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Dream «Anchor»

Anchor — a reflection of the strong binding.

Lifting — the need to "break ground".

Lowering - the need to "anchor".

Miller’s dream book

A dream of dreams anchored to the fact that you will leave with your friends, you can move to a new location; may go to distant lands. For lovers dream stands a harbinger of a quarrel. For sailors dream is favorable if the sea was calm in his sleep.

Freud’s dream book

See raised anchor - a dream woman says that having sex with her dreams of a man, which she never would have thought of such a. By the way, this man is not in bed so homely as you might think, judging by his appearance. Man after this dream should pay more attention to their appearance, especially if he has a habit of not wearing underwear. Ignoring this advice, he runs a great risk to parade his best friend and get an extremely awkward situation.

Dreamed of going down the ship's anchor - this means that the relationship with a new acquaintance will develop rapidly and violently.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Above the water, clearly visible - a good sign; under water - disappointing.

Esoteric Dream Book

To calm existence. At the bottom - your life excessive peace will be like a slow death.

Ancient French dream book

If you dreamed of an anchor - soon you will hear the unexpected news that, however, is not made you.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Force; strong position. Attachment to a person or place.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Anchor — the symbol of sustainable living circumstances, the hopes for friends, a symbol of a kind of guarantee.

New family dream book

Anchor in a dream - a great sign for the Mariners. This means that the sea will be calm. But like the rest of the dream foretells separation from friends and change of residence. Possible and traveling abroad. If the anchor had a love of someone, they can fall out.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

To dream anchor, dropped into the water - a bad sign, heralding the collapse of many of the hopes. If the anchor is lowered into the water only half, and the other part of it is above the surface of the water, so perhaps soon you will have to hit the road. The young woman poluspuschenny anchor promises to her husband, a sailor, and pregnant - a son who will become a sailor. If an anchor in a dream massive and heavy - a good sign of stability of your position and the futility of any attempt to contrive your enemies, shake it.

Modern dream book

For a sailor to dream of an anchor - an auspicious sign. For everyone else, it predicts the possibility of long-distance travel related to your business interests.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements of metal, water. Elements - the dry, cold. Emotions - sadness, fear. Organs - lungs, colon, kidneys, bladder. The planets - Venus, Mercury. Explanation and interpretation of the verse is not manageable from the outside in the dream symbolizes a different extent and quality of the state of imbalance, and depending on what happens around a person, that is, the elements represent the dependence of the situation. A person can only comprehend the laws governing the world and try to use them to your advantage. This is not the conquest of the elements, and their understanding of the work, together with the elements in the same rhythm when things start on the auspicious moment. This is not an attempt to change the world around him, to improve his or redirect, but the desire to understand the process through direct incorporation into him in his rhythm. However, stronger human element: can compare the amount of energy of one man, and all the water or just the wind? Fully merge with the elements can not be, I will dissolve into its own element that from this will be even stronger, instead of controlling the elements will dissolve in it. Symbolism anchor corresponds to its physical purpose: to give peace of mind and rooting foothold in the element of water, amorphous and formless, but is able to take any shape and move in the right direction. Everything said about the cosmic elements and is reflected in the mental health rights: the elements of fire, wind and water are raging inside me under the guise of the corresponding emotion. To be able to control your emotions is like to have their deterrent anchor. This is the key to health and success. Anchor in a dream to see / one element of the plot of sleep anchor - the yin-yang of the stability condition, the element of water opens the door to the Jahn-action. Anchor dream - to maintain the perception of yourself in a dream and the whole self-valuable person, being involved in any violent situation. Anchor in a dream means an adequate assessment of the situation and the dreamer, and his place in it, and their forces. The presence of such a valuable internal quality will be a great help in business, although it may not be quick success and will have to wait and pick a time. Sleep is favorable in any season and is especially favorable in autumn. The element of autumn (dry) just about ready to be replaced by its opposite element of the winter season (water). That's when the anchor symbolized the quality is very useful: the ability, without succumbing to fear, remain calm and strength, not wasting them in vain, and the ability to calculate the forces, correlating them with the power of the elements.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

The anchor means undoubted execution of our enterprises and hopes.


From a spiritual perspective the symbol of the anchor is particularly significant as it represents a boat and mast and hence the union of masculine and feminine. Its appearance in a dream shows we are working towards a time of a future tranquility. The anchor can also be the symbol of security and in Early Christian art was used as a representation of the Cross. Psychologically we need encouragement to develop the ability to ?hold fast during a period of instability. If we can ride out the storm we shall survive. When an anchor is being dragged during a dream, the external forces are too great for us. When an anchor appears in a dream it usually means the necessity to remain stable in emotional situations. We need to catch hold of a concept or idea which will give us a point of reference in difficult situations. In a mans dream the anchor can sometimes suggest his sexuality or perhaps his more creative urges. In a womans dream it suggests either her nurturing side, intuitive abilities or perhaps the security of relationship, either personal or Cosmic. You might also like to consult the entry for Boat/Ship.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Anchor — the end of alarms, rest, stability of the relations; marriage. For the woman - a marriage or love of the seaman, naval officer (the idiom: "to come to anchor").


I. on a pedestal - to achievement of the conceived purpose; to see, how I. lower from the ship - prepare for serious test.

Old Russian Dream Book

Over water, it is clearly visible – a good sign; under water – disappointment.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Anchor in a dream – hope.

Azar’s dream book

Marriage, settled life.

Freud’s dream book

If a woman dreams raised anchor, so you really want to "try out" a certain man, whom you, in general, and do not think I am. And yet, this man is not so homely in bed, as he seems outwardly. A man who saw a similar dream, you need to closely relate to their appearance, especially if you're used to not wear underwear. And if you do not follow this advice, you risk to put his best and trusted friend for show all. Lowers the anchor of the ship - a sign that you will find a quick and quite passionate development of relations with your new friends.


To dream of an anchor - good for the sailors, if the sea while relaxing. For others, this dream foretells separation from friends, change of residence and travel abroad. The lovers soon quarrel if someone from They saw in a dream anchored.

Henry Rommel

Asymbol of hope, security.If it is above the water is clearly visible - a dream that promises prosperity; under water - disappointing.If the dream of an anchor is not recommended anywhere that day to go.Dreamed anchor - an auspicious dream for sailors.There is a different interpretation of dreams anchor: dreams predict the separation from friends, change residence, travel to a distant land, a quarrel between the lovers.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of an anchor - favorable for seafarers if the sea while relaxing. For others, this dream foretells separation from friends, change of residence and travel abroad. The lovers soon quarrel, if any of them saw in a dream anchored.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Fulfillment of desires.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Anchor dream — hope.

Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

Marriage, sedentary life, the selection.


Source of security,  steadiness, or support

Source of limitation

Not moving forward or being held back in a process