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The interpretation of the dream «Wound»

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Prick several times with a knife man. - Joy and benefits. Fuss at loggerheads with someone so that visible blood. - Happiness. Of the knife wound is blood. - Presage alcohol and food. Prick with a knife and you see blood. - Much to the happiness. See how the burnt body of flowing blood. - A lot of luck. Put itself wound with a knife or an ax. - To our great happiness, portends great fortune to benefit. With a knife, sword chopping people. - Presage a loss of wealth. The man's head chipped in two parts. - Thankfully. The man with the severed head is. - Much to the happiness.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Blood - the loss of a husband, a lover (for women); slander (for men).

Hasse’s dream book

Injure yourself - close disease.


A wound symbolizes an experience, which may have been unpleasant, that we should take note of and learn from. Any wound or trauma in dreams will signify hurt feelings or emotions. If we are inflicting the wounds, our own aggression and mistrust are being highlighted, if the wounds are being inflicted on us we may be making ourselves into, or being, the victim. The type of wound will be important in interpreting the dream. A large, ugly wound will suggest more violence, whereas a small one may indicate a more focused attack. This wound may be to our reputation, self-esteem or pride. You might also like to consult the entries for Attack and Weapon.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are wounded, signals distress and an unfavorable turn in business. To see others wounded, denotes that injustice will be accorded you by your friends. To relieve or dress a wound, signifies that you will have occasion to congratulate yourself on your good fortune.

Nostradamus’s dream book

Seeing a wound on yourself or anyone else is a dream of pressing magnitude that warns you to be extra careful for the next few weeks. If the wound is from a car wreck, be careful when driving. Whatever the wound is caused from then that is what the dreamer should be most cautious over during waking hours.

Dream book of the Wanderer

To wound — you wounded - got to fall in love, sincerely gained; caused emotional pain. You were wounded - love, friendship; mental trauma, offense.


Dream prevention: the production trauma is not excluded. To see a wound - to a probable surgical disease, attack of bandits or hooligans is possible.

Old Russian Dream Book

With blood – loss of the husband, lover (for the woman); a slander (for the man).

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

In the man’s dreams. Castration.

Schiller School student’s dream book

Tiresome travel.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To tie up a wound will presage services for which will pay an ingratitude;

Ukrainian Dream Book

A body wound – misunderstanding. To dream itself the wounded axe, a drill or slanting proveshchat by death. A wound with blood – loss of the man, love; slander.

Azar’s dream book

Undeserved resentment, tears.

Esoteric Dream Book

Beat quarrel cm. on anything. (For example at hand - a quarrel with friends). Apply the wound - to be the initiator of quarrels, confrontations. Treat the wound - in the end settle, after a row there will be peace.

Freud’s dream book

To dream of a wound on itself - the dream suggests that in the near future you will suffer a love disappointment. This is due to the fact that you idealized man of a lot of bad in it without knowing it. Naturally, the closer the relationship shown that this man is very different from the image you have drawn in your imagination. To dream of a wound on someone - a dream means that in reality, you will become the cause of human suffering love. You are different spiritual deafness and do not notice that next to you there is a man who suffers. Be more responsive.


To dream that you are injured - a sign of misfortune and an adverse turn in affairs. see another wounded - is an injustice on the part of friends. relieve pain or bandaging the wound - foretells that you will have a reason to congratulate themselves lucky. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about wound

If you have a dream, that you are injured, expect troubles and problems in the business. If you hurt someone else, be prepared to unfairly friends. A dream in which you tie up the wound, means that you prepared for a major success.

Henry Rommel

Have a wound on the body - for trouble, contempt or losses.Sometimes - to the tiring journey.For the woman with the blood of the wound - the loss of a husband or lover; for men - cavil.If you hurt someone in a dream, your reality things go wrong; if wounded others - friends will be unfair to you.Bandaging the wound to heal it - a big success.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you are injured - a sign of misfortune and an adverse turn in affairs. Seeing others wounded - is injustice from friends. Soothe pain or bandaging a wound - foretells that you will have a reason to congratulate themselves lucky.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To dream wounds on his body - someone close to you will be the cause of your mental suffering. A dream in which you hurt someone close to you - a warning. Perhaps one of your enemies will try to provoke you into unseemly act. Disinfect the wound in a dream - to hear the good news. To dream about a wounded dove - a threat to peace. If you dream you are stabbed or dagger - beware of imaginary friends. Their evil tongues can cause you heart wound. To dream of bleeding - in reality qualms. If you dream you saw as already started to bleed lingering wounds - be careful! Beware of injuries and road accidents.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Have — to get troubles; see - save yourself from losses; applied to someone - do an evil act.

Ukrainian Dream Book

The wound on the body - a misunderstanding. Seeing himself wounded in his sleep with an ax, drill or oblique anticipated death. Wound with blood - the loss of men, love; slander.

Dream book of Vanga

Adream in which you saw on your body injury is a bad omen. In reality, you do not recognize the existence of the spiritual world and the divine powers, so you are deprived of help and support. If you dream someone you hurt - it means a change in his personal life. In the dream, you render aid to the wounded man, trying to heal his wounds - in reality you serve good and justice.