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The interpretation of the dream «Angel»

Angel — a reflection of the desire for contact with its own dreamers (the higher the "I") or the inner being, the subconscious. Approval of the planned (blessing). The need not to hide (not hide) your love. Support for higher powers.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of angels - heralds the impression that confuse and concerned about your soul. This dream promises a change of fate. If sleep extremely pleasant, you'll hear about the welfare of friends or a legacy from unknown relatives. The dream may be a warning of potential gossip that will touch your heart affairs or relationships. For good people dream of angels - a consolation, it encourages evil to repentance.

Dream book of Vanga

To see an angel in a dream - a good sign. You are waiting for a very peaceful and happy times. To dream of an angel over the head of someone close to you - a harbinger of what will soon etoyu human soul would go to the other world.

Loff’s dream book

Modern humans began to experience a growing interest in religion, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that they are often dream of angels. They painted images, stories about them, about their divine nature have shaped the collective unconscious.

The word "angel" means "messenger"; For this reason, the angels in dreams are carriers of messages. If need be, their usual "classical" functions can be supplemented by other. In most religions and philosophies, images of angels occupy a very important place, so this issue requires careful consideration. For example, Jung in his ideological system allocates t. spiritual leaders - spirits, endowed with knowledge and vision. Angel Young - a sort of spiritual guide and teacher. In the religions of the angels are traditionally act as messengers, sent to convey some idea of ​​the divine, while not engaging in dialogue. In this context, the mission of an angel - this is not a conversation, and the revelation.

Popular literature 70s of the last century are increasingly doing the angels participants worldly concerns, Lata tires, preventing car accidents, protecting the house from the hurricane, etc.. Thus emerged the needs of modern people who reliably protect them from a hostile world. Angels have become a sort of artists and assistants desires. Assisting people see them in dreams, but in reality, and we can seek the help of the angels, as their friends. Sometimes the source of incoming aid is invisible and unknown. Trying to solve the pressing issues, man turns to the unknown, and it is called the projection of desires.

In addition, the angel could mean the usual message. To determine which of the interpretations is the right, you need a thorough analysis of dreams. Is your worldview place for such creatures? If not, then dreamed an angel - this is an attempt to gain support from outside, projecting desire.

In the dream, the angel spoke little or nothing, full of mystery? When operated, how? In what area of ​​life you are experiencing difficulties, the solution of which exceeds your strength and capabilities? Perhaps you are experiencing shortage of emotional support in the area of ​​personal struggle and spiritual quest.

Nostradamus’s dream book

To see an angel in a dream - a sign of calmness and peace. The time will come when all people will live happily ever after. If you dream that you are - an angel, then the dream is that one of the people close to you is very much in need of your help, and you are able to help him. If you dream an angel calling you to heaven - a dream warns of serious illness that threatens you or one of your relatives. To dream about the city in which they live angels - the dream suggests that in the future your life in any way touches the state with the beautiful name of Taiwan.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Well-being; talk — death of a friend; Angels - honor, unexpected inheritance; speak to them or to call - an ominous sign death of a friend; if they reported something - familiarity with the very rare person; Angel flying over the house - blessed to lead.

Hasse’s dream book

The conversation with the angel a dream to a close relative of someone's death; just see it - get to know a good friend of.

Esoteric Dream Book

With white wings, or the traditional kind - to the sorrow, the death of loved ones. Sometimes, called angels - help and support.

Ancient French dream book

Angel dream to augmentation of wealth and honors. To dream of flying angels - good news. If these dreams haunt you - this is a bad sign; Beware of ill-conceived words.

Modern dream book

If a person is found in the dreams of an angel, his life is like a boat floating downstream calm rivers do not need to row. If dreamed he himself appears as a heavenly being, in real life, it should be a guardian angel for your loved ones. Having the appearance of a black angel dream to doubt, spiritual experiences, uncertainty in the correct actions. In this case, you need to rely on intuition.

