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Dream «Dough»

Knead the dough in a dream - to try to quell the raging man.

In the dream, knead the dough for bread - to prepare to receive guests.

Knead — no matter who and how to start trouble, and you have to disentangle themselves.

Freud’s dream book

Kneading dream dough itself - in sex you prefer to take everything into their own hands in order to feel more confident. Try to give at least one leadership role to your partner, feeling will be no less acute. To dream as appropriate dough - you are a long time waiting for a romantic date, and it will take place the way you want - provided that you do not force things. Buy the dough in the shop - you for some reason are not satisfied with their sex lives, and believe that the cause of your inexperience in relationships. You may want to change this situation, but do not be too trusting of all kinds of books and brochures.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Hasse’s dream book

Little trouble; eat - sorrow; oven - will achieve its goal.

Aesop’s dream book

If you saw in a dream the dough, then for you it is a very good sign, because the dough symbolizes the prosperity and well-being of the family. It has long been believed that the preparation of the test - a mysterious ritual that must be hidden from prying eyes. When mixing the dough sure to read the special prayer that protects the grain from the evil eye. If someone wanted to praise a child, said: "It grows like wheat dough at Opare". And about the unsociable man said, "kisnet like dough on Opare". To dream you put the sponge dough - it means that the expected addition to your family. If you dream you knead the dough - so in reality you have to work hard to overcome financial difficulties. A dream where you saw the sour dough - warns that someone will try to ruin your mood. Drown in his sleep in a huge tub to the test - in reality to get into difficulties. A dream in which the dough rises so fast that you do not have time for it - means that all your efforts are useless, you still will not be able to prevent the impending event. As the saying goes: "trough lid can not be kept". If you dream you are baking something from the dough - it means that your work will not go unrewarded. To dream you eat raw dough - you will awake to a bad streak and you have to work hard in order to overcome the difficult moments of your life. If you put the dough, and it does not come up, - in reality everything happens in one of the sayings: "Our trough neither thick nor empty". This means that you do not define your position in life and rushes from one to the other.

Old Russian Dream Book


Eat a little trouble - sorrow oven - will reach its goal.

D. Margarine.

Letter; knead — hope; is - difficulty; buy - reconciliation.

For a young woman's dream in which she makes the dough, it heralds a change in his personal life.

If you dream you see as rising yeast dough, then in reality you are inconvenienced by the silence that you have to keep in relation to certain events, which told you in confidence.

A dream in which the dough is a piece of clay, alerts you to the fact that over you in danger of ruin.

Miller’s dream book

D. Margarine.


To see or work with dough in your dream, signifies potential, possibilities and the ability to create. The dream may also be a metaphor to symbolize money.


For a young woman a dream in which she makes the dough, foretells her change in his personal life. If you dream you see how rising yeast dough, then in reality you irksome silence which you have to store relatively certain event about which you have told a secret. A dream in which the dough is a piece of clay, warns you that at you in danger of bankruptcy.

Henry Rommel

To prepare yeast dough, press down his - to get an interesting job; Knead the dough - to work hard and honestly, but, unfortunately, with the minimum benefit.It may be that your situation will change for the worse and will have to correct him, not disdaining any means.Coming up the dough - to receive important letters or some sensational news.Smeared test - a strange and unpleasant incident.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Little trouble; eat - grief; oven - will achieve its goal.


An early stage of a process

Opportunity or potential

Naive or immature