Dream » I » Ivy

The interpretation of the dream «Ivy»

You will absorb the routine, daily activities.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Stability. Wealth.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

To dream ivy - it's a sign that your friend, your favorite people. Your wife or husband will love to curl around you, like ivy on the wall winds. You will have good health and a long life. Your enemies will be powerless, and soon you will laugh at them calling. In trading, your customers will be constant and faithful. Happy girl! Happy young man! True love will connect you. You'll be happy at home and at work. Farmers this dream foretells a good and profitable business entities, and the sailors prosperous and profitable voyage.

Aesop’s dream book

As the ivy needs support, it symbolizes the friendship, the man on whom you can rely on, mate, companion. It is an evergreen plant, so to dream withered or yellowed ivy - a sad sign heralding bad change. In the dream, the ivy plant - in reality seek companionship, need for affection, care, look for the opportunity to share their problems with someone. If you dream of ivy, which braided all around, the dream suggests that as soon as your friends or loved ones need your help and participation, and you will give them all their time and energy, but it will not be a burden to you, and even pleasant. See ivy, creeping along the ground, - a good sign that heralds the break with a loved one, you're going to be worry. If your dream ruined ivy plant that is wrapped, then in reality you fail the person you really trust.

Children's Dream Book

The ivy — you will be absorbed by routine, daily affairs.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of seeing ivy growing on trees or houses, predicts excellent health and increase of fortune. Innumerable joys will succeed this dream. To a young woman, it augurs many prized distinctions. If she sees ivy clinging to the wall in the moonlight, she will have clandestine meetings with young men. Withered ivy, denotes broken engagements and sadness.

Hasse’s dream book

Ivy material — distraction.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Ivy plant — a distraction; see - to have true friends; plant - a friend can help you; weave a wreath - a death case.


Spiritually, ivy symbolizes immortality and eternal life. It also represents fertility. It is a plant sacred to Bacchus and, therefore, in dreams can suggest Joy. Because ivy has the symbolism of constant affection, we can recognize that, psychologically, we are in need of love and affection. In dreams it may signify a binding promise. Dreaming of ivy harks back to the old idea of celebration and fun. It can also symbolize the clinging dependence that can develop within relationships. In a woman's dream ivy may represent relationships, but in a man's dream may signify responsibility. Also consult the entries for Bonds, Plants and Weeds.


Own word you will connect the actions.

Russian Dream Book

Symbolizes viability and excessive care; to put an ivy in a dream, so you need attachment; to see the ivy creeping on the ground foretells a painful gap with the loved one; the ivy ruined a plant, you will be brought by the person to whom you very much trusted.


To dream ivy - a favorable sign. If you had a dream that ivy chokes trees, and walls of the houses, you destined to good health. After this dream you will have many reasons to rejoice. For a young woman ivy , seen in a dream, promises enjoying the pleasures of life and surprises. If she sees Ivy in the moonlight, the reality she will meet secretly with his fans. Dried ivy portends sadness and troubles in affairs.

Henry Rommel

Green curly stems ivy symbolize health and well-being, but if in a dream you see any building, ivy, get ready to to organize a staging area where it will be possible to withdraw at a time without taking a position, but realizing the danger in dealing with any problems or issues.Entangled in a thicket of ivy - a secret love affair, one of the networks that will be difficult to get out.