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The interpretation of the dream «Potatoes»

Potatoes — a reminder of what may prove unattractive.

Miller’s dream book

If you had a potato in front of you have some not very pleasant unexpected events. Digging potatoes - a dream foretells that you will be successful, it is - it is a great advantage. Prepared a dish of potatoes - in reality find a suitable job. Imprisoned her in a dream - so dreams come. Rotten potatoes symbolizes the end of a joyful and cheerful pores and coming at a time that something good, alas, will not be marked.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Is – dissatisfaction;

Hasse’s dream book

To dig – to have ungrateful work; to eat – small diarrhea; to release – to be exempted from violence; to prepare – unpleasant visit; to see much – the good income or upozhay; to see small – a shortcoming; to sell – to get rid of guests.

Esoteric Dream Book

To eat or just to see - this is a dream means that you will not need anything. Cook to cook - a dream for the visit of the guests from afar. Dig, plant - you will be a lot of work.

Modern dream book

Dreams about potatoes – a propitious omen. If dreamed you that you plant potatoes, in real life you face the solution of a certain global problem on which your wellbeing depends. If in a dream you hill or dig out the grown-up potatoes, in reality you can be sure of success of your undertakings. There are boiled or fried potatoes mean that you will lead rather modest life, however doors of your house will be always open for friends.

Dream book of the Maya

Good value

If dreamed you that you prepare or eat potatoes, good luck will accompany any your undertakings. That this time lasted more long, clean a potato, stitch a white thread and dig.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

To dig potatoes - to have ungrateful work.

Dream book of Health

There are potatoes – it is necessary to pass to a vegetable diet; to deficiency of the major microcells, in particular, potassium, sulfur and silicon dioxide; To Dig potatoes – you need to realize the hidden circumstances of your affairs or the reason of your illness.

Children's Dream Book

Potatoes — for difficult times.

Lunar Dream Book

Potatoes are — dissatisfaction; dig - an unfavorable work.

Azar’s dream book


Yes - dissatisfaction;

Dig — a thankless task.

Is - frustration; dig - a thankless task, work.

Dig — to have a thankless job to eat - a slight disorder of the stomach to free - free from violence mingle - an unpleasant visit to see much - a good income or yield to see small - lack sell it - get rid of guests.

Dig — to have a thankless job; eat - small.

Rastrojstvo stomach; to free - free from violence; prepare -.

Unpleasant visit; see a lot of - a good income or upozhay; see small -.

Lack; sell it - get rid of guests.

There are potatoes in a dream foretells an event that you seem important at first, but soon disappoint. Peel potatoes - a change of mind about a man with the bad to good. Plant or digging potatoes - to intimacy with a new partner.

This dream is fraught with accidents is not the best properties;

Digging potatoes — coming success;

Eat potatoes — a significant benefit;

Cook — you suitable work;

Plant — the fulfillment of desires;

Rotten potatoes — your joys and pleasures come to an end, your future does not bode well.

Also see. Fudge.

The trouble, poverty.

Cooking - pleasure; dig - Fun; is - a date with a friend; fry - marriage.


Potatoes dream — it's going to see a lot of people. Potatoes - trouble. Potato digging - the good, there are ill-. If you dream that took in the barn or digging potatoes in a field, the sick.

Solomon’s dream book

Potatoes dreamTears.

Dream book of lovers

Digging potatoes in a dream promises success in affairs of the heart.

Planting potatoes - the fulfillment of desires. However, rotten potatoes does not bode well, he dreams of solitude and separation of lovers.

Russian Dream Book