Dream «Resurrection»

If anyone sees in his sleep, as if at some point come the Day of Resurrection from the dead, in this place for its residents justice be established and there will be avenged and the unrighteous come true victory over the offenders, because it is - the day of discrimination and justice. If anyone sees any sign Hour of Resurrection: the sunrise from the west or exit the earth monster or Dajjal, or Yajuji and Magog, that if he did, in obedience to Allah, may He be exalted and Glorified, his dream is a blessing - message for him, and if committed sins before Allah, or intended to commit them, his dream - a warning. If anyone sees in his sleep, as if the Day of Resurrection from the dead, and has come, he appeared in front of Allah, may He be exalted and Glorified, this sign will be stronger and more reliable, and justice be realized more quickly. Also a dream that seemed graves opened and the dead came out of them, indicates that justice will prevail. Saw the advent of the Day of Resurrection from the dead during the war - wins. If you dream of resurrection from the dead - this means that you need to make a trip. If anyone sees in his sleep, as if he appeared alone or with someone else, his dream means that he is unjust, because Allah Almighty said: "Assemble those who tyrannized, with their companions. "If anyone sees in his sleep, as if the Day of Resurrection from the dead has come for him alone, then the dream speaks of his death, as in the hadith (Khabar) said:" Who died for come the Day of Resurrection ". If someone sees, as if the Day of Resurrection has arrived and he knew its horrors, and then saw that everything has calmed down and became once again as before, then it is said that from the people, from whom he did not expect to follow after righteousness injustice. Someone said that the dream suggests that having seen him busy committing sins and the quest for unattainable, postponing repentance or persisting in a lie, as God said this: "If they were returned, then go back to that from which they were held! After all, they are - liars ".


Symbolizes the victory. Mean solar start rejoicing, honesty, honor. As the tree grows always straight, - a blessing, triumph, victory. "; Never dropping leaves, palm tree is decorated with constantly the same green. Such force that tree people believe appropriate and suitable for the image of victory "; Plutarch. It is also the tree of life, and being self-perpetuating, it is identified with the androgyne. As a phallic symbol palm means virility and fertility, but if it is portrayed with dates, the symbol of the feminine, "; Thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes "; Canticles. Palma brings good fruit in old age, symbolizes longevity and prosperity in old age. Arabia: The Tree of Life. China: avoiding Affairs, dignity, fertility. Christianity: The righteous man who "; It shall blossom as the palm tree "; immortality, and in this sense it is sometimes depicted together with Phoenix; divine blessing, the triumphant entry of Christ into Jerusalem; triumph over the death of a martyr; paradise. Palm branches represent the glory, triumph, resurrection, victory over death and sin. In early Catholicism, she was a symbol of burial, as well as "; attribute of the person making the pilgrimage to the Holy Land, hence the word "; pilgrim "; The emblem of St. Peter's reclusive, portrayed with a palm branch in his hand, and many martyrs. Palm initially "; palm "; Sunday commemorates Christ's entry into Jerusalem. Egypt: "; calendar "; wood, giving a new branch once a month. Greece emblem of Apollo at Delphi and the Delian. Jewish tradition the righteous, the emblem of Judea after the Exodus. Sumerian-Semitic tradition: The Tree of Life, the emblem of the Phoenician Baal Tamar, the Lord of Palms, as well as Astarte and Assyrian-Babylonian Ishtar.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are resurrected from the dead, you will have some great vexation, but will eventually gain your desires. To see others resurrected, denotes unfortunate troubles will be lightened by the thoughtfulness of friends


See another day - a big change.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To see the other day - a big change.