fears and anxieties. Men tend to be less inclined to interpret such images and to dismiss them as being irrelevant, women may choose to take note of them. You may like to consult the entries for Abandonment, Drunk and Wine.

Freud’s dream book

Dreamed of merely as a chemical, used in the arts or sciences, this is entirely favorable. As a beverage, it portends success if taken in moderation - otherwise failure.

Hasse’s dream book

To dream that you are drinking alcohol in excess signifies feelings of insecurity and regret. You may be worried that people will discover your true identity. If you dream of hiding your drinking from someone, especially from a parent, means you have been keeping a secret that is going to end up hurting you if you don't let it out.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To dream of drinking to intoxication is an inner need to escape reality or your life situation. Same is true to dream of doing drugs. This also indicates a feeling of alienation and quite possibly guilt. Watching someone else get drunk is ussually a negative expression of your inner feeling toward the person or personality trait exibited by the person who is drunk. To be sober in a crowd of drunks indicates feelings of being left out, or being superior.

Dream book of Vanga

Others drinking, they are out of control, it is an excuse for their behavior, they are not in condition to help you by their own fault, You: possibly drinking too much, its your excuse for you to do something out of the ordinary, or for not performing,

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Alcohol can be a symbol of obtusion of feelings, but not all feelings. It can symbolize refusal from own I and flight from reality.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Obtusion of feelings; tolerance.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If the person dreams himself drinking beer, – it is good, it means calm of its feelings.

Longo’s dream book

To dream various alcoholic beverages on a banquet or at a party – in reality soon there will be very important event which will bring to you not only big material benefit, but also respect and gratitude of people around. If dreams you that your relatives or acquaintances drink alcoholic beverages and you take in it part, in reality you should make a difficult vital choice between the benefits material and spiritual. The dream in which you why – or cannot take part in drinking of a hard liquor, means that you should make the global decision concerning all your life. If you kept and did not drink gram, the dream foretells that you will have a determination to make this important decision. You "booze" alone – in real life you should assume an assignment which you will not be able to execute, but also to refuse it too not in your forces. Consider as you will behave in a similar situation that at the moment when it really arises, you were not overtaken unawares. To see that you sell alcoholic beverages, – you should make what you do not expect from yourself in any way, it is unexpected and for your relatives. They think of you as about the person not capable on any extraordinary acts, actually you have talent to make the real holiday where to everyone there is the place and where all feel very comfortably of week-day. To see that you treat someone with strong alcoholic drink at home, – you have excellent organizing abilities, you can try in this field and will make great progress. Do not miss chance: the next month – the most suitable time for such for such undertaking.

Culinary Dream Book

If you dream you were drinking spirits, then in life you feel the burning desire to experience the forbidden pleasures. Beware, this goal will entail a great deal of trouble. Do not be due to a passing whim jeopardize his career and honor.


Alcohol drink in a dream - a nuisance, confusion.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Sniff — get a nice lead.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Alcohol drink in a dream - a nuisance, confusion.