Dream » W » White

The interpretation of the dream «White»

White generally means a positive change in the lives of. White grapes - a symbol of innocence, purity, and white wine involves entertainment, wild life. White bread - wealth and income. White shirt - to the joyful tidings, put it - to experience pleasant sensations. White teeth have - good health, the hair - good luck. See white kitten - avoid trouble, the cat - the uncertainty, confusion, ruin. White Rabbit - fidelity in love. White Swan - excellent prospects and pleasant experiences. White horse or horse - the alternation of failures and successes with the predominance of the latter. White donkey - provided a life full of wealth and love.

Whitewash something — to take part in the celebration. Belitsya itself - get a surprise gift. White see or hold in their hands - to the delight of. The negative effects can cause vision does certainly does a fantastic example: white bat as a sign of death or white ink on black paper, not promising anything but the blues and disease. However, in any case, the time displayed diligence, presence of mind and the support of friends can help avoid unpleasant consequences.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements of metal. Elements - dry. Organs - lung, colon. Emotions - sadness. The planet Venus. Explanation and Interpretation In nature there are only three independent full-length color: red, blue and yellow. Everything else is the human eye perceives diversity - a mixture of the three major in different proportions. Black is not a color and do not mix, and the absence of all colors. White color combination of all the colors of the spectrum in one original, the former to the creation of the world. White - the symbol of completeness, perfection, inclusiveness and understanding. Understanding always comes with sadness because the realization of any process in its entirety is recognized and its reverse side. Understanding - a rejection from sharp estimates and perception of such, as it is. The result comes not break the movement, but the creative 2 * 7 state glide forward, as the rejection of harsh assessments allows to consider all aspects - miscellaneous events and loosens up their own mind, body and soul. The phenomenon is fully part of the mind, enriching it. Meditator with the phenomenon become one just a created a new world in a pristine white: you can re-paint the world renewed, cleansed of impurities from dirty colors. White dream (objects, items of clothing, animal ones) / white color as the light behold - pure white yang energy, look at the white - make up its deficiencies in the body. White (things, objects to contemplate sleeping with satisfaction) - autumn yang energy decreases, begins the realm of yin. To make up for the shortcomings of Jahn and maintenance savings made over the summer yang energy in unspent state subconscious focuses on the white image of a white color, and the dreamer like waves penetrate the yang energy. This dream is favorable and indicates compliance rhythms fall season. Only the full confidence of the dreamer to nature, people and myself could bring it to a vision not of individual parts, but a whole - White. For the confidence surrounding the dreamer repay the confidence and favorable atmosphere; smooth emotions promise tranquility and lasting success in any field. See the white color as the source of bright, but entailing the world - a dream is a call to the beginning of any action in favor and support of the Sky, Space. Beholds the light - it is bestowed on the energy deal. Dream favorable spiritually, but it can be difficult and do not promise benefits and household goods. Rejection of the case, an attempt to hide from the light / close your eyes - this is the beginning of spiritual decline, and failure, and loss. See white and feel uncomfortable in a dream, a reluctance to look at it - does not recognize their mistakes and unwillingness to part with their fear and anger. Anger - is generated by the reaction of weakness and fear of rejection of the world because of the weakness, depression associated with victims of the excesses of emotion sluggish light. In the lungs, the emptiness of life energy qi; body is trying to create for self-image, white (to make up yang energy), but the emotional self-locking - secrecy prevents the dreamer's world to do it, and there is aversion, fear of the white. Sleep is unfavorable: it portends lung disease or lung began in the fall, but being able to manifest itself in the kidney disease in winter. Should adjust its foreign relations and behavior with the objectives of the fall season, then quietly do a detailed review of world. Otherwise follow the troubles in affairs: who is not able to contemplate and understand whole, how can understand the correctness of individual action-action? To dream of a dirty white color, with dark spots and smudges / carry such things - adversely: this is a strong depletion of stored energy in the light of life. Because of inadequate emotional behavior in the summer of energy in the body to fall is not accumulated, but exhausted. The lung is the organ that is the first in a chain of homeostasis provides a person's life between heaven and earth: light inhale connecting heaven and earth substance of the air, and without that person's life is unthinkable. Depletion of the vital energy of the light (with a dirty white with anguish in his sleep), waking may be accompanied by: cough, dyspnea, asthma, agitation, hemoptysis and dark spots when exercising Tumanyan vision. Recommended simultaneously with the treatment of pulmonary think about the laws of motion of life in the world and assess the adequacy of their behavior in accordance with these laws.


Colors of the three stages of ripening, white, red and black, represent the three stages of initiation, as well as the three stages of human life: the white color represents the innocent child; red - active, mature age; Black - old age and death. The Greeks represents a failure in love, because associated with the legend of Pyramus and Thisbe.

Hasse’s dream book

If your dream contains mainly the color white, it means that you feel refreshed and have a new outlook on life. You feel at peace and are aware of a new beginning.

Esoteric Dream Book

(color) in the clothes - to the sad events of death tears. The non-crosslinked fabrics (curtains, tablecloths) - in losses, the blows of fate. The subject - to the concerns, the negative effects that the promise of these items. White animals - a dream has to do with the spiritual life.


To dream of yourself and others dressed in white - to the sorrow. Going to sleep with a man dressed in white - to the illness of a person. However, if a young woman or a child, in life you will surrounded only nice people. If you dream a woman sees in his legs white stockings, then the dream is a warning. She threatened woeful disappointment or illness. To dream about snow-white bed - to the successful outcome of your endeavors. If you are approached by a white good dog, You will find a tempting offer either in cases or in love. For a woman, it is a sign of the imminent marriage. to ride on a white beautiful horse - a good omen predicting the joy associated with the people you love. If the horse is thin and dirty, beware of treachery on the part of the envious. To dream of a snow-white cat - to trouble, which you initially can not pay attention, but that will be then much more serious. If a woman dreams of a beautiful white cat, then she needs to be careful, because the enemies will try to deceit to lure her into the cleverly placed online ; it should rely on intuition and common sense. Polar bear - a warning of a possible fraud. You run the risk to be deceived, wishful thinking. However, if you see a polar bear skin, then you will be able to defeat all the enemies. To dream about a white bull means that you will rise to a higher level than those who did not hesitate to follow fashion. This dream always mean profit. Very favorable dream in which you see white swans floating peacefully, because it promises prosperity and well-being. Also good if you had a white donkey, as he promises you a long-term success that will allow you to get pleasure and knowledge sought by your heart. A woman this dream promises entry into the society in which she sought long and hard to get. The white hair means that the fate will be favorable to you. If you dream you admire her even white teeth, it is a sign of satisfaction achieved. White flowers - to sadness. If you dream you cut away the white chrysanthemum, then in reality you can not avoid losses and disappointments. White roses portend serious illness. However, if you see them in the morning with the sun had not yet dried up dew drops, you have nothing to fear. If you dream that you have received a letter written on black paper with white ink, then by bitter disappointments you save only the support of friends.

Henry Rommel

Various objects, animals, flowers, white - to the rise, joy, pleasant events.However, if we see the white that is never white, it is a sign of unpleasant surprises.White clothes, white flowers herald sometimes sadness, mourning. For example, white lilies and white chrysanthemums.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

(color) good elevation.


Purity, a washout, a clean slate, or a blank feeling.