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Dream «Umbrella»

Appointment of an umbrella - protection from rain and sunlight, so its effect can be seen as depriving people of the basic elements of life, t. sun and water, as this item belongs to the category of essential. Is an indication of a departure from the In-itself, a priori 'I', as well as the inability to real action. In the field of emotions and feelings, as well as in private life is an indication of the tendency to mental "absorption" of the other, on an empty eroticism, "wormy position".

Esoteric Dream Book

We'll have to borrow money.

Hasse’s dream book

Silk —'ll get torn values ​​- you get into poverty ladies - support and assistance.

Buy - to seek protection from the pursuer or pesky friends; lose - emergency; torn from the arms - the deceived hopes.

If you dream you are going with an umbrella, then in reality you have to deal with nuisance.

If you see other people with umbrellas, then turned to you for help.

If you were to take an umbrella with someone, it may be difficult to find common ground with others.

Give umbrella means that you mercilessly okleveschut.

Lose umbrella means that your loved one will occur trouble.

Open a new umbrella over himself in sunny weather means that you are destined to prosperity.

To dream parasol means that you're looking for illicit pleasures.

If you dream umbrella flows, things your friends inspire your sincere regret.

Longo’s dream book

If you dreamed that you have opened an umbrella in a dream, it means your objective view of the world. Opinions and estimates subjective nature you do not accept, not counting their faithful untrue. Directness - that's what the main thing for you, and its consequences have not bothered. However, do not exercise in dealing with people like straightness and flatness: it may well be that once you find yourself in their place, and it is unlikely you will like their position.

If you are in a dream folded umbrella, it foretells you close the resolution of any problem that you brought a lot of anxiety and anguish, and will help you with that relatives and friends.

Hiding under the umbrella - the dream says that literally everything that happens around you have your first reaction is one - like an ostrich, bury its head in the sand. Only then you are looking around, come to the conclusion that things are not as bad as you once thought. I wonder where you have such a fear of life, because everything that happens - this is life in all its diverse forms, which require understanding and acceptance.

Buy an umbrella - a dream foretells that something unknown scare you, then, with what you have never before experienced, and that will have a very vague prospects. Your fear may lead to a complete departure from the cases, but one can hardly call it the best way out of this situation. It is better to seek help from people who could help you in your question.

If you dream you were holding an umbrella over some person, it means protecting their loved ones, patronize them, and these obligations you have assumed voluntarily. You always think that if not for you there, with your wards certainly something happens - an accident, an explosion of bombs and other 33 accident. But if you do not come to mind that overprotection strongly suppresses your loved ones? They do not feel free people, and this can upset your harmonious relationship, so there is reason to think.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Protection. You hide behind from life's storms.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

It is a symbol of protection from life's storms. Know you are always protected and you are not threatened.

Modern dream book

Impossible dreams, unrealizable hopes.


As a sunshade conferred status and power, along with the need to protect, so does the umbrella. As we mature we need to develop certain emotional coping skills. In dreams these can be seen as a protective covering, hence the image of the umbrella. An umbrella is a shelter and a sanctuary, and it is this symbolism that comes across in dreams. Often in a work situation we need to work under someone's teaching, and this feeling of safety can be recognized in dreams. Occasionally, as in the term ?umbrella organization?, the umbrella is seen as all-encompassing.

Freud’s dream book

To dream of carrying an umbrella in a downpour is a sign that you will meet with reverses. To be burdened with an umbrella when the sun shines presages startling news that will have a definite effect in changing your plans for the future.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of carrying an umbrella, denotes that trouble and annoyances will beset you. To see others carrying them, foretells that you will be appealed to for aid by charity. To borrow one, you will have a misunderstanding, perhaps, with a warm friend. To lend one, portends injury from false friends. To lose one, denotes trouble with some one who holds your confidence. To see one torn to pieces, or broken, foretells that you will be misrepresented and maligned. To carry a leaky one, denotes that pain and displeasure will be felt by you towards your sweetheart or companions. To carry a new umbrella over you in a clear shower, or sunshine, omens exquisite pleasure and prosperity.

Nostradamus’s dream book

Carrying a closed umbrella in the rain is highly unfortunate for the dreamer and his business plans. To dream of carrying an open umbrella in the rain is a very fortunate sign that speaks of good luck in most endeavors. A leaky umbrella denotes quarrels with loved ones.

Azar’s dream book

False hopes.


If you dream you go with an umbrella, then in reality you have to deal with nuisance. If you see other people with umbrellas, is for you to seek help. If you have to take an umbrella someone , you will be hard to find common ground with others. Give an umbrella means that you will be mercilessly slandered. Lose umbrella means that a person close to you there will be trouble. To open a new umbrella on a sunny weather means that you are destined to well-being. To dream umbrella Sun means that you are looking for illicit pleasures. If you dream umbrella proceeds, the case of your friends will make you sincere regret.

Henry Rommel

To walk under an umbrella on a sunny day - to Good luck and independence; go under an umbrella on a rainy day - a quiet, solitary life (dreams remain unattainable for more).See themselves under an umbrella with a loved one - fortunately, unalloyed.Buy an umbrella - a sign of anxiety.Asking umbrella someone, or give your own - to misunderstandings with loved ones.Lose umbrella - to unforeseen events; let go (it pulled you) - to the frustrated hopes.If you saw people under umbrellas in a dream, reality will be someone to help selflessly.If the umbrella is torn or broken, you expect a misunderstanding of others, and if he occurs, you will suffer from loneliness, quarrel with a loved one.

Miller’s dream book

To dream parasol - for married people is illicit pleasures. If a young woman sees a dream, she will flirt with many men, one of them will cause her a lot of trouble and anxiety for the fate of its reputation and future engagement with the other. Carry an umbrella in his hands - a sign of impending anxiety and frustration. Seeing others under umbrellas - portends your generous help someone. If you ask someone, or give your umbrella, there may be misunderstandings with friends and even resentment. If your umbrella is torn or broken, in real life you bargained for. Your actions will be misinterpreted. Going under the umbrella flowing - harbinger of the pain that awaits you after a quarrel with a friend. If you have opened on a new umbrella, and the weather is clear and sunny - you lie ahead only good luck and happiness.

Russian Dream Book

Impossible dreams.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Unrealizable hopes, silk - achieve respect; torn - will fall into poverty; Lady - support and assistance.