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Dream «Sunset»

To dream of a sunset heralds major life changes. If a clear decline in the cloudless sky - you are waiting for joy and prosperity throughout.

Blood-red or crimson sunset indicates that your well being passed its peak and you should take this into account with respect to the future plans and prospects.

When the sun sets in a cloudy and overcast sky - come for you bad luck, which, however, will soon be. To dream of a sunset instead of the sun the moon foretells that you will have to sacrifice hours of sleep to perform an emergency operation, using the night-time.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Big change.

Esoteric Dream Book

Improving the health, good treatment.

Hasse’s dream book

Had a sunset - it's a big and a favorable change in the lives of.

Modern dream book

Big happy change.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli sunset on the ocean, in the near future you will be able to learn the name of his detractors. For that to happen, light three candles: in one place the coffee bean, the flame of the second season with salt, and in the third burn a bit of her hair. Poor znachenieEsli sunset in the forest, you will fail the next exam or an important task. To avoid this, at sunset walk behind his house three times counterclockwise, and go to bed at exactly 3 am.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

The dawn, sunrise to see - good news / changes for the better / forgiveness. Evening, and all that is connected with the dream at night - says about the turn for the better, about the end of troubles. Sunset - good news, light life.

East female dream book

Watch the sunset - for parting with the fact that expensive. If the setting sun blinding - serious illness.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

The setting sun, the chain of mountain peaks. River in the south of the evening haze hid. Somewhere in the distance almost hear the bells. Hermit-monk walks to the temple one. Gao Qi. Primary elements - fire, earth, water. Elements - heat, humidity, cold. Emotions - joy, thoughtfulness, fear. Organs - the heart, spleen, kidney, small intestine, stomach, bladder. The Planets - Mars, Saturn, Mercury. See the sunset in the dream-activity decreases yang, yin - reigns. state of decline - waiting, tranquility, confidence / uncertainty. Sunset as a natural phenomenon is associated with a dream match / mismatch of natural rhythms in any season, but the predominant color of the body and the perception of sleep is more significant in summer and winter (heart, spleen, and kidneys: red, yellow, and black). To see the sunset with a pleasant feeling of a dream - a sign of living, perhaps rapidly and fruitfully of the day / season. Continued monitoring of events is subject to the dreamer's waking. To see the sunset from the anxieties and fears - the last day / season inflicted emotional, psychological and possibly physical damage already. The situation threatens to get out during the day out of control. Fiery sunset to see / feel the absorption of experience - heart is full of pathogenic energies. Need urgent medical advice. Sliding down into the darkness and the fear of a bloody sunset - pay attention to the kidneys. Emotional behavior dreamer totally inadequate and suicidal. It should be restrained. Sunset in the dream may have no seasonal / situational value, but to be a symbol of total life: Seeing someone leaving in clean sunset - a sign of the fruitful implementation of a maximum of life lived, but also the end of her. Care in the blood-dirty-sunset could symbolize the wrong path in life, violent death, serious illness.

Children's Dream Book

Sunset — the dream accompanies the end of a period of your life. This period is very suitable for the end Affairs. Just do not make plans for the future - they will still be changed later.

Lunar Dream Book

Sunset — the weakening of the vital force.

Old Russian Dream Book

Big change.

Improving the health, successful treatment.

If you dream that you are standing on the beach and watch the sunset, then in real life, you will have to part with the fact that you hold dear. However, do not despair. The resulting void in your soul will be filled with something, perhaps, more interesting and important.

If you dream you see the fiery red sunset on the background of the urban landscape, the reality you feel tired out a horse that is ready to fall about.


To see the sunset in your dream, indicates the end of a cycle or condition. It is a period of rest, renewal, and evaluation.


If you had a dream that you are standing on the beach and watch the sunset, in real life you have to part with the fact that you hold dear. However, do not despair. Formed in your soul the void will be filled something perhaps more interesting and important. If you dream you see the fiery red sunset on the background of the urban landscape, the reality you feel downtrodden horse ready is about to fall down.

Henry Rommel

Dreamed sunset mean significant changes in the life or the onset period of your great love for someone.

Russian Dream Book

Agreat and happy change in your life.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Success in business.


Winding down or relaxing

The end of a phase, project, relationship, or anything that has a life cycle

Finishing or completing

Romance or sentimentality

Nature, natural beauty, God, or spirituality

Consider also what a sunset means to you specifically, and its context in the dream.