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The interpretation of the dream «Hair»


See yourself with lush, billowing W. - To conquer the unknown beauty women; Lose W. - An unexpected surprising find.


To see hair in your dream, signifies sexual virility, seduction, sensuality, vanity, and health. It is indicative of your attitudes. If your hair is knotted or tangled, then it is symbolic of uncertainty and confusion in your life. You may be unable to think straight.

To dream that you are cutting your hair, suggests that you are experiencing a loss in strength. You may feel that someone is trying to censor you. Alternatively, you may be reshaping your thinking or ambitions and eliminating unwanted thoughts/habits.

To dream that you are combing, stroking or styling your hair, suggests that you are taking on and evaluating a new idea, concept, outlook, or way of thinking. You may be putting your thoughts in order and getting your facts straight. A more literal interpretation suggests your concerns about your self-image and appearance.

To dream that you have long hair, indicates that you are thinking long and carefully before making some decision. You are concentrating on some plan or situation.

To dream that you are losing your hair, denotes that you are concerned with the notion that you are getting older and losing your sex appeal/virility. You are preoccupied with aging and your appearance. Losing you hair also signify a lack of strength and that you do not possess the power to succeed in an undertaking. You may be feeling weak and vulnerable.

To dream that someone is smelling your hair, indicates sexual curiosity and your need for some sensual stimulation. You have a lot to learn about a relationship. The way yours or someone else*s hair smell may remind your of a particular person.

To dream that you are reaching for someone*s hair, suggests that you are trying to connect with that person on a spiritual or intellectual level. It also refers to sympathy, protectiveness, and fraternal love.

To dream that the wind is blowing through your hair, signifies freedom to express uninhibited feelings. You are "letting your hair down".

To dream that your hair is white or turns white, indicates that something important has just been made aware to you. It is a symbol of wisdom and insight. The dream may also be a metaphor suggesting that you are feeling "light-headed".

Hasse’s dream book

Long hair in dreams represents strength and beauty. If you dream of seeing a woman with blonde hair, or if you dreamed of having blonde hair (when you don't in real life), you will be a true friend to your girlfriends. Brunette hair symbolizes loyalty. Red hair in dreams usually symbolizes changes in the dreamer's life. Curly hair in dreams foretells that someone will try to seduce you. To dream of hair falling out means you will have to take care of yourself and not depend on others. If you dream of washing your hair, you need to take a different approach towards some real life situation or relationship.

Miller’s dream book

If a woman dreams that she has beautiful hair and combs it, she will be careless in her personal affairs, and will lose advancement by neglecting mental application. For a man to dream that he is thinning his hair, foreshadows that he will become poor by his generosity, and suffer illness through mental worry. To see your hair turning gray, foretells death and contagion in the family of some relative or some friend. To see yourself covered with hair, omens indulgence in vices to such an extent as will debar you from the society of refined people. If a woman, she will resolve herself into a world of her own, claiming the right to act for her own pleasure regardless of moral codes If a man dreams that he has black, curling hair, he will deceive people through his pleasing address. He will very likely deceive the women who trust him. If a woman's hair seems black and curly, she will be threatened with seduction. If you dream of seeing a woman with golden hair, you will prove a fearless lover and be woman's true friend. To dream that your sweetheart has red hair, you will be denounced by the woman you love for unfaithfulness. Red hair usually suggests changes If you see brown hair, you will be unfortunate in choosing a career. If you see well kept and neatly combed hair, your fortune will improve. To dream you cut your hair close to the scalp, denotes that you will be generous to lavishness towards a friend. Frugality will be the fruits growing out therefrom. To see the hair growing out soft and luxuriant, signifies happiness and luxury. For a woman to compare a white hair with a black one, which she takes from her head, foretells that she will be likely to hesitate between two offers of seeming fortune, and unless she uses great care, will choose the one that will afford her loss or distress instead of pleasant fortune. To see tangled and unkempt hair, life will be a veritable burden, business will fall off, and the marriage yoke will be troublesome to carry. If a woman is unsuccessful in combing her hair, she will lose a worthy man's name by needless show of temper and disdain. For a young woman to dream of women with gray hair, denotes that they will come into her life as rivals in the affection of a male relative, or displace the love of her affianced. To dream of having your hair cut, denotes serious disappointments. For a woman to dream that her hair is falling out, and baldness is apparent, she will have to earn her own livelihood, as fortune has passed her by. For man or woman to dream that they have hair of snowy whiteness, denotes that they will enjoy a pleasing and fortunate journey through life. For a man to caress the hair of a woman, shows he will enjoy the love and confidence of some worthy woman who will trust him despite the world's condemnation. To see flowers in your hair, foretells troubles approaching which, when they come, will give you less fear than when viewed from a distance. For a woman to dream that her hair turns to white flowers, augurs that troubles of a various nature will confront her, and she does well if she strengthens her soul with patience, and endeavors to bear her trials with fortitude. To dream that a lock of your hair turns gray and falls out, is a sign of trouble and disappointment in your affairs. Sickness will cast gloom over bright expectations. To see one's hair turn perfectly white in one night, and the face seemingly young, foretells sudden calamity and deep grief. For a young woman to have this dream, signifies that she will lose her lover by a sudden sickness or accident. She will likely come to grief from some indiscretion on her part. She should be careful of her associates.

