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Dream «Dead»

See dead brother - Longevity; sick - Health; in water - exemption from trouble.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of the dead, is usually a dream of warning. If you see and talk with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you. Men and women are warned to look to their reputations after this dream. To see your mother, warns you to control your inclination to cultivate morbidness and ill will towards your fellow creatures. A brother, or other relatives or friends, denotes that you may be called on for charity or aid within a short time. To dream of seeing the dead, living and happy, signifies you are letting wrong influences into your life, which will bring material loss if not corrected by the assumption of your own will force. To dream that you are conversing with a dead relative, and that relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you. Disastrous consequences could often be averted if minds could grasp the inner workings and sight of the higher or spiritual self. The voice of relatives is only that higher self taking form to approach more distinctly the mind that lives near the material plane. There is so little congeniality between common or material natures that persons should depend upon their own subjectivity for true contentment and pleasure. Paracelsus says on this subject: ``It may happen that the soul of persons who have died perhaps fifty years ago may appear to us in a dream, and if it speaks to us we should pay special attention to what it says, for such a vision is not an illusion or delusion, and it is possible that a man is as much able to use his reason during the sleep of his body as when the latter is awake; and if in such a case such a soul appears to him and he asks questions, he will then hear that which is true. Through these solicitous souls we may obtain a great deal of knowledge to good or to evil things if we ask them to reveal them to us. Many persons have had such prayers granted to them. Some people that were sick have been informed during their sleep what remedies they should use, and after using the remedies, they became cured, and such things have happened not only to Christians, but also to Jews, Persians, and heathens, to good and to bad persons.''

Dream Book of Love

If the died loved one dreamed you, you should face change of darling.

East female dream book

As a rule, dead dreams to change in the weather. You put coins on the eyes of the dead - so in reality suffer the dishonest actions of enemies. Just put a coin in one eye - you will be able to partially defend their positions. You'll find out about someone's death - expect from this man of unpleasant news.

Modern dream book



If you dream of a dead one of your loved ones - a dream is a warning: You have to grin and meet a test, maybe even the loss of. Hear the voice in a dream dead friend - a bad news. A person who sees the dream of death, such a dream is sent as a warning. Talking in his sleep with a dead father - that urge you to think carefully about starting a business, all associated operations. Son warns of scheming to someone intrigues against you. Men and women after this dream should be more prudence think about their behavior, protect reputation. The conversation in the dream of the deceased mother is seen as a call to control your tendency to pay attention to health. A conversation with the deceased brother is a sign that someone needs your help and compassion. If someone is dead to you in a dream cheerful and lively - this means that you are properly organized their lives, that there may be such a serious error that will impact on all of your destiny, if you do not mobilize the will to overcome them. When in conversation with the deceased relative who is trying to pull you a promise - a warning is that you have to resist the coming gloom, a period of decline in business and listen more carefully to the wise advice. Voice in a dream belonging deceased relative, that is the only real form of warning, sent by an external force of the near future, which can absorb our sleeping brain. Still at Paracelsus we find the council with more attentive to what we are told in a dream which were the shadows of the dead ones: Sleep can get in a dream, even advice from the dead, and experience shows that their use has brought the desired results; shadow of the deceased person close to us only awakens the dormant areas of the brain, bringing to life lurking in their knowledge.

Children's Dream Book

The died relative or the acquaintance - show consideration for such dream: everything that the dead - an honest truth will tell, from his lips it is often possible to hear a prediction.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To talk to the dead — to wealth or to pleasure.

Dream book of lovers

If you had a deceased loved one, you will be faced with the betrayal of a loved one.

Esoteric Dream Book

Astranger — to the weather. Relatives and friends who are still alive, but dead in his sleep - most often it is a warning to you to be careful. Himself relative danger does not threaten. Those who have died, but in the dream alive: his mother - good luck; father - to support. Family, friends, relatives - a call to reflect on the meaning of life. Familiar - you will be a blow to the ego. Dead'm with you - if you went to the trouble, illness, and death; did not go - be careful you in mortal danger, but it can be avoided, take care. Offer to eat - you have a dangerous disease should be treated. If you ate the dead - death on the doorstep. From all the proposals coming from the dead, but of the living in a dream is better to refuse. This setting is better to give yourself in advance so that it is clearly in the dream fire. The dead come to life - an amazing event, Adventures. Note: do not be a dead dream. Their way - just a symbol. The information that we do get from the dead, we have adopted the method of clairvoyance through other images. Dead is not necessary to us to be to instruct on the right path.



Henry Rommel

Dead man dreams to rain, in general - to the weather or to the unsuccessful end kakogo- the case or to the unexpected danger.Smirniy or cheerful corpse - a good sign, noisy or sad - bad.Giving something dead - a bad dream; to take something from a dead man - good.If the dream that you are dead and you are in a cemetery, lose your job.If the dead come to life - you expect the unexpected news or return something lost.Moving or putting a dead man - to the disease, to remove his clothes - to death relative.Sleep with the dead - to success; kiss - a novel by the famous man; wear - to death.If dead disintegrates, crumbles - it's a good dream, promising relief, deliverance from evil.

Loff’s dream book

With the advent of a dream of the dead is usually attributed following interpretative versions: regular attendance, the resolution of issues and condemnation. Remembering a dream in which you visited the deceased person, it can be a little scary, but by itself it does not bear the appearance of great sense for the whole dream. It is a common dream in which the sleeper sees the dead alive and well, just a party situation. In such cases, as a rule, the deceased is not a significant actor of your dreams. Perhaps his image caused by the memories of some event, the participants of which were once, and sleep, and died. It is likely that in a dream so evident a hidden sadness and regret that a number is no longer a man who was dear to you. The category of permitting dreams are dreams in which the dead are associated with specific events and actions. In this case, the appearance of the dead becomes the central event of the unfolding plot. Perhaps you do not have what they need, or their behavior makes you certain emotions (positive or negative); in any event, action or failure to make it in one way or another connected with the resolution of relations, depending on whether or not the relationship resolved in such dreams is present share of conviction or joy. Condemns the dreams show us dead or just dead, or zombie. Such dreams cause painful feelings, because we are not able to do anything to change the situation. What character traits during his life were endowed with the dead? (For example, Uncle John was a saint; Aunt Agnes was sneaky, snake, etc.)are the same whether their behavior in a dream with a real or was at odds? Maybe you should try to better understand the personality of the deceased, to see how he had seen the others.

Russian Dream Book

Health and longevity.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Health, longevity.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To rain, changes in the weather, is the tomb - a guest.