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The interpretation of the dream «God»

God — a reflection of the desire to receive religious experience. The need to recognize and love yourself, to realize a particle of God, not a slave. Reflection support of higher powers. The need to get rid of religious dogma and / or feelings of guilt.

Miller’s dream book

If you dream of seeing God, you will be domineered over by a tyrannical woman masquerading under the cloak of Christianity. No good accrues from this dream. If God speaks to you, beware that you do not fall into condemnation. Business of all sorts will take an unfavorable turn. It is the forerunner of the weakening of health and may mean early dissolution. If you dream of worshiping God, you will have cause to repent of an error of your own making. Look well to observing the ten commandments after this dream. To dream that God confers distinct favors upon you, you will become the favorite of a cautious and prominent person who will use his position to advance yours. To dream that God sends his spirit upon you, great changes in your beliefs will take place. Views concerning dogmatic Christianity should broaden after this dream, or you may be severely chastised for some indiscreet action which has brought shame upon you. God speaks oftener to those who transgress than those who do not. It is the genius of spiritual law or economy to reinstate the prodigal child by signs and visions. Elijah, Jonah, David, and Paul were brought to the altar of repentence through the vigilant energy of the hidden forces within.

Loff’s dream book

In our dreams, God can appear in different guises. Often it is as something of a divine principle - for example, in the form of icons, the Bible, etc. Finally, sometimes in a dream just a feeling of divine presence. The fact that in dreams there are elements of the divine, is of great importance: thanks to this opens the way to Providence, by itself solve the problems arising in our dreams. Sometimes, the divine symbol, like a warning against mistakes like stopping us. This is especially the case when we have a choice that leads to forbidden actions or relationships.

It is important to assess the substantive part of the resulting revelations. The fact of the appearance of the divine symbolism deserves special attention. When awake our ego does not accept the supernatural power of God. But during sleep people are more open and arranged to communicate with the Almighty.

Make an effort to decipher the information embedded in this spiritual message. Understand whether yavivsheesya dream god your real notion of it.

The military has a unique identification code, which helps determine how faithfully carried out the orders of the officers. Maybe it makes sense to use that an identification procedure before determining exactly whether you are in the dream was the Supreme Being.

Before you follow to open, check whether the nature of the content and nature of God. Divine character scared you? Maybe he threatened you? Try to justify your feelings. There was a night of attempts on the part of the visitor to talk to you? Analyze the problematic aspects of their lives, before determining whether the dream prophetic.

Greek, Roman and Nordic gods - they are symbols of our idealized desires, obstacles, power and relationships. Each deity has some exaggerated qualities - for example, embodies the wisdom of Zeus, Thor - the most powerful god and t. These qualities we inherit sometimes in dreams, or images of deities just come in our dreams.

Thus, we have before us appear reflection properties of our reality. Sometimes divine beings we are hindered, sometimes give a clue what character traits optimally use when communicating with others in a variety of situations. If you are seriously passionate about mythology, you will be useful to analyze your dreams for self-awareness, as well as domestic problems.

Assyrian Dream Book

If God gives blessing person, then that will have to experience the wrath of God. If God curses the man, the reality of his prayers would be answered.

Ancient French dream book

To pray to God in a dream means that in life you get a consolation. to dream of God and speak to him, too, promises you comfort and joy. if God reaches out to someone who has a dream - it's a sign of great success in life.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To pray — well-being; It refers to sleeping - unusual, prophetic dream; see God - deception.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieBog dressed in something red - in the near future you will meet a good teacher. Optionally, it will be a man, maybe it will be a book with good advice and the right ideas. To make the prediction come true, draw on the left foot with red felt-tip pen-pointed star, and the right elbow wrap white tape. If you see a falling leaf (the tree), then pick it up - it will bring you good luck. Poor znachenieBoga not see or he dressed in black - the message of death, she goes somewhere near you. Sleep does not portend a physical death, but rather suggests the occurrence of a spiritual crisis and a series of misfortunes. Get ready for the challenges, and to make them less, do not wear bright things and take a shower 3 times a day for a week.

