The interpretation of the dream «Watermelon»

Watermelon — a reflection of the hidden desires (not just sexual).

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Sudden departure.

Hasse’s dream book

To see him - to get women out.

Esoteric Dream Book

As your body does not have enough fluids. Drink herbal infusions, vitamin teas.

Modern dream book

Joy party before the wedding.

Freud’s dream book

It symbolizes the highest peak of pleasure, ie orgasm. So, if you had a dream, how you cut the watermelon, it means that in real life you rarely reaches the peak and pleasure from sex is not available to you. Often have to pretend not to disappoint partner. Your guilt is happening there. The responsibility for the fact that you can not experience a full orgasm, is your partner. Talk to him openly, and try together to figure out what the problem is. Usually after that men begin to pay greater attention to foreplay and how to stimulate your partner. Pluck watermelon in a dream - a dream says that in reality, you can easily reach orgasm and can easily contribute to that and your partner have experienced it. There watermelon in a dream - a dream means that soon you will experience extreme feelings.

Azar’s dream book

For women — pregnancy, for men - the sorrow, for girls - cheating.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Watermelon see — get women out.

East female dream book

Favorable sign. See watermelons growing on Bahce? So in life you achieve all your own labor and mind. There are ripe watermelon sugar - to success. If you dream that you buy a watermelon - you expect a large profit or inheritance.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — water, wood, fire, earth. Elements - cold, wind, heat, humidity. Emotions - fear, anger, joy, thoughtfulness. Organs - the heart, kidneys, liver,. Watermelon can be considered a symbol of the contradictions of use and great taste. Watermelon red heart - yang symbolizes fire. Fire overcomes the core shell characters that wood and water - yin (black and green stripes). Thus devastates yin yang (ravaging the kidney). If there is no flesh, but the seeds and peel - they make up kidney energy (from the seeds do drugs), but they generally do not eat (as tasteless), eating flesh, causing damage to the body (flesh also absorbs radiation from the environment). Watermelon - a berry yin-yang; dreaming about watermelon: an imbalance of yin-yang, the troubles, malaise. Watermelon is a dream to see - a sign of inner struggle: the internal heat locked external cooling and voltage, locked inside a fire destroys the inside and the outside is cold (symptoms: internal heat, thirst, and cold hands and feet, coldness). In emotionally - is the inner softness, suppleness and appearance to the gutless fear of unfamiliar, any struggle. Infighting generate external: a near certainty that the forces to deal with any situation not only leads to loss. Sleep is unfavorable: exhaustion, trouble of the day. It is necessary to change the behavior and attitude towards food and check kidneys, even if they are not hurt, and my heart. Watermelon seeds to eat / wear one necklace / watermelon rinds to collect - to understand the starting point loss and gather their strength. Sleep is favorable, promises recovery, success. Slip on a watermelon rind - recently or in the near future to lose power: the power has already begun to flow away from the kidneys, even if the effects are not noticeable, they will tell later. Watermelon seed / grow / by Bahce walk and see a lot of watermelons - prepare yourself a lot of trouble and loss of strength. Review your plans, they do not correspond to the potential.

Children's Dream Book

Watermelon — the news.

Lunar Dream Book

Watermelon is — a sad adventure.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Watermelon — a dream is a healthy portends failure of his hopes and sadness.

Solomon’s dream book

Man — a nuisance; woman - pregnancy; girl - Marriage.


To see a watermelon in you dream, represents emotions of love, desire, lust, and fiery passion. Pregnant women or women on the verge of their menstrual cycle often dream of such fruits, as watermelons. Alternatively, watermelons may be associated with summertime ease, leisure, and relaxation.

Culinary Dream Book

Watermelon dream — an obstacle, there is it - the sad adventure and patient - a fracture of the disease.


To dream of a watermelon - a favorable sign. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about watermelon

To dream Watermelon - a favorable sign. If you dream you see a watermelon growing on the plantation, in real life you will achieve all your own labor and mind. There are ripe sugar watermelon - to success. All that was you took to achieve the objective, it will return to you a hundredfold. If you had a dream that you buy a watermelon, then waking you expect big gains or inheritance.

Henry Rommel

Large watermelon - in trouble, sometimes in an unexpected departure.Eating watermelon - to illness, obstacles.Men - sadness; for girls - fraud or error; sometimes - getting married soon.General for all - a useless hope friends.Other treats watermelon - a successful turn of events for you.

Russian Dream Book

To the anguish of illness , nausea. If WATERMELONS besides more and rotten - prepare for the worst. Are you going to hurt for a long time.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Get — the man from the woman refused, trouble; women - pregnancy, the girl - Marriage.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Like dream watermelon - against theft. If the dream that watermelon eating, the sick will.