Nostradamus’s dream book

If you dream of finding a hair in a piece of butter and it does not disgust you then you will be fortunate in all your dealings. You will take a long trip if you dream of combing beautiful hair. Ruffle someones hair and you will come into money. To dream you are getting bald foretells your generosity will cause you loss and mental anguish. Seeing your hair turning gray shows death or disease in the family. If a woman dreams of comparing black and white hairs show that she will receive two offers and must choose the best one.

Dream book of Vanga

Own hair falling out: Sense of having no control over a situation. Other*s hair, seeing them as losing stature or importance in one*s view. Real hair problem: Continuation of same.

Esoteric Dream Book

Long - a disease that, whose hair. Comb, brush - to recovery one whose hair. Gray - to grief, bereavement; If you are caring for someone else - you have to care for the sick. Wash - all get better. Cut - to quarrel forever.

Freud’s dream book

In the dream, blow-dry - if right now you are concerned about any problem, then the best thing you can do in order to change the situation - just stop to analyze it and continue to live. You will see that all the problems will forget, and the fact that now leads you into a gloomy mood, you will remember with a smile.


Hair thick have a dream - you will have a good reputation. Hair Oils - to the joy. To have matted hair - shame; scratch - means freedom; to have a long - good; to cut their - misfortune climbs in the dream falls - anxiety and bad news. Long braids scratch - dishonor; wait for the road. As a dream of black braid or tuft, will be the man profits. Having white hair - no need to rush. Like a dream that you cut cowlick, there would be some loss. Comb Do you wash cowlick - it is good: the respect and honor of the people. Splayed spit - the road. "I dreamed that spit someone shaved, - a man divorced."Spit scratch - away from the road. itched braids and look in the mirror - a change of life. For women - getting married and that somewhere far away. How gray see yourself - it is a prison. Cut the braids in his sleep - a great shame.

Henry Rommel

See the dryer or dry your hair dryer - get in some noisy, and scandalous, but it is a small story.

Islamic dream interpretation

If you dream about at thick and long hair - something for people young, women and the military is - to wealth, honor, and longevity, but for others - to the grief and anxiety of mind. If someone sees in a dream that the hair on his head fell, but not to the extent to detect a bald spot, he will get rid of the debt, or freed from any sorrow and anxiety and will experience contentment and joy. If anyone sees his black hair among white, will have a favorite child. But if a woman sees a dream, she will experience because of her husband's anxiety and concern. If someone sees that he cut their hair - will be deprived of property given to it for temporary use (Amonat). If who saw the dream is poor, it needs to get rid of. And if someone sees that he cuts his hair, which means that it will show up the mystery, and from his superiors, he will be removed. If a woman sees in a dream that her hair is not covered, it is in the absence of her husband comes back, and if she has no husband, then get it. If you see in a dream that the hair on her head shorn, which means that the husband will divorce her. If someone sees in a dream that the hair on the head of his wife cut off - so his wife close with another man.

