Dream » J » Janitor

The interpretation of the dream «Janitor»

Janitor — the need to move to positive thinking. The need to break free from the negative thoughts, "clean up" your mind.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a janitor, denotes bad management and disobedient children. Unworthy servants will annoy you. To look for a janitor and fail to find him, petty annoyances will disturb your otherwise placid existence. If you find him, you will have pleasant associations with strangers, and your affairs will have no hindrances.

Hasse’s dream book

Janitor dream to lies and slander.

Modern dream book

Wielding a broom janitor dream to family problems. Rather, they arise because of the children, who want freedom, rebel against parental omnipotence. It could be a problem with your parents who decide to take control over you.

If you dream that you are looking for a caretaker and can not find it, then waking disappointed at his companion and personal life in general. You can also learn about the unpleasant event in the past that upset you, but for the prescription of events you will not raise a storm in a glass and spoil relationships with loved ones.

Dreamed of taking the janitor - it heralds the emergence of life in your new exotic entertainment. It may be contact with foreigners, the mentality that will surprise you, entertain and amuse. Your deeds are well on rising.

If you are in the role of caretaker dreamed themselves, the dream foretells that you have no right to prevent malpractice in the work and you have to take responsibilities seriously. Do not follow someone else's work - you have plenty of their own affairs.

New family dream book

Saw the janitor – will be upset because of disobedience of children.

East female dream book

The similar dream warns: you will badly cope with the affairs. You unsuccessfully try to find the janitor? The normal course of life will be interfered by the mass of small troubles.

Azar’s dream book

This dream symbolizes gossips, slander, lie.

Children's Dream Book

Janitor — it's time to sort out your relationship with your friends or parents.

Solomon’s dream book

Janitor — gossip and lies.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

See the janitor - means that poor parenting your naughty children will fill your soul with sorrow.

Search janitor and not find it - is small annoyances that disrupt your serene existence.

If you dream you'll find it - you entertain in reality pleasant communication with foreigners and your things go smoothly.


To see an idle janitor in your dream, signifies many problems and setbacks in your business endeavors.

To see a busy janitor, foretells of pleasant news.

Nostradamus’s dream book

If you look for and find a lazy janitor in your dreams you will suffer from many problems in your business that gives you setbacks. If you see a janitor doing a good job you will find many pleasant things happen to you in the course of the coming weeks.

Miller’s dream book

To see the janitor – means that ill-breeding of your disobedient children will fill with melancholy your soul.

Russian Dream Book

To troubles, strange news

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