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Dream «Jewelry»

Precious things to find, buy - success in business.

Miller’s dream book

If you saw in a dream jewels, this prediction viability and life in the world of pure pleasure. See them for yourself - get a higher position and satisfy his ambition. See on other people - you or your friend will gain prominence. Dreamed dress, decorated with jewels - you will be very rare success; entry into a large inheritance or udavshayasya bargain dreamer will ascend to unprecedented heights.

I dreamed that you got the jewels in the inheritance - then your wealth will increase dramatically, but it will not satisfy you. You gave jewels - then your position is threatened by something. Young woman getting a dream jewels to the coveted dream of marriage and a lot of fun.

A woman lost jewels - on her way to meet people flattering, introducing her astray. Found Jewels - this means that in some cases quite interesting you quickly you will achieve great success. Buying a dream, too, to great success in the important affairs, especially love.

Esoteric Dream Book

To see or wear jewelry - shed tears. Find - a dream means that their troubles are to blame only yourself. Give - to resentment that hurt you get hurt. Stealing - is coming loss.

Hasse’s dream book

To see the jewelry - to receive a gift; buy - would show disrespect to you; get a gift - to you would tie hangers; wear - will become a well-known personality; find - thankfully; lose - be concupiscence.

See faceted gems - fortunately.

Ancient French dream book

Mean that your pride will be punished. in a dream to communicate with the jeweler – a sign of insincerity someone from your friends. The dreamed false jewelry – warn about someone’s hypocrisy and shameless flattery.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Jewels, diamonds, diamonds - your children, honor and wealth.

New family dream book

Jewelry dream to pleasure and wealth.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

It always good dream, harbinger of huge material welfare and enhancement of wealth.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

The jewels piled by the huge mountain. – Big wealth, eminence.

East female dream book

Such dream foretells pleasures and wealth. If you wear jewelry – means, will be able to achieve high situation and to satisfy the ambitions. If you see how jewelry carry others, – the success expects your relatives. The dream in which you saw the clothes decorated with jewels, foretells good luck: perhaps, you will come into a fortune or to you will carry in gambling. To inherit jewelry – to wealth which, however, will not bring you desired happiness. To receive precious jewelry as a present – a propitious omen. For the unmarried woman such dream foretells besides successful marriage. If you give jewelry – be careful of danger. To find jewelry – to serious success. To get jewelry – to success in important issues and especially in love.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To dream jewelry - is a pleasure and wealth.

See them for yourself - to receive the rank and satisfaction of ambition.

See what others wear them - to fame, which will get you or any of your friends.

See jeweled dress - portends a rare good fortune.

Inheritance or a successful business deal will raise seeing the dream to the higher realms.

If you dream that you have inherited a jewel, your well-being extraordinarily rise, but it is not satisfactory to you.

See what you are presented with jewels - a sign that there is a threat to your present position.

For a young woman to see that she receives jewelry, portends a lot of fun and a welcome marriage. If she sees that she lost jewels - it means that she will meet people who flatter her, will introduce its misleading.

Find jewelry — is fast and brilliant success in business, in which you are very interested.

Buy them — a promise that you will find great success in important matters, and especially heart.

Dream book of lovers

See for yourself jewelry is a good marriage for a girl and marry a rich girl for a boy. If you had a dream about clothes, adorned with jewels, it means good luck in love. Get Jewels by inheritance means that you enclose a marriage of convenience, which, however, will not bring you happiness, in spite of the fact that you'll be rich.

A girl who dreams that she presented with decorations in real life will get a lot of pleasure and well-married. Loss of precious dream is frustrating to favorite. This dream suggests that the beloved, whom she believed was cheating her, pursuing their goals. Buying jewelry dreams to success in affairs of the heart.


To see jewelry in your dream, signifies your own sense of self worth and personal value. It is also symbolic of knowledge, identity, or whatever qualities you hold precious in your life. They highlight the importance of spirituality and psychological riches. A particular piece of jewelry that you own, may symbolize aspects of a waking relationship.

To dream that you receive jewelries as gifts, indicates that you need to acknowledge and incorporate those corresponding qualities within your own self.

To see broken jewelry in your dream, signifies disappointment in achieving your goals and attaining your highest desires.

Azar’s dream book

Jewelry dream to envy. To wear in a dream jewelry – popularity in society, to buy jewelry – to disrespect. To lose jewelry – lasciviousness. Jewels dream to tears, falseness, to a temptation, threat of a blindness, sometimes mean honor, as well as grief. To receive jewels – happiness, especially in personal (there can be a false judgment about things), to lose jewels – loss of prosperity and happiness, loss of darling, you will fall a victim of perfidy. To find a jewel – happiness, success in affairs

Erotic dream book of Danilova

If jewelry were dreamed by the young girl, such dream symbolizes huge success at men. You are expected by pleasures, entertainments and the offer on a marriage. If you see a jewel, it means that you will be able easily to give in to temptations for what will regret then.

Hasse’s dream book

To see – to receive a gift; to buy – waits for you disrespect; to receive as a gift – spongers will surround you; to carry – you will gain fame in society; to find – you will be lucky enough; to lose – lasciviousness.

Miller’s dream book

To dream about jewelry – means pleasure and wealth.

Russian Dream Book

To buy – to luxury, new acquaintances;


The way a person wants to portray themselves to the world

Something of value to you, such as love, acceptance, sentimentality

A commitment, treasure, or remembrance given from one person to another

An actual important gift or characteristic of the dreamer, a treasured

Memory, or a touchstone of a certain idea, event, or goal that's important

To the dreamer

Someone putting on jewelry can represent their embellishing of their appearance, or their embellishing of a story or other communication.The type of jewelry you see someone else wearing can say something about your opinions of that person and how you think they want to appear to others.Jewelry you're wearing or desiring can represent something valuable that you want in real life, or it can show a low sense of self-worth by attempting to boost your self-value through superficial, material items.Also search for the specific types of jewelry. Losing jewelry can mean:

You feel you've lost touch with a certain aspect of yourself or your life (depending on the type of jewelry)

You have lost your sense of self-value somehow

You could benefit by taking more responsibility to care for yourself

You are overlooking your true, unique value as a person