Dream » J » Jackdaw

Dream «Jackdaw»

Jackdaws - usually the bird dream to disease and strife.

If you catch it - you'll be able to outsmart your enemies.

If you killed - for you can join the inheritance disputed property.

Miller’s dream book

Jackdaw dream to disease and strife. Caught a bird - so outwit his enemies killed - by becoming the heir to take possession of the property, the right to declare that someone else.

Esoteric Dream Book

You are waiting for gossip. Noisy crows dream to that gossip can cause you significant damage. If you occupy a position of responsibility, beware of compromising.

Modern dream book

On Saturday night, the appearance of crow dream baby, and take care of him will have exactly the dreamer.

New family dream book

Jackdaw dream to disease and strife. Caught daw - outsmart your enemies. Killed daw - get inheritance.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If you dream you see a checkbox, you will run across the way - this is a sign saying that you have any dangerous enemies, ready to ruin your reputation and hurt you in the affairs of. If you catch daw - this means that you throw it open call and order to disarm them completely! This is - a bad dream for pious people, he says, they have enemies in their own community. It's also a bad dream for the farmers, as it portends a minor crop.

Aesop’s dream book

Daw is a symbol of impermanence, envy and vanity. Emerged in your dream image of jackdaws likely due to the fact that in real life you too suffer from complexes, but because you want to look better than you really are (at times, not realizing that it's ridiculous). There is a well-known popular superstitions, which are also deposited in your subconscious mind could be the promise of a rise in the dream image of jackdaws, "Jackdaws, sitting, crying in front of the house, especially in the morning, for goodness ',' Jackdaws itching - to bad weather", "Jackdaws packs fly - to the rain ". To dream daw, tries on a pigeon feathers - proof that in your environment has a very jealous man, who, in order to harm you, dissolve the gossip against you. Son advises to be careful in choosing friends. To dream injured jackdaw - a dream suggests that soon you finally gather all his will into a fist and will be able to get rid of you pursuing complexes. If you dream that you are treating the wounded daw, then the dream indicates that your environment has a very notorious person you are able to help. For this you just need to remember that everyone - individual, and therefore should be sensitive to the weaknesses and shortcomings of others. See the checkbox with galchatami - a sign that in real life, you should pay more attention to how spend their free time your kids. Destroy crows nest in a dream - good luck. Finally, you can win over their secret enemies and deny spread by gossip against you.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Jackdaws had seen in a dream - mean bad weather and wicked enemies.

Solomon’s dream book

Jackdaw — a dangerous one.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

A quarrel; a nasty encounters.


To see a jackdaw in your dream, signifies ill health, disputes, and quarrels.

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