Miller’s dream book

If a woman in a dream combing his magnificent hair - it promises to her thoughtlessness in deeds, which she later repented. A man who saw in a dream his thinning hair, waking unjustified generosity will result in failure and poverty. Grizzled own hair - a sign of woeful. See themselves covered with hair - promises you forgiveness and mercy. If you see such a dream woman - she will bring all his attention to his person and perhaps will indulge their whims at the expense of morality. If you dream that you have black curly hair - it promises you a seductive love trap. Golden hair - a sign of the dignity and courage of your chosen one. To see your favorite red - heralds a change in your relationship. Brown hair portend the holder service failures. Beautiful hair in a dream - a sign of a successful turn of your business, but if the hair is cut too short - it is a warning not to be wasteful in order to avoid accidents. Lush hair on soft fluffy hair - to the boundless happiness. If a woman sees in his sleep on your head at the same time dark and light hair - is a big doubt in the forthcoming elections and the need to be cautious. Matted hair is untidy - to failure. To dream of white people, too, a sign of unpleasant changes, for lovers, this means the emergence of competitors. Also unfavorable dream about hair loss. At the same time, white as snow, shag promise their owners comforting news, trips and meetings. Stroking in a dream someone's hair - a good turn in your affairs of the heart, to decent lover. Flowers in your hair - to the approximation of trouble, which, however, do not lead you out of balance and not frighten. If a woman sees that all her hair covered with white flowers - in reality it is necessary to strengthen our will and prepare your spirit to various ordeals, which, however, will not last long. Gray hair and young face dreamer promise him trouble, possible loss or illness, if he is not careful.

Russian Dream Book

Dropping (at or another) - a disease; thick - the power and wealth; comb your hair - for the wedding.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Thick — wealth, strength; fall - illness, sadness; scratch - a good salary; shave - death in the family; to see how they grow - prudence in affairs; shortfall - the loss of property; sell - unhappiness; red - false; White - peace of mind; combed - friendliness; chest - Health; disheveled - family troubles; beautiful black - you are loved; weave - you start up the relationship; painting - emptiness and confusion; long - you respect and love; scratching the other - someone to constantly pester; on the hand - think about the future; Bedrooms - avoid trouble; loose - alarm; wash - anxiety; light - complaisance and kindness; gray - a long, happy life.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Long — a long road; gray - trouble; turned into gray - after many years; scratch - a change in life, or loss through fraud; especially if you fall - the loss of a friend; plait - care; haircut - treason, betrayal.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Have thick hair in a dream - you will have a good reputation. Hair Oils - to the joy. To have matted hair - shame; scratch - means freedom; have long - good; cutting his - a misfortune; climbs in the dream falls - anxiety and bad news. Long braids scratch - a reproach; wait for the road. As the dream of black braid or tuft, this person will be a profit. To have white hair - no need to rush. As a dream that you cut cowlick - will be some loss. Do you wash combing tuft - it is good: the respect and honor of the people. Splayed spit - the road. "I dreamed that someone spit and shaved - a divorced man."Scythe scratch - away from the road. Ches spit and look in the mirror - a change of life. For a girl - and then getting married somewhere far away. As gray see yourself - it is a prison. Cut the braids in his sleep - a great shame.


Hair or hairstyle can represent:

Personality, style or perceived role the person plays in your life

State of body, mind, or emotion

A part of a person's appearance that helps identify who that person represents in the dream

Something wrong with a person's hair (weird color, missing, too much, in the wrong places, etc.), may reflect a problem or situation you feel that person is having in real life. For example, being covered in hair could mean you're feeling overwhelmed or out of balance in your life, and pulling out your hair could represent frustration or rejection of something about yourself or your situation.The characteristics of a stranger's hair, or a new color or style of hair on someone you know, may be a clue to what that person represents. Consider what that hair characteristic means to you—for example, gray hair might represent older or experienced, and a short, neat haircut could represent well-organized or conservative.