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The interpretation of the dream «Purity»


Symbolizes the spirit of life, the soul, the transition from one state to another, the spirit of light, purity but in some traditions - the symbol of sensuality, innocence, tenderness and peace. Dove dedicate the Great Mother and the Queen of Heaven. Then it means femininity and motherhood. Two doves often accompany the Mother Goddess - Dove with olive branch - a symbol of peace and renewal of life. In addition, it is the emblem of Athens. Pigeons drinking from the cup of mean spirit, drinking the water of life. Sacred doves are associated with funerary cults. The Chinese dove symbolizes longevity, loyalty, orderliness, filial reverence and child, spring, lust and is also associated with Mother Earth. In Christianity - a symbol of the Holy Spirit, purity, inspirational thoughts, peace, Epiphany, Good News, the creation of water. "; Seven doves symbolize the seven gifts of the Spirit, a flock of pigeons - believers dove with an olive branch - peace, forgiveness and redemption. Just as the dove of Noah's ark brought an olive branch as a sign of peace between God and man, and there was no place anywhere except in the ark, and as a Christian does not find salvation anywhere but in church. A dove with a palm branch means victory over death. White dove - a symbol of salvation of the soul, cleansing took place, as an antithesis to the black raven sin. Pigeons on the vine symbolize believers who have found shelter in Christ. A couple of doves symbolizes marital happiness and love. The dove is on the staff of Joseph the husband of pure virgin. The dove is an emblem of the Knights of the Holy Grail and Benedict, Gregory and Scholastica. The Egyptians symbolized innocence. The dove appears on the branches of the Tree of Life, with its fruit and a vessel filled with water of life. In the Greco-Roman culture symbolizes love and the renewal of life and is an attribute of Zeus, who was fed the pigeons. A dove with an olive branch is a symbol of Athens, as a symbol of renewal of life; dedicated to Adonis and Bacchus, as the first born of love, and Venus as a symbol of sensuality. Dove with a star - the emblem of Venus Miletus. The Jews white doves as a symbol of purity, were sacrificed when performing the rite of purification in the temple. Dove - symbol of Israel. In the Old Testament, a dove means a simple, harmless, innocent, meek, simple-mindedness, and incubation represents the soul of the deceased and. In Hinduism, the god of dead Pit owls and pigeons act as messengers. In Islam, the Holy Virgin Three denoted by three pillars upon which sit the pigeons. In Japanese culture, the dove symbolizes longevity and respect, dedicated to the god of war Hachimanu but dove carrying a sword, heralds the end of the war. In the Manichean iconography third character Trinity is sometimes depicted as a white dove. In Minoan culture doves are associated with the Great Mother, and along with snakes are its attributes, indicating the air and land. In the culture of Parsi dove symbolizes the Supreme Being. In Sumerian-Semitic culture - symbolizing the divine power, is dedicated to Astarte and Ishtar is an attribute, as the Great Mother. On the seventh day after the flood of Babylon's Ark was sent by pigeon.

Henry Rommel

Note in a dream to special cleanliness of the room, laundry, some things - get really more proof beautiful spiritual qualities someone something close to you, the ratio of which was in doubt about.

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