New family dream book

If you dream you see God, it's not very good. You can get under the oppressive influence women. I dreamed that God speaks to you, things will not be successful. Pay attention to your health. If you dream that God is gracious to you, you're in favor of a famous person.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Any Buddha and Bodhisattva. - Presage great happiness. Buddhist mentor rises on the rise. - Presage disease. You see in the dream of higher sage Lao-Jun, a magician from Heaven, which says something. - Presage a wonderful destiny, good fortune. Bowing to the Buddha, god, going to make a move. - Presage great wealth. See the supreme deity, which explains what happened. - A lot of luck, luck. Immortal celestial being, the Buddha, the god is angry at you. - Unfortunately, the failure. Draw a deity or Buddha. - Presage the veneration of other people. Seeing the divine Buddha. - Presage the birth of a noble offspring. Buddha speaks to people. - There is a big financial help. See how moving images of deities, when you walk into the temple of ancestors. - A lot of luck. Doing banners and ritual canopies. - A lot of luck and benefit. Buddhist mentor teaches people reading them sutra. - Thankfully. You see the divine Buddha in the closed part of the yard. - A lot of luck. Divine Buddha can not go. - The great misfortune. Wilt and incense to worship. - A lot of luck. Meet the deity, making the sacrifice of thanks. - Presage a side income. Immortal sages come into your family. - Wealth and Career. Making a prayer, worship the divine path. - A lot of luck. Taking a vow of abstinence. - Presage a respectful sons. Communicate with nebozhitelnitsy, the female deity. - Will be born a noble scion.

East female dream book

Seeing God — means to receive consolation and hope that everything in life will soon get better and do not need to despair.

Aesop’s dream book

Arising in your dream image of God, is most likely a consequence of the fact that in real life one way or another you're in contact with the following folk мудростями: «God helps those who help themselves», «Береженного God saves», «God will not give, the pig will not eat», «Who have a lot of lies, that many божится», «In напрасне побожится - hell lick», «God cleansing does not take the oath» and other. And it is no coincidence, so very often you remember God in their lives, though the Bible teaches us to «not we commemorated the name of God in суе». To dream the face of any woman over the head of his loved one sign that in a dream you was the goddess of love Aphrodite. This dream means that you will find success and luck in love for a long and happy life with your loved one. Dream about the huge man in the sky testify to the fact that in a dream to come to you, Zeus. You will be successful in any business that you would not started. You may even be able to defeat the enemy, you superior in strength and power. Dream majestic man, diluent fire - means that you saw in my dream, the God of fire - Hermes. Such a dream, suggests that you should pay more attention to my family, otherwise you waiting for a large family quarrel. Seen in a dream of a beautiful woman next to the splendid paintings - a sign that you was the Goddess of art - Athena. This dream foretells the pleasure of communicating with the art, for example, from visiting the exhibition of paintings, Museum, performance or listening to music. If you had a dream with a prancing on a horse, a beautiful woman, in a dream you have seen magnificent Goddess of hunting - Diana. The dream indicates that in the near future your efforts to achieve the implementation of the goals will not go unnoticed and because you are waiting for changes for the better. If in the sleep you saw near the beautiful young man of her own spouse or spouse in a dream you was the face of the God of marriage - hymen. Such a dream, suggests that you will find a long happy life with your partner. Sell in a dream statue of the God - a testimony that your environment is very selfish person who will do much harm to you. If you buy a statue of God, the dream suggests that soon dishonest people take advantage of your kindness in the mercenary purposes, greatly hurt your pride. Pray in a dream God - the prophecy that your case soon will end successfully, thanks to the intervention of a strong, influential man. Perhaps such a dream, suggests that you waiting period of luck and best of luck. Watch in a dream for the person who prays to God - in reality you will find a very strong grief associated with nonfulfillment of the obligations undertaken cooperating with you people.

Vedic dream book of Shivananda

This is a unique case, because God in a dream is a very rare. He predicts a huge success, good fortune and growth.

Modern dream book

To dream of God means that you risk to succumb to the charms of a femme fatale. A dream in which God speaks to you, portends health problems. Also be wary of condemning your actions. If you dream you saw a church service, then maybe you made a mistake, which bitterly regret. If you had a dream that God is merciful to you, then you will be awake influential patrons.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If a person sees God in a dream, which is upstairs - well, it means a great feast.

