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Dream «Orange»

Orange — a reflection of the physical or spiritual healing (the need and / or the possibility of it).

Miller’s dream book

To see healthy orange trees bearing ripe fruit, it is a healthy and favorable environment. There oranges - a bad omen: it means that the disease is a friend or relative is a source of sadness for you. Dissatisfaction possess the atmosphere of the business community. If these oranges fresh and fragrant likely that the fate relent to you. A young woman who saw in a dream that she was eating an orange - it is quite possible to lose a lover. If she sees a beautiful orange growing on the very top of the tree, it will be careful in choosing a husband. If you slipped on an orange peel - it heralds the death of a relative. Buy oranges on the explicit request of his wife and see how she eats, it means that unpleasant complications affairs themselves resolved and you will make a profit.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

See — surprise.

Hasse’s dream book

On the tree - Love anxiety; pluck - happiness is waiting for you; mature - fulfill all your hopes; buy - your love is one-; sell - zavyazhesh new acquaintance; see - the unfulfilled desire; eat - is waiting for you wasted effort,. Cleaned - joy of love.

Esoteric Dream Book

Short-term love affair, perhaps a trip. Sweet - a pleasant one. Sour - dangerous. Buy Orange - hope for an affair.

Modern dream book

Man who dreamed of orange trees, hung with ripe fruit, are coming joyful close contact with family and friends. Communication is all-consuming and does not leave time for sad reflections.

If the hibernation touches of orange or eats them, then soon it swamped the problems that will occur with people close to him.

Unmarried girls or ladies dream of oranges to the risk to remain one for a long time: the Cavaliers will disappear very quickly. If a woman sees a fragrant orange on top of the tree and can not get it, then in reality it will have a serious choice satellite.

In ancient times, dreams attached great importance. Since the image of an orange interpreted in different ways, the interpretation of dreams associated with it have been very many. For example, orange blossom dreams rise to heirs. And if in your dreams you will see yourself in orange garden, the trees of which, as you get closer instantly begin to blossom and bear fruit, in reality wait to visit the stork that brings you baby.

Freud’s dream book

Symbolically means temptation, delight. If you had a orange, then you tend to be sexual fantasies towards the stranger. Do you often imagine what it is in this respect, and could or not have sex with him right now, he has expressed such a desire. In this case, however, there is nothing shameful or forbidden, because you only analyze your desires. There are orange in a dream - this means that pretty soon someone will give you a strong pleasure. And you absolutely will not expect that this man is capable of such emotions. Clear the orange peel - which means that in real life you absolutely do not accept spontaneous sex since finding his unromantic and rough. But sometimes spontaneous sex can be very romantic. Anyway, worth a try.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Orange see or rvat - good news, success, extravagant act. There are orange - Health. Brushing - regret. Buy - wish fulfillment / unhealthy popularity. Give - a strong disagreement.

New family dream book

See an orange tree with ripe fruits - a healthy and favorable environment. There are oranges - harbinger of unpleasant events. This means that you are coming because of the illness experience a friend or someone from the family. But if these are fresh oranges and fragrant likely fate will be more favorable to you. A young woman, when she saw in a dream that she is eating an orange, possibly part with a favorite. If she sees orange growing on the very top of the tree, it should be more circumspect in the choice of the bride.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Eat a persimmon or oranges, tangerines. - Presage disease.

East female dream book

A dream in which you see the orange trees, covered with ripe fruit, promises good health and prosperity. If you dream of a girl beautiful ripe orange, hanging alone on the very top of the tree, it should be very careful when choosing the groom. If you dream you eat oranges - expect failure: possible deterioration of health, family troubles and problems at work. For a young woman this dream foretells separation from a loved one.

Children's Dream Book

Orange — to the necessary familiarity.

Solomon’s dream book

Orange — quick recovery.


Orange denotes hope, friendliness, courtesy, lively, sociability, and an out-going nature. You may want to expand your horizons and look into new interests.

Dream book of lovers

If you had a dream that you eat an orange, then you can not avoid separation and even a breakup with a man who you give your heart. A dream in which you see a beautiful orange growing on the very top of the tree, means that you're not one of those women who are in a hurry to jump out quickly married. To choose a suitable husband, you will spend a lot of time, but can not go wrong. Seen in a dream Orange, located on a tree, I promise you love anxiety. If you tear the oranges, then you will be happy enough just to lend a hand. If you dream that you see very ripe or overripe oranges, all your dreams, even seemingly unrealistic suddenly fulfilled. A dream in which you buy oranges, predicts your mutual love. If you dream you're selling oranges, expect new acquaintances. But if you brush your oranges, you can not avoid lovemaking. So enjoy!.


Adream in which you see the orange trees, hung with ripe fruit, promises good health and prosperity. If you dream you are eating oranges - expect failures. Maybe deterioration of health, family problems and problems at work. For a young woman this dream foretells separation from a loved one. If the girl dream ripe beautiful orange, lonely hanging at the very top of the tree, it should be extremely careful when choosing a husband. For a married man is favorable a dream in which he buys oranges at the request of his wife, and She eats them, because after such a dream all problems resolve themselves.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

On the tree - love anxiety, tearing - you happiness, mature - fulfillment of all your hopes, buy - Your love is mutual, to sell - to start up a new acquaintance; see - unsatisfied desire, surprise, eat - you will labor in vain, to clear - restoration of the lost health, love joy.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Fast recovery. To see the tree - love anxiety. Pluck - awaits you happiness; ripe fruit - materialize all expectations; buy orange - mutual love; sell - a new acquaintance; see - a desire dissatisfied; It is - a vain work; clean - success in love, love affairs.


The color orange can represent:

Bold, outgoing, assertive, invigorated

Autumn, or the "winding down" of a phase or cycle