Dream » P » Paint

The interpretation of the dream «Paint»

Paint — a reflection of embellishment something (someone). Reflection based on the opinion of others and fear "lose face".

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Paint, color in dreams, dreams krasochnyeTsvetnye - show an imaginative, artistic stock of human thought, an allegorical vision of the world. Black and yellow dreams - inherent rational individuals who have intelligence not only overwhelming, but also displaces emotions. Soft green and blue colors of dreams - a sign of emotional balance and well-being. Red and black colors in dreams - satellites alarms. Red Dreams - loss of mental balance. Dark dreams - the sadness, mourning, unhappiness. Sharp green and yellow in a dream - the harbingers of disease. All yellow and brown - should cause some suspicion. Dark blue, purple and magenta tones - are unfavorable. But the purple and magenta tones - are favorable in the dream that characterizes the life of spirits. See things untypical color - change to red or green - to all good.

New family dream book

If you catch a glimpse of freshly painted house, then you are bound to successfully carry out their plans. The paint on the clothes promises hassles associated with gossip. If you see yourself in a dream with a paintbrush in hand - get satisfaction from their current occupation. Masterpieces of Painting dream to insincerity of friends, and you will find fraud where least expected. If a young woman dreams that she paints a picture - will be deceived by her lover, who would prefer her to another.

Miller’s dream book

Freshly painted house - the successful execution of planned;

Dress stained with paint - troubles associated with rash judgments about other people;

Brush to paint anything - satisfying your real job;

Beautiful oil paintings - friends will take the wrong position in relation to you, pleasure to be misleading;

For a young woman - to draw oil painting - frustrated lover, the gap;

Fabric painting — luck or misfortune, depending on the color (bright, clean colors - favorable (blue, red, gold); dull, dirty shades - are unfavorable).

Also see. The house, painting, fabric, lacquer.

Buy - profit, paint something - you're too sharp-tongued. Red paint - shame quarrel; white - noble intentions; Black - mourning, sadness; green - health, filled with desire; pink - gay life; gray - gloom; Oil - Increase the estate.

Dream book of lovers

To dream about picturesque cloths means treachery from darling.

Hasse’s dream book

Paint in a box - Profits and Wealth; paint work - pathetic hopes; rub the paint - execution plans.


To dream of watercolor paint - to a long life, someone to give them - to sadness. If you have dreamed of paint - so, in the near future, you will have new perspectives, but you will be somewhat overestimated their capabilities. Palette with paints in his sleep - means that your head will visit successful ideas; empty - a failure. If you dream you see in the hands of the palette, riddled with all sorts of colors - so you have a chance to hear a lot of conflicting opinions. Mix in a dream paint on the palette - so get ready for some intrigue or attempt to seduce someone. Paint rubbed in his sleep - means that you can start a profitable business, but you will be walking around gossip; paint them yourself - you run the risk of looking ridiculous, the other person to paint - means that you give him his faults. The house is beautiful - to move. Paint anything white - to large losses; in black - the loss of a friend; in the green - means that the expectations will come true; in red - meaning that you will receive an invitation to a celebration; in blue - the fun and good luck in your endeavors; in gold - which means that you can give rise to envy; in yellow - for parting with your loved one; in blue - the welfare of the family and the success of the work; in brown - a sign that your aggressiveness will bring nothing but trouble; in purple - to honor and respect; in orange - a selfless and devoted love. If you dream you dilute the paint with linseed oil - so you have to fight with your enemies and ill-wishers to defend their views or to protect someone close to them.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Paint — possibility of change, improvement of a situation. It is treated depending on color: gray, black - it is bad.

Ukrainian Dream Book

. To buy – profit, to paint something – you too yazykasty. Paint red – shame, quarrel; the white – noble intentions; the black – mourning, grief; the green – health, filling of desires; to the pink – cheerful life; the gray-haired – despondency; the oil – increase in a manor.


Adream in which you see a freshly painted house, means that you will succeed in the implementation of the planned cunning plan. If you dream that your clothes are smeared with paint, be careful and do not pay attention to criticism of detractors.

Henry Rommel

Oil paint banks means success in business.Dye house or fence - to move to a new residence.Fresh painted wall or floor signify a happy love.If you dream you paint brush in hand, in reality you will be happy with their profession.Paint stains on clothes - in trouble for reckless statements in your address.If you see how beautiful the clothes or cloth - will be glad or disappointed, lucky or unlucky: it all depends on the color of the paint.Generally, the color of dreams associated with paint (for a painter, a painter, a dyer) It plays an important role, regardless of who is beautiful, you or someone else.Painted white - a loss, in the black - to the loss of a friend, in the green - to hope, in a red - to the invitation, in blue - a fortune in gold - someone will be jealous of you.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

In a box - a profit; work paints - pathetic hope, rubbing paint - execution of plans.