If a person sees himself in a dream burned incense on the fire for God, - bad, - the power of God is against him.

Children's Dream Book

God, the god - do not so much charmed her new friend. Wait a bit and you'll see that he, like all people, are not without drawbacks.

Lunar Dream Book

To pray — well-being.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

Worship God - to the delight of.

To offer sacrifice to God - to wealth.

Dream book of lovers

Men dream of a god or deity promises despotic husband. If you see that God is favorable to you, it means that you are waiting for the protection of human, so you will succeed in society.

If you dream you are involved in a fight or battle, you're trying to win the love of a man who can not respond to you in return. Anything good you do not bring such actions, so it's best to give up the idea. Girl dream in which she sees the combatants, the promise that it will be a success with the opposite sex.


Spiritually, we are aware of a greater power (the Divine). Christian belief holds to one God, although manifesting in three forms - Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Other religions attribute the powers to various Gods. As we grow in understanding, we can appreciate the relevance of both monotheistic and polytheistic beliefs and can begin to understand God as an all-pervading energy. The powerful emotions we sometimes experience may be connected with our tremendous childhood need for love and parental approval. Often these emotions can be personalized and recognized in the figures of gods from the numerous belief systems around the world. When we dream of God we are acknowledging to ourselves that there is a higher power in charge. We connect with all humanity and, therefore, have a right to a certain set of moral beliefs. We all have needs for love and approval, which can only be met through our understanding of our childhood. In a womans dream, dreaming of the gods will help her to understand various aspects of her own personality. In a man?s dream he is linking with his own masculinity and his sense of belonging to himself, and therefore to the rest of humanity. For further clarification consult the information on Archetypes and Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction.

Freud’s dream book

Any dream in which you seem to be standing in the presence of God is an augury of new opportunities to be of service to the world. It is also a promise of peace through adjustment to circumstances.

Dream book of Vanga

Pay attention to details and meanings about yourself and your spiritual progress in life. If God is there but not the focus: the dream content has an important message for you. If God is the focus: try to remember your feelings during that part of the dream for clues to the meaning.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

It, certainly, is a sign of improbable unity or a unification, full-fledged love and full recognition of at the moment. For those who grew up in the religious environment, the similar sign can be associated with admonition from heavens, especially if this person has sense of guilt.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Improbable unity and unification. Universal love. Full acceptance of here and now.


If you dream you see God, this dream does not promise anything good. Above you can take the power of despotic woman. If God talks to you, beware: you may be condemned. The cases also not be successful. This dream portends failing health, and can mean sudden death. If you see a praying god. You are waiting for remorse and deep regret for the offense. If you see in a dream that God is gracious to you, you, waiting for patronage is very well-known person who will lead you to success.

Islamic dream interpretation

If someone sees in a dream that in front of him beamed light Glorious and Almighty True God, the case of the man with regard to religion and worldly goods are good, and where there was visible the dream, abundance justice, virtue, and abundance of worldly goods. If one sees in a dream that God produces true God by his deeds, then he will experience some fun, and if it is in the journey, then good health and will return home. If anyone sees in a dream that he appeals to the Supreme Lord and prays to Him, he glorified the man in matters of religion and in worldly matters and is close to the kings and princes. But if someone sees that God and True God was angry with him, we should repent before the Lord and to accept in His sight.

Miller’s dream book

If you dream you see God, this dream does not promise anything good. Above you can take the power of despotic woman. If God speaks to you, beware: you may be condemned. The cases also will not be successful. This dream portends failing health, and can mean sudden death. If you see a praying god. You are waiting for remorse and deep regret for the offense. If you see in a dream, that God is gracious to you, you, waiting for patronage is very well-known person who will lead you to success.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot


Ukrainian Dream Book

God dream — helping needy. To pray to God in a dream - well-being.


Dreaming of a god can mean:

You are seeking spiritual guidance, comfort, or connection of some kind

A reminder to look within for your connection with Spirit (because the dream is showing the Spirit within you), rather than looking to religious things and people around you

Also, consider what the idea of this god means to you.