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The interpretation of the dream «Narcissus»

Narcissus in a dream - a reflection of new beginnings.

Freud’s dream book

If you dream of narcissus, this dream can not decrypted only unique, but also sometimes contradictory. On the one hand, it is a symbol of loneliness bearing down. On the other, the rose - a symbol of the reluctance to anyone else contact. This is not surprising, because daffodils have long considered the embodiment of loneliness and narcissism.

See beautiful, fresh daffodils - it means that you like solitude, like the fact that there is no need to anyone else to report, as a great time. As long as you have not had enough of that feeling.

Tear the daffodils in your own garden - you will visit the desire to help a loved one in solving some problems. However, all will turn out much worse than you thought at first. Prepare to be that intimate conversations seamlessly and invisibly to you flow into a much more intimate relationship.

Buy daffodils in the flower market gives your desire to attract the attention of any person. However, he does not suit you, so you spend your time and effort in vain.

We bought a medium-sized daffodils - so you show favor to man, for a long time to finish off your liking. This will happen because he will cast memories of first love. Later, you happen to regret his steps, because illusions tend to eventually fade away like smoke, leaving a feeling of deception.

Sell ​​daffodils - the flower shop or at the market - such a dream suggests that your dreams and fantasies often tend to outperform your existing real opportunities. If you try them somehow commensurate, will come to you the feeling that you are much more satisfied with life now.

Accept the gift of a bouquet of daffodils - a dream means a partner or a candidate for a place in your life will present you absolutely unexpected and very pleasant surprise. Maybe that day will make you feel truly happy person.

Hasse’s dream book

Survive infidelity.

Longo’s dream book

Narcissus flower is considered to be selfish. If it is a dream, it is not very auspicious. If you tore daffodils, it gives your desire to break free from the influence of the partner, which is the main quality - selfishness. It not only refers to the person unduly anxious, but also demands of you the same. Do not spare the corrupt relationship, because you are worthy of a much bigger and better.

Gave someone daffodils - the dream suggests that you have to put up with selfishness partner. Desperate to change this man, you take it for what it is. You do not want to leave because of the fear to remain single.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Narcissus — a flower of spring, which is sometimes a new beginning. It can be a symbol of the new building, regeneration, and renewing.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Narcissus — gossip / secret pleasures / a proud man.

Aesop’s dream book

Narcissus — a symbol of selfishness and self-love, so seen in a dream daffodils say that one of your surroundings in excess endowed with these qualities. If you had a bunch of daffodils, then it means that you have to communicate with people, for whom the most important thing in life - their own well-being, so do not count on the support and understanding from their side. To dream is blooming daffodils - a warning that you are contributing to the development of self-centeredness someone from friends, and from the first to suffer yourself. Plant daffodils - in reality condemn someone for indifference to others. To dream of daffodils in a crystal vase - the dream suggests that you strive towards its goal without selecting means and causing the suffering of others, because they think only of themselves.

Children's Dream Book

Narcissus — it is impossible to love so himself to the detriment of all people around.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Will know Infidelity.


To see a narcissus in your dream, represents vanity. This dream symbol may be a metaphor for someone in your life who is narcissistic. Alternatively, it symbolizes divine love.


You overestimate the real opportunities.

Russian Dream Book

Symbol of self-love and narcissism, also death flower.


Will know Infidelity.