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The interpretation of the dream «Buy»

A dream in which you are making a large selection of shopping, and the calculation is that you do not have the money to himself - is a harbinger of how the high costs and a significant profit. Pay for purchases in a dream - it means you get rid of the oppressive state of anxiety for loved ones.

If you buy goods in the company store, department store or supermarket and purchase the best and most expensive - so in reality you are getting quickly go up due to substantial support from friends who have extensive business experience and long-standing ties to the business world. If you dream, if you do your shopping at the market or in small shops and convenience stores, with vygadyvaya on every little thing any amount - in reality lose more than save, chasing cheapness.

Buy dream car - a sign that it will return the lost positions, succeeded greatly in his new role. If you buy oranges and other fruits in hot countries - hence, the difficulties and obstacles in your way will be easy to overcome, and with no small benefit to you.

If you dream you are buying myself clothes - it promises disease surge. Bought tickets to the theater or some other idea - to unscrupulous fraud and extortion. Banks with a mean fluctuation of any content of your success and bitter disappointment in the event of total failure. Muffin, you bought portends a profit if fresh, or loss - if stale.

Buy a dream country - to getting rich legacy boards - surrender to sorrow and heartfelt feelings, firewood - to gossip your address.

If you buy jewelry in a dream - it portends success in business.

Buy perfume itself - it is frustrating to a loved one, even if the perfume is not buying none other than himself, and just for you - so in reality you expect a happy life and well-being throughout the.

Dream in which you buy a painting, portends a bad business; carpets - to get more profit; lace - will not rebound from the fans, so get up a difficult choice to whom to give preference.

If you dream buy some medicine at the pharmacy - it portends disorder cases, and if a laxative - fees are coming for a long journey.

Buy tape — so in reality empty incur expenses.

Buy a shovel - you can lose your place, the horse - will spend the holidays in the lap of nature, well rested and gain new experiences.

Buy oil — will be living in the greatest pleasure, milk - you cowardly and treacherous deceived, meat - a sign of the bloody deeds or severe illness.

Dream in which you are buying weapons, means that invoke negative attitude to his person that refuse to enter into an intimate relationship. If the weapon is a bow and arrow or another child's toy, not capable of seriously hit - hence, in reality will be forced to hire the services of a lawyer to protect his interests. Buy shoes - to minor troubles and inconsistencies.

If you dream buy gloves - in reality manifest frugality and thrift, but it does not allow to avoid unnecessary costs due to unforeseen circumstances. Buy a new belt in a dream means adultery, and for a young girl - girlish modesty and chastity before marriage.

If you dream you went to buy fabric for a wedding dress - hence, soon will rejoice relatives, announcing his decision to marry a decent man and known to them, preferring to continue his admirer.

If you buy a beautiful inlaid or carved jewelry box - learn the secret by reading someone else's email. Buying fashionable hats - for a change of image, if not the only way of life. Buy antique cabinet - achieve prosperity through hard work, modern furniture - will achieve the same without much effort.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

In the shop, the store - loss cases; encroachment on sleep; the market - gossip.

Azar’s dream book

Jewelry buying - to contempt; emerald buying - tentative deal.


To perform in a dream shopping - is usually a harbinger of some profit, followed by pleasant events.

Loff’s dream book

For many purchases are an important part of life. If you do not believe , remember those friends, which the process of purchasing anything makes feel a sense of satisfaction and pride. Participation in commercial relations - a kind of assertion of personal autonomy rights. However, such participation can be disastrous, destructive. Many of our consumer society mired in debt, and when the debt as a sword of Damocles hanging over your head, it depletes not only financially, but also emotionally. So dreams of purchases can be viewed either as a warning or as self-affirmation. In order to interpret the dream, you must consider the following: what you buy and why, how to pay for purchases - cash, credit card, check or own charm. Buying on credit reflects the desire to acquire or control. If the actions of this kind should look closely at the object of purchase. Acquisition of everyday objects indicates a sense of uncertainty in the present or the future. Buying luxury items speaks about the desire to compensate for low self-esteem and strengthen credibility in the community. If you buy anything, but it does not appear the money it says about your financial insolvency, or may be an indication that your emotional expectations are not met. What, for whom and with whom you are buying? If you're familiar with the seller (spouse, colleague, etc.), the goods is very important for you and the end user you are - so you feel that with his side fail to comply with any obligation in interpersonal relationships. If you can get the goods without money - it is a sign of control, universal acceptance, or the realization that you deserve a special honor. In this case, to determine the treatment of sleep will identity of the seller, and buy items.

Miller’s dream book

Commit dream purchase - is usually a harbinger of some profit, followed by pleasant events.

Hasse’s dream book

Be careful and considerate.

Modern dream book


Ukrainian Dream Book

Buy something (for except products of iron) - joy.