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The interpretation of the dream «Obstacle»

A dream in which you artificially create obstacles to the success of your enemies, says that soon you will find yourself the victim of unfair treatment by the authorities.

Overcome dream all sorts of obstacles and difficulties performing complex work, foretells that in reality you will achieve its goals by opposing vicissitudes their will, patience and perseverance.

If you dream you finally give up and lose heart, unable to overcome the obstacles that impede the realization of your plans and realize the dream - reality inevitably awaits you in the affairs of the failure and complication of relations with others because of your irritability.

Dreamed obstacles such as fences, fence or fence and barbed wire means that you will grieve his chosen misconduct, discrediting him in the eyes of many of those present on the big celebration. Penetrate through, crawl under or jump over obstacles - to acquisitions and all-round success. Avoid obstacles - turn aside from the implementation of this promise, to turn back from the obstacle - hear worthless assurances of its debtor.

Loff’s dream book

As such obstacles come in our dreams are pretty rare, but here's a gate that does not open, huge height fences and other barriers to such dreams often. If we follow Freud, it is necessary to find out what we will do in the event of success in overcoming the barrier, and then try to draw parallels with any taboo. If you dream was the man who helped you overcome an obstacle, which means that it is your accomplice in the violation of anything. The fact of the obstacle as a result of joint efforts can also be taboo, forbidden. Realizing what area belongs to the taboo - anger, sex, or anything else, you need to decide the feelings that you have for those who are behind an obstacle, on the other hand.

In a dream, seeing some insurmountable obstacle, you can feel the horror. Perhaps your companions in a dream not advise you to try to conquer the barrier simply because it does not make anyone. The chances are that you are anticipating some kind of threat or future inability to overcome the obstacle.

It may well be that you feel it necessary to purchase a new outlook on life, to overestimate yourself. In this case, represents an obstacle that prevents you implement it. Most often this is true in cases where, for example, to cross the river you have to travel a lot or wander with companions with whom you do not want to get to the other side. But if traveling companions to help you, regardless of whether it constitutes an obstacle, it is best to heed their advice. Often, we think the most important thing indispensable to overcome the fence, and yet the key point - it's the fact of supporting companions in a dream.

Sometimes it seems that the obstacles in our lives becomes less. However, despite this, the emotional effort involved in ensuring that deal with them in life, generate a lot of problems, which might well have been avoided if we knew exactly where the cost to stay.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

The obstacles in the way of the road, your sputnikiKanava in your way - noise annoyance. Deep moat - misfortune happens to you. But if you overcome - after the success of misfortunes and failures. A lot of holes in your way - caring, longing. Val, a mound in front of you to see - difficulty. Her move - overcoming obstacles. Her fall - a wasted effort. Along the ditch with ice to go and jump out - the danger has passed.

New family dream book

Dream about a temporary obstacle predicts trouble overcoming that you will achieve prosperity. A woman who saw herself in trouble before some obstacle, should be wary of the wiles of enemies. Lovers dream, however, promises a complete harmony and fusion of hearts.

Miller’s dream book

The dream of some obstacle predicts temporary difficulties. However, overcoming them promises you a fortune. For a woman to see himself in trouble in front of a barrier to the selected target - means that it is threatened by disease, or the machinations of enemies. For lovers, on the other hand, this dream is the harmony of hearts.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Dream about any obstacle predicts temporary difficulties. However, overcoming their promises you a fortune.

For a woman to see herself in trouble in front of a barrier to the target - means that it is threatened by illness or the machinations of enemies. For lovers, on the contrary, the dream means harmony of hearts.

Dream book of lovers

If a woman or girl to dream that she was in a difficult position, it means that she should be wary of envious machinations that could harm her relationship with a loved one.

Lovers this dream foretells a harmonious relationship and agreement.


Difficulty, indecision and doubt are the three main blocks we will come up against in any spiritual journey or quest. We will have to overcome each of these blocks at some time if we are finally to achieve our spiritual goal. Indecision and self-doubt can often translate themselves in dreams into actual physical objects, and the difficulty manifests in how we deal with these obstructions. At times, our own inhibitions and anxieties cannot be faced unless they are first given tangible forms in dreams. In allowing ourselves a visual representation, these anxieties can become more manageable. What has seemed to be a huge obstacle in dreams can be consciously made smaller until we feel capable of dealing with it. For example, a patch of weeds in dreams might be cut back until we can continue on our way. Obstacles and obstructions in dreams can take many forms a wall, a hill, a dark forest perhaps. The object will be symbolic of the problem in waking life. Largely we are aware that these obstacles need to be overcome. How we do this in a dream can often suggest how to tackle a problem in everyday life. You might like to consult the entries for Block and Quest for further clarification.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Whether you feel locked up? Remember, almost all situations at which the similar feeling is born, are created by you. Look at a situation in new prospect and understand that you can change it. Or at least to change the perception of this situation.


The dream of some obstacle predicts temporary difficulties. However, overcoming them promises you a fortune. for women to see themselves in a quandary to some obstacle to the selected target - means that it threatens to illness or the machinations of enemies. For lovers, on the other hand, this dream is the harmony of hearts.