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Dream «Actress»

The actress — to poverty, poor in old age, loss of status.

Hasse’s dream book

Actor represents another hypocritical and deceitful friend. The actress is in love and betrayal hurt feelings.

Miller’s dream book

Actress had a dream means that you will come soon for that kind of life when you will have to approve the surrounding and nothing spoil your pleasure.

The actress was in the mountain - you will become a great joy to help a friend get out of debt and to overcome problems.

Imagine yourself an actress - will be forced to look for earnings, but by hard work will eventually lead you to the excellent results.

In the dream, to be in love with an actor or actress - you will work with pleasure, without exhaustion, and will help you with this talent and related tendencies.

Dead actor or actress promise wreck your intentions because of the great misfortunes.

See stray, poor actors - a dream means change for the worse in business. For those who enjoy the homey feel, it serves as a warning about the changes; In addition, it is a sign of possible treachery.

If a young woman sees in a dream that became engaged to actor and is married to him, then waking her passion will cause regrets.

The man saw in a dream that entertains with an actress - a quarrel with the second half will bring him a lot of unhappiness.

See amateur actor on the stage - the dream promises rapid implementation plans and joy.

Watch on stage tragedy - a dream warns of upcoming heavy feelings. If visible images are unclear, it is a failure.

Longo’s dream book

To dream about the well-known or simply famous actress – in real life you prefer to go in the easy way to achievement of the purposes, relying on a miracle or to the aid other people, and therefore it is very difficult to you to solve affairs which demand though the slightest expense of efforts. To talk to the actress – confirmation of your feeling of confidence in own forces. You consider that in your life everything is all right, and are going to change nothing. It is pleasant to you as your relatives and employees at work treat you, you consider that achieved in life of everything, on what counted. To observe in a dream how your favourite actress plays in the movie, – you risk to lose in a pursuit of illusive entertainments something main that to you met in life in life. That your disappointment when you understand will be stronger that true irrevocably left, and a subject of your thoughts – the emptiness which is not costing your efforts. If the death of the favourite actress dreamed you, it is an omen of misfortune. The strong shock which will be connected with collapse of your hopes pinned on the loved one is necessary to you. In this situation you should show an understanding maximum. Your future depends on your wisdom. In our forces to make a right choice.

New family dream book

Dreamed about the actress – derive pleasure and general approval of people around in real life. If the actress in the mountain, it is necessary to help the friend whom comprehended serious troubles.

Solomon’s dream book

The actress — a betrayal in love, feeling bruised.


See the actress means that your current position will remain the same steady and unwavering. If an actress in your dream was tired or unhappy, then you will soon be happy to help his friend avoid mishaps and debts, using all his influence and means. Being an actor himself - the need to make in the near future livelihood, and your work will be adequately appreciated. If you had a dream in which you were in love with an actor or actress, your intentions and talent combined with treats will help you to avoid the hard work. To see a dead actor or actress means that instead of your luck will turn to serious trouble. If you had a poor itinerant artists - a symbol of the fact that the possibility of failure in your affairs will change the real threat. For those who value the comforts of home, such a dream - a warning about the dramatic changes in family relationships and false oaths. For young girls see themselves engaged to the actor, or is about to get married to him means that instead of a romantic relationship comes bitter remorse. For the man who entertained with the actress - is a quarrel with his wife or sweetheart.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Those roles which we play lives, – only illusions. Whether there are areas of your life where you should stop pretending to be and in which you escape reality?

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Roles which we play lives, – only illusions.


Betrayal in love.

Henry Rommel

Betrayal, surprise, trouble. If you dream playing on the stage actors coming cheerful, pleasant events that will be replaced by a losing streak. The beggars, wandering comedians - a change for the worse in your affairs. Amateur performance - the performance of your plans.If the actors on the stage playing the tragedy - a dream warns you about some evil trouble. However, this means the need to help your friends, moral and material.If you see the death of the actor or actress in life or on the stage, but not for playing - it promises wreck vahshh plans as a result of the large misery. To dream the betrothal and marriage with the actor for a young woman foreshadows remorse for some of its enthusiasm.Meeting with the actress, some joint activities for the young man meant quarrel with his wife or lover. If you dream that you are an actor or actress, you have to look for earnings, work hard, but it will bring you joy.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Betrayal in love.