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Dream «Thirst»

Testing in a dream thirsty - a harbinger of severe fatigue and sickness. Quench your thirst in the dream of clean water from a well or a spring means that in reality you are waiting for success and fame. If you drink swamp water on a hot afternoon, unable to overcome his thirst, then in reality you face illness and will pursue failure.

Quench their thirst in the dream means that you will be able to hit the target. Suffer from thirst in a dream and not being able to satisfy it - in reality everything goes down the drain, success will leave you.

To dream of people eagerly quenches thirst - in reality has the support of influential sponsors or wealthy patrons.

Miller’s dream book

Thirsty — a dream tells about your aspirations to what is currently unattainable for you. To quench your thirst palatable drink - a dream means that the goals will be achieved by you. Dreamed of other hungry and satisfy the thirst - so favor, affection of the rich and influential people will bring you satisfaction.

Dream book of Vanga

The dream where you wanders under the scorching sun in search of water, it means that all of your thoughts and feelings are directed exclusively to the material side of life. Therefore, in reality, you do not have enough spiritual communion and support. In the dream, you quench thirst with cold spring water - it is a sign of spiritual purification and forgiveness. you're thirsty, but the water that you drink, muddy and dirty.

Esoteric Dream Book

Thirsty — to material losses, perhaps bankruptcy. If awakening thirst remains, the dream is not necessary to take into account - it's just a signal to your body.

Hasse’s dream book

If you dream you slaked their thirst for clear, clean water, you are waiting for the success and health, and if muddy - the failures and poor health.

Modern dream book

Tormenting you desire to dream about meeting a man who will tell you a lot of interesting, informative and necessary.

Dreamed that drunk no water quenches your thirst - it shows that dating one person bring you misery, bringing into your life nervousness, anxiety, trouble. Set a point blank whether you need a relationship.

Freud’s dream book

If you have a dream, how you feel thirsty - so, in real life, you oppress unmet sexual desires. Did you, for any reason, for a long time refrain from relations with the permanent partner (partners) who do not want to change. One way or another, dreamed your thirst represents a longing for sex. Is it possible that you have a situation where you want, but you can not.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Thirst for experience - the success, satisfaction of desires / who - that is great hope for you. If the drink - a success. Do not drink the completion of the work, the enterprise. If you get drunk, and she does not calm down - long-term illness. Thirsty to drink - benefit.

New family dream book

If you dream you were thirsty, then in reality you aspire to something inaccessible. Quenched their thirst - the desire to be fulfilled. Saw a thirst quenching someone else - enjoy the location of the rich and influential people.

East female dream book

Thirsty — evidence that you strive for unattainable goals. However, if you manage to quench your thirst, you will get what you so passionately wanted.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Ambition; appeased — success; from the source or well - success beyond all expectations; However, from the fountain.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — metal, water. Organs - lungs, colon, kidneys, bladder. Elements - the dry, cold. Emotions - sadness, fear. The planets - Venus, Mercury. Sensation of thirst in a dream and reality is a symptom of failure of internal fluid in the body, which leads to local edema and impaired skin sensation. Thirst - is the internal heat of the breach in the digestive system, which is closely associated with the respiratory system. Thus, the disease began in the fall, when they were struck by the lungs and large intestine. The disease is ready to be shown (in a dream has manifested itself) winter and then move to the kidneys do not receive enough water during the winter cold outside. Water to drink in a dream (no accent on the temperature) / thirsty to drink water - that fills the inner-yin yin thirsty. Water to drink and quench their thirst in the dream - to get access to blocks of fluids in the body: and its failure, and the local clusters without going. Sleep indicates the presence in the body of forces on the self-healing that does not eliminate the need for the dreamer to do rehabilitation of the digestive, respiratory and excretory systems. Thirsty, drink and do not suck either look and find water - the dream speaks about the serious violations of homeostasis of the body, especially the abuse in the intestine, lung and kidney. Such an unfavorable outcome of the year require treatment, especially reasonable sparing the body plans of life for future spring. Emotional attitude towards people and the world should be changed so that the situation does not run in a circle on the downside. Drink clean water - to health, self-healing and getting help. Bad to drink dirty water - means the critical condition when the body has no way to recover the loss of ability to distinguish between desired and necessary, useful and harmful information, which indicates a violation of the intestine, kidney, and liver. Sleep is particularly unfavorable for the future of the spring season, when, and can manifest disease (liver). Hot water to drink / to feel the need for it in a dream or in reality - is the disease of cold. In winter, the increased hot water demand shows the energies of both renal insufficiency and insecurity to the elements of cold: the element destroys the weak outside and want to get warm from the inside with hot water, which temporarily softens the blocks and stagnation of energy. Thus, the ability to distinguish between the useful information the body had not yet lost, the reserves he still has. But sleep dictates sparing regimen of life, peace and warmth around.

Lunar Dream Book

Thirst and have a drink - thin end of the case; drink - success in business.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

If you dream that you are thirsty - so you aspire to something inaccessible to you now, but if you're in a dream quench their thirst by drinking a pleasant and tasty drink. Your desires will be achieved.

If you are eager to see others and quench your thirst - it means. You will enjoy the location and the friendliness of the rich and influential people.

Dream book of lovers

A dream in which you are thirsty, means that you are trying to achieve love of a married man. If you quench your thirst in the dream, it means that your efforts will be crowned with success. If you dream that thirsty and drink water other people, then your partner will be rich and noble man.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Quench your thirst - health, success; muddy water - illness, bad luck.


Thirst in a dream is symbolic of our quest for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment. It may well be an unquenchable one. To satisfy a thirst indicates we are capable of satisfying our own desires. By being prepared to take in what we need, we are able to experience life in the best way possible. If we are thirsty in a dream we need to look very carefully at either what we are being denied, or what we are denying ourselves, in waking life. Dreaming of being thirsty suggests we have an unsatisfied inner need; we may be emotionally at a low ebb and need something to give us a boost. Anything that gives us emotional satisfaction whether short- or long-term would suffice. Consulting the entries for Drink, Emotions, Quest and Water will provide further information.

Culinary Dream Book

Quenches the thirst of the well - to live beyond their means.


If you dream that you are thirsty - so you aspire to something inaccessible to you now, but if you're in a dream quench their thirst by drinking a pleasant and tasty drink. Your desire will be achieved. If you see other hungry and satisfy the thirst - means. You will enjoy the location and the friendliness of the rich and influential people. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about thirst

If you dream you are thirsty, then in reality you aspire to an unattainable goal. However, if you managed to quench his thirst, then in reality you get something so longed for. If you dream that you are see people eagerly drinking water, in reality you will gain the support of influential people.

Miller’s dream book

If you dream that you are thirsty - It means you aspire to something inaccessible to you now, but if you're in a dream quench their thirst by drinking a pleasant and tasty beverage. Your desires will be met. If you see other hungry and satisfy the thirst - means. You will enjoy the location and the friendliness of the rich and influential people.


A craving or desire, such as for:

Knowledge or understanding


Something else you feel you're lacking or deprived of

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