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Dream «Mushrooms»

To dream portends mushrooms and pregnancy fatigue or satisfaction passion. Picking mushrooms in the forest means that your work will be highly rewarded. Buy mushrooms is unhealthy desires, and unwise haste in a bid as soon as possible to increase the capital, which can lead to illusory pleasures, and even for trial.

There are mushrooms in a dream - to a ripe old age.

Prepare them in sour cream - will live in prosperity. Treat mushrooms - experience of humiliation and secret love.

Poisonous mushrooms in a dream saying that in reality fortune will help you out of a dangerous situation. A young girl in a dream foretells the future disregard for material things but the craving for carnal pleasures.

Milk mushrooms in a dream means a fight, if you collect them, and the loss of the card, if you eat. Dreamed mushrooms - an increase in the service. There is a dream truffles - will live in prosperity.

Dried mushrooms portend that soon you will have a rest, significantly improve their health and bringing your weight back to normal. Buy or sell dried mushrooms portends that the purchase you intend to do will be a good acquisition.

Miller’s dream book

Dreamed mushrooms represent an unhealthy desire and haste, and unjustified, in the desire to get rich even more. The consequence could be a lawsuit and false pleasure. There are mushrooms - a dream foretells that you will experience humiliation and shameful love. For a young woman's dream in which she eats mushrooms, reports that in the future it will sink in the dubious pleasure, showing disregard for property rights.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Assistance through the Council; poisonous to see - good fortune; It is - a long life; Collect - award.

Esoteric Dream Book

Collect - a good marriage, to improve relations in the family. See - aging, deterioration of appearance. There is - a long life with a clear mind.

Hasse’s dream book

Collect - work will be rewarded; eat with sour cream - you will live in prosperity; poisonous to see - good luck rescue from a dangerous position; eat - extreme old age. will help if asked for advice.

Ancient French dream book

Seen in a dream mushrooms - life will be long; dream to luck. Collect morels - to great health; there are white mushrooms - to a long life; see mushrooms with red hats - to a successful solution to the protracted issue; with black hats - to be sad.

Modern dream book

Prosperous old age.

Aesop’s dream book

Mushrooms symbolize caution and suspicion. In fairy tales, the evil witch's brew of poisonous toadstools brew and using this drug bewitch people and sends them to spoil. In some cases, the fungi can mean wisdom. In many tales of mushroom - boletus is considered the guardian of the forest and his good spirit. The meeting with this spirit promises man luck and prosperity. If you dream you see yourself on the meadow mushroom - so in reality you have to be very careful. Your imaginary friends try to mislead you. To dream of a basket full of mushrooms - evidence that in the near future you will have to refute unfounded suspicions. A dream where you saw someone before you put together the mushrooms and you just got cut legs - means that because of your excessive suspiciousness you miss your chance. Worm-eaten mushrooms - a bad sign. Means sickness and distress. If you dream you feel like a mushroom - so in reality you will have to take on more responsibility. There is a dream of mushroom soup - so in reality you suspect a loved one in the ignoble act. To dream, as your eyes grow mushrooms the size of a house - it means that your wisdom will be appreciated by those around.

Dream book of Health

See edible mushrooms or eat them - it's time to give up eating meat, poisonous - a sign of danger; Mushrooms with rounded shapes - for men and mushrooms elongated phallic shape - for women - a symbol of sexual dissatisfaction.

Azar’s dream book

To the rather more trouble.

Solomon’s dream book

Prosperous passion.



Henry Rommel

Dream mushrooms — use good advice; mushroom - to fulfill secret desires to pay for work.There mushroom - a symbol of a long and happy life, meet in love, health.See poisonous mushrooms in the woods - a fluke.American tradition interprets the dreams of mushrooms is completely different mushrooms - unhealthy desires and deceptive pleasures, there are mushrooms - a shameful humiliation and love.

Russian Dream Book

If you gather up a few mushrooms in a dream, get ready for trouble waking. And the better the mushrooms, the more troubles.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot


Ukrainian Dream Book

How will dream lousy mushrooms - Maremukha and stuff, they say, it's a good dream, is this man what a profit. Mushroom gathering - a woman's children will be. How will dream mushrooms susheny, it is against a -or misfortune. Mushrooms are - will live to a ripe old age, to see - meet fool.