Dream » F » Fan

Dream «Fan»

Veer — the need for change in sensation. Reflection of discontent, dissatisfaction feelings, perceptions and / or feelings of distrust, perceptions.

Hasse’s dream book

Veer dream to falsehood, hypocrisy and treachery on the part of the people around you, as well as relatives and subordinates you.

Esoteric Dream Book

Your coquetry ridiculously looks from outside.

Freud’s dream book

If dreamed you as you fan, so actually you are fated to meet the person who "will infect" you with the impulsiveness. You very quickly enter with it intimate relations which will be dictated by rather passionate desire, than love.

Dream book of the Maya

Good value

If a fan multi-colored, bright, with patterns, you find something from this that lost. That it happened, the next 2 days drink only water.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Fan — damage from haste, change, misfortune from beauty.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Unexpectedly you take the fan made of feathers in hand. – There will be a business connected with service, official bodies.

East female dream book

To the young woman the dream in which she fans, foretells pleasant acquaintances. If you lose an old fan – means, soon you will find out that your beloved gives preference to other women. To drop a fan – to difficulties on the planned trip.

Solomon’s dream book

Veer — hypocrisy, revenge, betrayal.


To see a fan in your dream, refers to the changes in your life. It may also signifies your need to calm down after a highly charged emotional situation or state.

To dream that you are fanning yourself or that someone is fanning you, represents your lack of self-confidence.

Miller’s dream book

To see a fan in your dreams, denotes pleasant news and surprises are awaiting you in the near future. For a young woman to dream of fanning herself, or that some one is fanning her, gives promise of a new and pleasing acquaintances; if she loses an old fan, she will find that a warm friend is becoming interested in other women.

Azar’s dream book

Fan – to a junket

Russian Dream Book

Cheerful junket

Dream book of lovers

Seen in a dream fan - a sign that soon You overtake any good news or joyful event. If you dream that you are a fan to fan color, then you are invited on a romantic date. If you lose the fan dream, you are so easily parted with a loved one.

Esoteric Dream Book

Your flirting funny looks from the outside.

Freud’s dream book

Running the fan represents your sexual energy. A broken indicates that you have decreased sexual appetite, cooling to a partner.


For a young woman a dream in which she can not make a choice in favor of a fan means that her thoughtless behavior gives cause for gossip detractors. Get a gift from an unknown admirer means that you should not lend money to, as you risk not getting it back. If you dream that your a fan of the beautiful young man turned into a miserable old man, then in reality you tend to make hasty decisions. Learn about the death or serious illness of your fan means you're too attached to him. Think about whether your feelings are mutual.

Henry Rommel

Charming, attentive, intelligent and beautiful fan of marks for girls appearance the bride in her life, and for women - lover, whom she would marry.Something unpleasant, annoying, boring fan symbolizes the failure in love relationships.