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The interpretation of the dream «Loss»

A dream in which you are in turmoil railway station lost his luggage, portends failure in business. If you have lost in the crush of his companion - in reality you will find a family quarrel, and for unmarried means parting with a boyfriend who has found himself another.

Lose dream jewels means that in reality will have to deal with sycophants who zadurili your head to the point that you simply send them away. If a lost wedding ring - in reality the dream may entail shame and misery. Lose pearl necklace - the suffering and sorrow, a gold chain - at its own shortsightedness miss, maybe the only chance to get rich is much.

Dream where you lose a little money, means the neglect of the people standing below you on the social ladder, leading to a frustrating loss. Lose a significant amount means that the house will come unexpected trouble and the situation worse troubles in the service.

If you dream you are lost and can not find a needle or a pin - so soon incur minor damage or a quarrel with a friend. Lose sleep oars and be blown away from the shore - do not try to implement its plans, for all your efforts in this direction will be crowned in failure.

Lose sleep powder compact or lipstick - good luck in matters. Lost keys portend a loss of freedom or separation because of jealousy. Lose the medallion - a sign of the sad events in the circle of true friends.

Lose brand new fur gloves - to irrational behavior with the goodwill of people to you. The loss of a handkerchief means disappointed hopes, glasses - get bruised because of his own carelessness and heedlessness.

Loss at an unexpected moment in a crowded place and some details of the toilet portends interference in business affairs and obstacles in love. Lose the wig, being tipsy, and return to the restaurant table without it foretells that you will provide services, taking the other lady.

Dream where you lost your coat, foretells that you will have to re-arrange their own destiny and you will regret it bitterly, cursing himself for his own poor judgment and carelessness shown by. Lose the shoes in a dream to escape the persecution, means that you will be abandoned, but find the strength to keep the vitality and faith in human decency.

Lose documents in a dream means that you will be involved in the case, obviously doomed to failure. If you dream you have lost the right to ownership of such a large house or a car - it portends disruption of important ideas.

Dream where you have lost teeth, predicts difficult time for you and the needs of humiliation. Lose the nose during sleep - waking incur ridicule from unfriendly minded colleagues. Lose an arm or a leg - the dream promises wealth and prosperity.

Ukrainian Dream Book

If dreams: lost something – separation, losses.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Debts that finds loss, gifts, charity, welfare, duty to give - gossip / loss that is easily forgotten. Unsuccessfully to demand the return - your efforts will pay off. In debt to take - loss of a friend. That'll require repayment of the debt - terrible event / your life will go on a new, more relaxed way. Assume their debts - receive income.

Freud’s dream book

Losing anything in a dream is an unfortunate augury unless you find it again. The loss of reputation portends sickness and death.


So, unfortunately, also it happens.

Slavic dream book

To troubles


If you dream that something was lost -razluka losses.

Henry Rommel

If you dream you have suffered a serious loss or business suffered heavy damage, in reality someone would try to divert your attention from the serious circumstances that prevent you from living.May have to retreat in a collision with his opponents.If the damage caused to someone you have will work, threatening the lives and health, coupled with the constant danger.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of losing a child - a warning that your plans quickly collapse. Where you confidently expect success, expect failure. The loss of relatives or friends - portends the imminent frustration at the well-thought-out plans and unimportant prospects for the future.

Russian Dream Book


Ukrainian Dream Book

If you dream that something was lost - separation, loss.