The man in the dream angel beckons for themselves, face serious health problems. Dream of sadness or tears of an angel - a reference to the fact that in real life in order to achieve success, he forgot about honor, dignity and committed indiscretions. Smiling angel dream to rise in your heart true love.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Angel — the messenger of God. It symbolizes our most spiritual ideals and is the personification of pure love. See the angel - a blessing.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Angela see — honor, joy, healing, blessing over your affairs, freedom. Angel with a flaming sword, you chase - a warning against spiritual immaturity, a hasty and chaotic spiritual development. Angel with trumpet flying - important changes, trouble, which you will witness the need for spiritual mobilization. Angel with the cup - the beginning of the test. Angel with a flaming heart - the test of a great love. See around the angelic faces - healthy: the beginning of a new spiritual path, updating, some deliverance. Angel, dissecting your chest, bringing the branch, wreath, fire, angel, waking you - responsible recognition that is impossible to avoid, great work. Angel kissing you in my dreams - responsible vocation that is impossible to avoid. Angel, smashing demons, protecting you - your spiritual vigor, the end of misery. Dance of the angels - pure joy. Angels, leaning over you - immediate salvation in trouble. Angela in her room to see - honor. Angel of darkness disperses its appearance; Angel leads you somewhere - a good hope. It saves you from the trouble - the strengthening of the faith, must overcome fear and uncertainty. Listen to him, talk to him - if the speech is not shameful, all true. Shameful dreams about angels - a very special way of suffering and salvation. With an angel to fight - the victory over the forces of evil in you. Angels are "clean" your ears or eyes - the need to pay attention to some errant fact awakening in you a clairvoyant or clairaudient.

New family dream book

If you are being in a dream, an angel appeared, you will soon be able to get a new experience. This dream can make a difference in the life. If sleep is good, you get good news from friends or relatives inherited from unknown. Sleep can warn you of possible gossip around you, look as if they have not destroyed your cordial relations.

East female dream book

See the angel - to meet a good man. If the angel says something to you - expect good news. Angel without a face or a scroll in his hands? Your health is at risk.

Children's Dream Book

Angel — the good news.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Angel in a dream to see - a sign of great happiness and joy; pain Nome this dream foretells cure.

Azar’s dream book

Good luck in matters.

Solomon’s dream book

Angel — happiness, joy, peace of mind.


Nowadays, with a greater acknowledgement of the appearance of angelic figures, they are once again accepted as messengers of the Gods - heavenly powers and enlightenment. Traditionally perceived as beings of light, their appearance in dreams indicates that we are seeking a spirituality and purity of being that goes beyond the mundane. In almost all religious belief angels stand as intermediaries between us and the Divine. Archangels are a higher order of angels, each with their own responsibilities, and are more likely to appear if you are undertaking esoteric studies. From a psychological perspective the angel is the personification of the relationship with mother or mother figure and needs to be looked at as a separate entity to both her and the dreamer, i.e. as though it were a living, breathing being. Dreaming of angels indicates we are searching for a parental figure who gives unconditional love and support, or that we need to develop these qualities ourselves. We may be trying to introduce religious concepts into our lives. Angels appearance in dreams - for both men and women ?-suggest that we need to look at concepts that are particularly spiritual in origin. Both angels and archangels are traditionally identifiable by their attributes. You might also like to consult the information on Spiritual Imagery in the Introduction for further clarification.


The vision of angels associated with the prophecies. Listen to what they tell you. Angelic singing heralds enjoy the pleasures of life and prosperity. It is possible to obtain the inheritance. If you feel the anxiety in the voice of an angel, then wait for trouble. sinners came time to repent. Righteous fate reward.

Islamic dream interpretation

If someone sees in a dream close angels, such as - Gabriel, Michael, Israfil, and Azrael in the fun, enjoyment, in good condition and good location, the man reached in the affairs of religion and in worldly matters the high places and the venerable dignity and the gates of knowledge and wisdom will be opened before him, and against all disasters he would be safe. And if seeing a dream sick, get healed, and if he is obsessed by fear or sorrow, something completely rid of them. And if anyone sees that he is struggling with one of the angels, especially with Michael and Azrael, it means that his death is close, t. E. He should repent of their sins, and to resort to God. If one sees in a dream that he was flying with the angels, will receive a gift honors and glory of miracle worker, but in the end it will be destiny of martyrdom for the faith. If someone sees that in a city or village were many angels - in the place was going to die any scientist or a religious person, or any person put to death violent and cruel manner. If someone sees that the angels from all sides meet in his home, it should protect the building from thieves.

Russian Dream Book

Joy, happiness, peace of mind.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Happiness, joy, prosperity, familiarity with a good friend, to talk to him - near death relatives.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Angela see — the good news or warning against unwise act; hear it - evil fortune-telling; be it - for a healthy - success for the patient - patience. Talking to an angel - near death of someone from relatives; just to see him - to get acquainted with a beautiful woman. Angel in a dream - happiness, joy, peace of mind.


An angel or spirit guide can represent the idea of receiving guidance, support, comfort, etc., or that you would like to.