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Dream «Belt»

Belt — a reflection of the interests of unnecessary restrictions.

Miller’s dream book

See yourself in clothes with belt - which means that a certain person is clearly flirting with you, and you will fully support her affection. Buy Time - for a girl like a dream means devotion to her lover, respect for people who have to win its open and gentle manners with them. Belt dream was narrow - so you feel someone's unwanted effects. Dreamed of people, which were put on a beautiful, richly decorated, luxury belt - so you ignore their own plans from the past and put all the forces out to get rich. For a woman to accept the gift of a beautiful belt means that many will feel her appreciation and respect.

Hasse’s dream book

Wearing a belt in a dream - to life satisfaction; richly decorated - a prosperous life; to find - in front of you shall seek; lose - you will find your own path in life; gold - a precarious marriage.

Esoteric Dream Book

You are not independent in life. Stop to expect help from others. buttoned - you run the risk of becoming a victim of suicide, if not take over your mind. drag on for someone, including yourself - keep in mind that desperate positions do not exist. Be more active, and solve all their problems.

Ancient French dream book

The new belt that you wore or simply held in their hands, to dream of a happy married life or provide you honor. Wear an old, worn belt - a dream to hard labor. Decorated with gold or silver dream to success and profit.

Dream book of the Maya

Good znachenieEsli you dream that you are wearing a belt, you are treated as a candidate for improvement. What would bypass their colleagues, weave belt from night 3 bands of different colors, and a day use this belt instead of a belt. Poor znachenieEsli you dreamed that you are someone lupite in the near future about the assumptions you mistakenly learns bosses. That because of this you do not have any problems, put the belt on the night in the water, which dissolves 3 drops of your blood.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

The belt from the dress belting - relationship with a man, marriage. His break - separation from a loved one. Time to lose - your doubts will ruin a good opportunity. Find belt - to regain the confidence or trust of the people. See it - will buy.

New family dream book

Expensive and beautiful dream now is to improve the welfare of. The girl buys a dream his belt, the future will be a devoted wife and a wonderful mother. The woman received a gift a beautiful belt, deserve the respect of others. If you dream that you are now is too narrow, try not to get hit by the bad influence.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Appointment heralds a place favorable sign; Time on the clothing itself is dissolved or undone - in all things good luck or good fortune; and untie himself - an unfortunate event.

Wear — contentment ornate - the welfare to find - you will achieve flattery lose - to be able to find their own way in life gold - fragile marriage.

Wear — contentment; ornate - the welfare; find -.

'll get fawning; lose - to be able to find a way to live sbostvenny;

Gold — the precarious marriage.

Wear clothing with belt - you will try to save the attachment of the royalty, which is flirting with you;

For girls — to buy his belt - you'll be loyal to her lover, and deserve respect for their open and gentle manners;

Feel that you narrow belt - you will fall under the undue influence;

Seen on other expensive and beautiful belt - You spend too much energy on the acquisition of state, to the detriment of your previous plans;

For women — get a gift a beautiful belt - the appreciation and respect of many.

Also see. Clothes, Belt.

If you dream that your belt is too pressing, then in reality you risk becoming dependent on crafty people.

If you dream you see now is a velvet, embroidered with gold and precious stones, in real life, you will strive for wealth, not for glory.

For a woman, a dream in which she presented zone, meaning that in reality it will achieve fame.

Aesop’s dream book

In ancient times are considered a symbol of warding. Orthodox Christians were worn on the body special belt, which was recorded prayer Exorcist. Belt tying clothes, guessed it, the merchants, going on the road sewed in your money belt. Time gradually became part of apparel and clothing decoration. The belt is also reflected in popular sayings. The expression "to tighten the belt" meant that in the near future should not expect a man of wealth in the house. A dream in which you lost your belt - means that in reality you will find yourself in a difficult situation and need of favoring a strong and powerful man. If you dream you tie a tight belt - it foretells you in financial difficulties. Putting yourself in a dream by a belt of crocodile leather - a sign that the reality you become a victim of hypocrisy and cruelty. If you dream you put the belt on a loved one - which means that soon you will get from it an interesting and unexpected news. Hit someone in a dream zone - most likely in reality you have to solve family problems. A dream in which someone pulls on your clothes belt - which means that in real life you will fall under the influence of an unworthy person.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Wear - change, to dissolve - danger interrupted the road.

Dream book of Health

Wear a belt or stick with it - a sign of psychological self-confidence and success in the developed case; Tight constricting belt - to disease.

Dream book of lovers

If a man dreams that his clothes with a belt, it means that he will try to keep the love of the girl who flirts with him. If a girl dreams that she buys a belt, it portends her faithful lover. In addition, others will respect her for her dignified behavior.

Dream where you are now is narrow, portends adverse impact that will have on you your lover.

If a girl dreams that she presented with belt, it means that she will respect lover.


A belt is an insignia of power and can represent either the spiritual power we have, or the power we are able to obtain. Intellectually we may be 'hide-bound' or constrained in some fashion. When we dream of a belt that attracts our attention, we are perhaps being bound by old attitudes, duty and so on. An ornate belt can represent a symbol of power or office (as in regimental or nurses belts). In a womans dream a belt can have the same significance as a girdle - a symbol of her femininity. In a man?s dream it is more likely to be a symbol of security.


If you dream you and wear a belt - it means. You will try to keep the affection of the lady who flirts with you. If a girl dream buys a belt - so it will be betrayed by her lover and earned the respect of his open and gentle manners. If you dream you feel that you narrow belt - it portends that you will fall under the adverse effect.See other expensive and beautiful waist - a sign that you spend too much energy on the acquisition of state, to the detriment of your previous plans. If a woman in a dream receives a gift beautiful belt - in reality it is waiting for the appreciation and respect of many.

Henry Rommel

To put on a new belt - the respect of others; dear, embroidered - a brilliant career; old - work hard, ragged - suffer losses.Untie dissolve times - to interrupt a trip, Sensing danger.If you see that the belt itself undone - will be lucky in everything.If you dream presses belt, in reality you will experience someone's bad influence.Buy Belt - a dedication of love and friendship ; receive a gift - to the appreciation of others.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you have a trendy belt, it means that soon you will be met and became engaged to a stranger which will destroy your wellbeing. If the belt is unfashionable, you deservedly incur condemnation for being rude.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Wear - contentment, ornate - welfare.


A belt or suspenders can represent:

Support, especially self-support

An embellishment or expression of the person wearing the belt or suspenders, as the dreamer perceives them