Dream » R » Read

The interpretation of the dream «Read»

Reading - a reflection of inner spiritual quest.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Achange in affairs.

Hasse’s dream book

To dream that you are reading symbolizes that you need to obtain more information or knowledge before making a decision. To see others reading in your dream represents kind friends.

Esoteric Dream Book

The duties entrusted to you, bring you change, if you read for yourself - positive; if someone reads aloud to you - negative. See reading human - someone closely watching how you are performing their duties: at work (boss, co-workers), home (in-law, spouse); tuition, etc. From his assessment, much depends on your future.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Books, chtenieOdnu great book to see - an influential position to take. Read out a book - a woman of easy virtue. Lots of books to see them sort through disclose - the joy, the spiritual thirst that remains unsatisfied desire for knowledge building. Read the book - honor, wisdom, joy, satisfaction of curiosity. According to her study - gain influence. Read the manuscript - misunderstanding disappears. Bondage, magic books to read - large works. Remove anything from the book - to apply knowledge to good use. Take out anything sinister - the harm of knowledge and abuse. Book print - Succession receive. In the library among the books to be - mind lost in a haphazard knowledge / call to think carefully before you decide on something. The archive to be - a waste of time. In a book with blank pages to look for something - do not know how to use their influence. Just a open - your influence is useful to someone. In a normal book of blank pages to find - interesting news, sensation / knowledge gaps / exemption from fatality; the further course of life depends entirely on the decision taken by you. Picture books to consider - these are relevant to your future. With scary pictures - your guilty conscience. With indecent - lust, which is not satisfied. Huge book - a heavy responsibility. Sealed Book - someone stopping you to know the truth. Chain chained - not disclose what you know. Decorated with rich fabrics, stones - a thirst for true knowledge / advantageous marriage / friendship beneficial. Afraid to open the book - to learn unpleasant. Thunder hear when you open a book - to be a difficult but glorious destiny. Pages in the book stick together - the confusion in your head. In the book, the place to look for unsuccessfully - in the past, look for the answer to what you care about. Books are falling on you - useless knowledge / interference in career. The color and type of presenting a Book - symbolizes the relationship to you the giver. If he is a stranger - the fate of the. White Paper - joy, happiness, obedience to you. Red - discord, hatred, strife. Pink - love, something pleasant. Orange - Sickness / ironic relationship to you, ridicule. Yellow - envy, jealousy, betrayal. Brown - intrigue and slander. Green - hope, love, good relationship to you. Toxic green - deceit, falsehood. Blue - peace, happiness, the path to wisdom, higher knowledge. Blue - the sadness, melancholy, alienation, religious path. Black - deceit, slander, malice. Grey - secret malice, dark, gloomy future. Violet, purple - misunderstanding / path of the artist, artist or magician. Speckled Book - worthless life / frivolous relationship to you / Happy and diverse fate. The book is tied with a black ribbon - a fate from which you refused. Scarlet ribbon - abandoned love of which have to regret. White - the new, elected you destiny. Wrapped the book give you - in your destiny and your position will not be anything lasting and final. A book without a cover to see - a new, clearly define your true destiny. Between the pages of the book to see the seeds - the tears of letters or books.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Do you see a man who is reading a book. - Will be born a noble scion.

Egyptian dream book of Pharaohs (Kenkherkhepeshef)

If a person sees himself in a dream - reading of the papyrus scroll - well - people will be enhanced in his house.


Manuscript - success; gazetu- live a life usefully, the book - still have much to learn.

Henry Rommel

Read in his sleep - waking change occupation to excel in the complex case.Read spiritual literature - to the joy and respect.Seeing read people - to be perfectly arranged in life and enjoy a solid friendship.Trying to understand what -That complex and incoherent text - relive the excitement.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

The manuscript — success; gazetu- live a life usefully, the book - still have much to learn.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Read something in a dream - to get something.