Dream » B » Broom

The interpretation of the dream «Broom»

To dream of a new broom or a broom - means prosperity and positive changes in your destiny.

If they are old, worn-out - you will be a decline in cases.

Freud’s dream book

Sweep broom floor at home - you want to understand their relationship with a partner or family, you are so tired of the routine and the routine that you want a new relationship, new emotions and sensations. All this you will experience in the near future to the fullest. To dream broom in the corner - you usually do not dare to implement all of your fantasies into reality, leaving them "behind" your life. And without them, as you know, boring and uninteresting. Breaking dream stalk broom - you do not know what you need, so your searches are affected by relatives and family. Often you provoke scandals and quarrels, what further complicates life. In the near future, this situation will not change, and how the situation will develop further - depends on you. Dispose of old, unwanted broom - you something or someone so much tired that you do not know how to get rid of it. All annoys you in this thing or person, but for some reason you can not do anything. In the near future the situation will change, try to take advantage of it.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To pay money.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of a broom (or broom) - means prosperity and rapid positive changes in your life and destiny, if these items are new. If they are old, worn-out, then you are waiting for the loss Affaires. For a woman to lose a broom or a broom - foretells that she will be intractable and slovenly wife and a mistress that will bring her a lot of grief.

Hasse’s dream book

See the broom - a misunderstanding in the home happen; new - friends will be false; old - a dream for a meeting with an old acquaintance; buy - servants or helpers will fail in doing its job; put in the corner - the loss of space; sweeping the floor - to gossip.

Ancient French dream book

Dreamed broom — a dream-hint: its affairs should be put in order. Sweep - a dream to good health and successful actions.

Esoteric Dream Book

Revenges – will divorce the acquaintance.

Azar’s dream book

If a broom take a steam bath in a dream – a hard work. A revenge broom – to reconciliation. To break a broom – ruin.

Children's Dream Book

Broom — you need to rethink your attitude to life and the people around them in order to bring order to your life.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

See what your house sweep broom - a loss.

Dream book of lovers

If a girl or woman dreams that she lost her broom, which means that family life awaiting her quarrels with her husband because of her inability to keep house.


Magically, a broom is a witchs implement. In dreams, brooms and brushes can have a similar meaning in that they clear a spiritual space of negativity in preparation for changes to be made. The idea of clearing or cleansing is as important on a psychological level as it is on the spiritual. Clearing away outmoded beliefs or habits is an important part of progression. On a mundane level, the proverbs associated with brooms and brushes - 'a new broom sweeps clean' etc. - show us the actions that are necessary to make workaday life easier. Brooms and brushes have largely given way to technological advances. In dreams, however, they still retain their old significance. In a man?s dream, a broom may suggest ordinary, mundane tasks, whereas in a woman?s dream it may suggest control over her environment.

Erotic dream book of Danilova

Broom to sweep floors at home - you want to sort out their relationship with a partner or family, you are so tired of the routine and mundane that you want a new relationship, new emotions and sensations. All that you will experience in the near future to fully.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

The person gives a broom, a sweeper. – Foretells receiving a place on service.

Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

Seeing as the new broom sweeping - new boss, the threat of dismissal.

Dream book of the Maya

Good value

If dreamed you that you sweep a floor, soon you will ask for suggestions. That your council helped the person, at midnight pee on a violet rag and tie it on a sweeper (a broom, the vacuum cleaner).

East female dream book

To sweep a broom a floor – to leaving from a familiar spot: if dreams that you sweep on a workplace – to dismissal, if in the apartment – to moving.

Miller’s dream book

To dream a sweeper (or a broom) – means prosperity and fast positive shifts in your destiny, if these subjects new. If they old, torn, wait for you loss in Affairs.

Modern dream book

If dreamed you that the broom itself sweeps a floor, in real life you are expected by serious troubles. You should make every effort to seize a situation which gets out of hand. If in a dream you take a steam bath in a bath with a broom, in reality you are able to afford pleasant rest. The dream in which the broom was scattered at you in hands, means that you should not be trusted anybody.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

To see a broom - pleasure.

Russian Dream Book

Revenges – to trouble;

Azar’s dream book

Change of bosses, trouble at work.

Esoteric Dream Book

Revenge - gets going with a friend. The bath - wait "ache" in the joints.


If you had a dream that a broom he sweeps the floor, in real life, you expect big trouble. You should make every effort to master a situation that is getting out of control. If you dream of bathing in the bath with a broom, then in reality you can afford a nice holiday. Sleep in which the broom crumbled in your hands means that you should not trust anyone.

Henry Rommel

Anew broom or a broom - to success in affairs.Sweep - to try to get rid of discontent and to try to convince others to do it. An old broom - for trouble or a meeting with an old acquaintance.To put the broom in the corner - to be dismissed.Often dream that you are sweeping broom, dreaming to quarrels and gossip, and if a woman dreams that she lost her broom it will be quarrelsome wife and a bad hostess.

Modern dream book

Quarrel, gossip, depression.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Change for the better, success in business.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

To pay money.

Ukrainian Dream Book

The quarrel and disagreement. Do broom - a fight. A witch on a broomstick - the disease. The broom in the corner - the loss of the post. swept out - cost, unnecessary costs.