Dream » J » Jack

Dream «Jack»

Nest - a reflection of "incubation" of ideas or projects. Reflection of domestic warmth and family happiness. The need to let go of yourself baby, children.

Miller’s dream book

If you dream you saw a bird's nest, it shows interest in your future successful business. For a young woman this dream means change of residence. Empty nest means that you will upset the separation from the other; in business may face lack of success. The female in your dream hatched in a nest egg - so family relationships you will be just great, kids are fun and appeasable. In the nest were broken eggs - a dream to frustration and failure. Nest filled with white bird eggs - is a harbinger of what many steps you will have a successful business beginning and continuation; will be successful and travel. See the abandoned baby birds in a nest - a dream reported that there will be sadness, guilt that will be your thoughtless behavior.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Dreamed nest heralds the betrothal and marriage; see it with chicks - will be a major profit; with eggs - it's to family happiness; removed from the nest tree - a joy that will be short-lived; devastate, destroy - unluckily.

Esoteric Dream Book

Sleep is fraught with numerous household chores; ruined nest symbolizes domestic problems, which, fortunately, will not serious.

Hasse’s dream book

Jack dream to acquire the property, joyful and peaceful life; with dead birds - the loss of property, ruin and destitution. To see a bird's nest with eggs or chicks hatched from them - to the great delight; empty - in a short time you will get own home; ravage nests - the dream tells us that dwell in the house of anxiety.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Incubation of ideas or projects. Comfort of home and family happiness. Retire to your inner socket to recharge.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Nest — a symbol of "incubation" of ideas or projects. If you are "Viet nest" in it, creating a warm, cozy room in your house. This is a great sign of comfort and family happiness. The nest may mean that it is time to withdraw into himself for updates. Get out in your inner nest and sit there on the ideas. There is a time in your life when you need to observe the silence and quiet, and there is a time when you should be open and expansive. If you see a plug, it can be considered that it is time to withdraw into himself, to regain strength.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Nest — a symbol of various links. See, to find the nest - the joy, the true happiness / increase in family / feel a strong link with a friend, a man. In a hand to hold - profit. To carry out - to feel the burden of ties, weighed down by them. Ruin the nest - failure / rock sensation necessary to break ties. Be in a big nest - to be in different kinds of network connections with people. Carefully lined with fuzz nest, hidden nest, hide it - in your life, there are hidden from your consciousness connected to the people and they are more determined your destiny. Swallow's Nest to see - in the near future to heal their home. Birdhouse in a dream to see, build and t. - Your relationship and communication with people is largely a figment of your imagination.

New family dream book

View dream a bird's nest - to successful entrepreneurship. The young woman this dream foretells change of dwelling. To see an empty nest - a separation from the other. Dreamed of a bird hatches out eggs in a nest - in family relationships will be all right. Nest full of birds' eggs, promises successful initiatives and successful trip. Abandoned baby birds in a nest - a sign of future sorrows.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

If in a dream you play cards and see in the hand of a jack of diamonds is to temptation which expects you and if jack of worms – to a meeting with the beloved; a jack peak – to early widowhood and a jack of clubs – to debts and prison.

East female dream book

Bird's nest means that as soon as your interest is confined to a certain case, which in the future will be very profitable. Young woman crossing a similar dream foretells. To see an empty nest - to separation from a loved one. Broken eggs in the nest - the failures and disappointments. A dream in which you see the bird incubates the eggs in the nest, means joy in your life will become a comfortable home and beautiful children.

Modern dream book

Dreams about vampires are a symbol of that it is necessary to be afraid of intrigues of ill-wishers. If dreamed you that the vampire attacked you and stuck the sharp teeth into your neck, you should avoid society of false friends. A dream which you win against the vampire and stick to it into heart a wooden stake, means that at you will get forces and wisdom to win against the one who machinated against you. If the vampire appears someone from acquaintances, you should be careful in communication with this person. To see itself the vampire foretells a fast illness. If dreamed you that the vampire costs opposite to a mirror, during a meeting to which you attach great value, to you will not pay due attention. To see the vampire in a coffin – to big losses. To see the vampire sucking blood – to fast recovery. To sit with the vampire at one table – to the forthcoming distant trip which is not promising anything good.

Lunar Dream Book

Nest to find - well-being.

Nests - marriage.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

View dream a bird's nest - means that you will be interested in a successful enterprise.

This young woman, dream foretells change of dwelling.

See the empty nest - a sign that you grieve the separation from the other.

See the female in the nest, incubates the eggs, suggests that you will go well family relationships, and your children will be happy and obedient.

See the broken eggs in the nest - portends frustration and failure.

Empty Nest in the dream might portend and failure in business.

But nest full of white birds' eggs, promises you a good start many cases, successful trip.

Abandoned baby birds in a nest - a sign of future sorrows, what will be your fault inconsiderate behavior.

Solomon’s dream book

Nest - the acquisition of property, troubled life.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

Nests see - to augmentation or to great difficulties.

Dream book of lovers

Woman this dream foretells change of residence. Empty Nest dream to separation from loved ones, which is why you will suffer. Nest with a bird hatch means happy family relations and obedient children. Nest with eggs broken dreams to separation and disappointment in love.

Slot in which many white eggs, promises good luck in love and romantic trip.


To see or use a jack in your dream, suggests that you are looking to balance your life. The dream may also symbolize a person named "Jack" in your life.