Dream » E » Eyelashes

The interpretation of the dream «Eyelashes»

Long eyelashes - fortunately, and windfalls.

Esoteric Dream Book

See their thinning - to tears and sadness. Thick - to secret assignations. Paint - you cheated. Dye strangers - you fool.

For a young woman's dream in which she is wearing false eyelashes, meaning that it does not want to look for what it really is. Perhaps it has something to hide from her lover.

If you dream you feel like your beloved tickles you with his eyelashes, in real life, you should think about whether there is enough care and attention you give to their loved ones.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Not prinevolit grace to the present day prenebrezhenyu Love of years past. He looks at the flowers. At the tears from her lashes. Chusskomu Prince Words are not in response to the rumor. Cui Hao (mind. 754 g. ) Primary elements - earth, metal, water. Elements - the dry, cold, humidity. Emotions - sadness, fear, pensiveness. Organs - the spleen, pancreas, stomach, lung, colon, kidney, bladder. The planets - Saturn, Venus, Mercury. Eyelashes notice in the dream / pay attention to the lashes - comprehension of the internal yin yang through the outer. Direct interpretation is not sustainable. Eyelashes examine in a dream - an interpretation falls to the medical and psychological aspects, depending on the dreamer's feelings. Rare, eyelashes falling out - a sign of emptiness energy kidneys, which is favorable for health affairs and can not be (from the kidney depends on the state of hair). Lush thick eyelashes - often a sign of weakness associated lung (tuberculosis, respiratory failure). Long eyelashes are often accompanied by the sad sight. The constant sadness is diagnostic of lung cavities. When life energy is not enough, the person has a fear of overloading and excessive activity. The man is quiet, calm, in need of protection, seeks and finds compassion is love and good attitude because energy is added, and the sadness in combination with long eyelashes, soft and smooth conduct of beautiful eyes and can cause sympathy and love. Moderate sadness helps to adequately assess the world and their place in it, so people with not very strong light, being smart, creates around itself a pleasant, soft and stable relationship, and as much as he loves not only to get into the energy of love, but also to give her. The lack of stress and tenderness are attracted to such a weak people stronger, strength and peace of mind complement each other. Therefore, we can say that the long silky lashes favorable for intimate personal happiness, and look at them in a dream is also favorable. Lush lashes - more character fatigue, but peaceful relations allow you to live in your own rhythm favorable. So adverse medical data at a reasonable behavior can be favorable, so weakness may be no weaker than the forces. The variety of life and its manifestations is unpredictable.


To notice your eyelashes or dream that they are growing, indicates that you are trying to express yourself in some subtle or covert way. It also signifies good luck.To dream that all your eyelashes fall off, suggests that you are having difficulties expressing yourself. It may also mean a loss in your feminine power. If only one eyelash falls off, then it also signifies good luck.

Freud’s dream book

Long, silken eyelashes predict the sharing of a secret that disconcerts you and makes you appear at a disadvantage.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Eyelashes — magnificent, long - happy, mutual love; the rare - losses.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Eyebrow and an eyelash at itself to see longer than the ordinary - a sign of impoverishment and disgrace rich, poor and the workman - a sign of pleasure and happiness;


Protection of vision or perception, as in protecting your viewpoint from bias or influence by others

Femininity, or feminine wiles

Perceived attractiveness