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Dream «Bank»

Bank of empty - a reflection of concern about the sufficiency.

Complete - the need to share something with someone.

Broken — urgently need to stop worrying about prosperity.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Miller’s dream book

See empty cans - means impoverishment and misery. To see them filled with anything - you portends success. If you buy jars, your success is fragile, and will be a heavy burden of disappointment. To see a broken jar - promises a serious illness or profound disappointment.

New family dream book

If you dream bank cashiers who are not busy at all, you are waited by losses and frustration in affairs.

Solomon’s dream book

The bank — a success in society.

Old Russian Dream Book


Of the Bank, as well as any vessel symbolizes a woman or a female sex organs.

Broken empty bank says dissatisfaction with their partner and the desire to break with it, but if you pick up the pieces in a scoop or sweep the floor after that, then you are afraid of breaking.

Broken Bank with any content to the need as quickly as possible to break up with her sexual partner.

When a woman is pouring into a jar or puts anything she wants to meet a man and looks forward to a possible sexual contact. If it deals with a man, then he is simply trying in sex.

If you wash the jar, then you are careful in their relations.

If you see someone fills the jar, you are jealous of someone else's sex life and not satisfied with their; you think that it could be more vibrant and diverse.

Blank — poverty;

Complete — good luck, success;

Buy — no lasting success, the burden of disappointment;

Broken — the disease, deep grief.

Nuisance; empty — the joy.

Dream book of lovers

If you dream of a broken glass jar, it promises disappointment loved one. This dream can mean illness or separation from a loved him (or her).


A bank suggests a secure space, where our spiritual resources are stored and increased with effort. It may also signify a place where an exchange of energy or power takes place. The banker represents the controlling, knowledgeable part of ourselves and thus our right to have personal management of our spiritual assets. Our internal resources need to be available to us in such a way that we have energy in reserve. Our emotional resources, such as self-confidence, social ability and wisdom, are secure, although there may be some insecurity over the actual management of those resources. Money and personal resources tend to be the things with which most people have difficulty. In our everyday life our financial, mental or spiritual resources may need careful management from a professional perspective. Our sense of security, without which it is difficult to venture into the world, needs to be properly managed and monitored. Our need for an authority figure to help us deal with problems that arise are usually symbolized by the banker or bank manager in dreams. In a womans dream a banker may represent a type of father figure and the bank, depending on her own inherent personal abilities, a secure space. A mans dream is more likely to depict his own relationship with the material world.

Freud’s dream book

To see vacant tellers* windows at a bank predicts losses, dispensing gold money foretells carelessness; receiving it, great gain and prosperity.

Azar’s dream book

The bank can be a harbinger of unexpected loss. To place money in bank – you will be fond of savings.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Bank – a receptacle of financial resources. Put in yourself more, use the internal resources.

East female dream book

To see bank cashiers who are occupied with nothing, – to losses in business. If you hand over in bank gold ingots are testifies to your levity. If you receive them in bank – wait for profit.

Esoteric Dream Book

Loss of the money invested under percent is possible.

Hasse’s dream book

You are expected by quiet life; to place money – to be fond of savings.

Miller’s dream book

To see not busy cashiers in bank – foretells losses, frustration in affairs. To hand over gold money in bank – means levity, negligence, imprudence; to receive them – huge profit and prosperity.

Modern dream book

Dream in which you see bank cashiers who are occupied with nothing, beware of losses in business. If in a dream you hand over in bank gold ingots, perhaps, you are too thoughtless. If you receive them in bank, wait for profit. To dream a heap of coins and banknotes promises you good luck and stable situation in society.

Azar’s dream book

Unexpected loss.

Esoteric Dream Book

Possible loss of money invested at interest.


Joy. (But do not get carried away last.).

Henry Rommel

To dream of building or premises of the bank, bank employees - an unfavorable sign, a sign of damage, loss, material loss.Hand over the money to the bank or to put on the savings account is to show negligence, carelessness in anything.Get money in the bank - to succeed in business, love, respect for others.Communication with the banker - the danger of losing money, to be involved at some property conflict.If you dream that you are a banker or bank manager, you cheat someone uses your credulity in their view, take advantage of your generosity.

Miller’s dream book

To see the empty cans - means the impoverishment and misery. To see them filled with something - portends your success. If you are buying banks Your success is fragile, and the burden of disappointment will be difficult. See a broken jar - promises a serious illness or a deep disappointment.

Hasse’s dream book

You expect a quiet life; make money - get excited about the savings.

Modern dream book

Joy. (But do not get carried away last.).

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot


Ukrainian Dream Book

Dreamed bank — you expect a quiet life. Bank - a disease. Banker (to have a relationship with him) - beware of speculators.