Dream » R » Rose

The interpretation of the dream «Rose»

Rose — a reflection of the love and / or beauty.

Miller’s dream book

If you dreamed of roses that bloomed in your dream and gave off a heavenly scent, so soon to happen in your life happy event; as a sign of loyalty to a loved one. Cut off the rose - for a girl dream stands a precursor of the marriage proposal, which she liked. If you dream of withered roses, it indicates that your life is still lacking is the only loved one. Dreamed of white roses, not illuminated sunlight, not sparkling dew drops - you can become severely ill. Inhaling floral scent - a joy that nothing will sadden. She saw heaps of roses or by cutting roses, bouquets made of them - she will be a great happiness, because it will offer the man to whom she had great respect and sympathy. Seeing is not blooming buds on the bush - a dream means that your financial well-being will be very stable. Saw a dried rose bush - sick someone close, there may be other unfortunate events. Dreamed luxury bush of red roses - a sign that your family will come true great hopes. In the dream to decorate her hair bright red rose bud - for a girl experiencing love, it is a sign of the coming deception. You presented a spring bouquet of red roses - be happy; winter - waiting in vain to sleep.

Hasse’s dream book

See flowering - a sign of joy and happiness; wilting - change your habits; pluck - for an early marriage; you were given - for true love; with spikes - to the trouble and fear; yellow - a sign of betrayal and fear; white - very well choose a pair. Rosebush - a harbinger of a happy marriage. See the bunch - hold your breath full of happiness.

Esoteric Dream Book

Get a gift - someone you wants misery and death. Cut - to tears, grief. Sniff - your love will bring you pain. Give - much to the misfortune of others, be the cause of someone's grief. Your conscience should stop you. Planting - with their hands to create problems. Putting on the grave - feeling guilty.

Ancient French dream book

Blooming roses - a happy omen. Give your loved one - a dream means that love is not only mutual, but long. Withered roses dream to what you have to give up your happiness.

Modern dream book

Any woman at least once, but the dream of roses. In everyday life, they symbolize romantic love and a strong passion. The interpreters of dreams beautiful flowers also not paid attention to indicate that the value depends on the specific circumstances of sleep. A young girl who had cut roses, sleep predicts that she will happily received a marriage proposal.

Fading dream of roses to the fact that your heart is cold, lonely, and you want to finally find someone who will melt your heart icicles.

If you dream of roses, soon eclipsed by a joyful event for a long time life's troubles. If you dream that you bought roses and want to give them a beautiful stranger from a dream, then you need to consider it carefully, as it may happen that it is this woman for many years to become your life companion or business partner.

A dream in which you gave the woman a luxury bouquet of red roses, indicates that in your heart of love was born, and this man deserves to feel you gave it to him.

On the night of fasting days wilting white roses dream to what you have to look after the sick, as someone from the family keepeth. A dream in which you see a bunch of any other color (except red) indicates that your relationship and feelings come to the final.

If you see a blooming rose bushes directly on, the dream foretells that your family will refill. Scarlet roses in a dream suggests that the new member of the family will be a boon for you and will delight you always.

If you dreamed of dried buds on the bushes, then you are coming loss: a close relative falls ill or dies.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Love. Beauty. Innocence.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Rose — a universal symbol of love and beauty. In many cultures, mystical rose is the center of the heart, a symbol of Venus and the mystic sign of divine beings.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Rose — a symbol of secrecy. Rosebush - happiness in love / joy / something pertaining to the holy virgin. See tear rose at all - to the delight of. Receive roses as a gift - the fulfillment of desires / a mystery. Give roses - the death of hope. About thorns prick - will suffer / suffering from love sickness love. Red rose - love / something to do with your blood / your mental strength. Very Red Rose — passionate love, passion. White Rose — separation / danger to the life of a loved one / a solitary, monastic life / someone's virginity, purity, chastity / someone's soul is on the verge of coming to life / pure soul of the deceased. Yellow Rose — true. Blue Rose — forget the past, a new life begins. Faded Rose — life and health at risk / irrevocably flown joy / end of something good. Showered with rose - the end of a serene life. Dried rose to find - in vain to wake the old feelings.

New family dream book

Flowering and fragrant roses, seen in a dream, promise a joyous occasion and loyalty darling. If you dream you inhaled the scent of roses - in front of unalloyed joy. If a girl dreams that she cuts a rose, so soon it will make an offer of marriage, which she will be happy. Faded Rose say about your loneliness. When he saw in a dream not yet budded rose bush, you know that you expect a solid material well-being. If the girl in a dream decorate their hair bud scarlet roses, her favorite cheat. Presented to you a bouquet of red roses in the spring dream of happiness in the winter - in the vain expectation.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — earth, metal, water, wood, fire. Elements - moisture, dryness, cold, wind, heat. Emotions - sadness, fear, anger, joy, thoughtfulness. Organs - the spleen, pancreas, lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, urinary bladder, gall bladder. The planets - Saturn, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars. Explanation and interpretation of ancient times in many nations rose was considered the queen of flowers, and the personification of beauty and diversity of the world. In folklore and literature of different countries and times, there are many legends about the origin of red roses: they are red with the blood of thorns iskolovshegosya nightingale, or they are red with the blood of the poet, to press rose to the heart, or roses are red, because she pressed them to her breast, to put on the grave of a loved. Red roses in any case, are a symbol of flesh and blood: the symbol of life, but also a symbol of sadness, because human life is not eternal. White roses - a symbol of the aspirations to the sky, a symbol of the immortal human spirit and joy. If the majority of people, despite the difference of flavors like rose, then give them the flowers of heaven and earth energy. But like all powerful magic items, rose not always, not all and not in all the seasons are favorable. After all, any gift requires a response: if a bunch of white roses - a gift that symbolizes the celestial energy, it may require some sacrifices in the name of heaven, and on earth roses can easily turn into a crown of thorns. In the interpretation of dreams here will mean a lot personally experienced emotions. Roses in a dream to see / tear / donate - rose red mi-Earth energy, rose white yang energy of Heaven, the addition of energy to all the body's systems. Roses in a dream to see / smell / walk among the roses with a smooth light feeling - walking among the roses in every season of roses or a walk in the autumn beneficial to all (see. this season the article White) in the absence of negative emotions. In autumn it is consistent with those of a good season, energy storage, in other seasons - is to get the required energy. See the white roses with a solemn sense, to prepare for the act requiring the spiritual tension and get in sleep aid. Negative emotions to white roses - the inability to perceive the information of Heaven, an aversion to red roses - the inability to take the energy of the Earth, causing mental illness and sickness of the spirit, mind and body. Walking in a dream of bright red roses - cause excessive enthusiasm, are exciting the mind and the heart and symbolize the red-hot passions of the situation in reality. But for ordinary people's state of insensitivity to the problems adversely: own heart can not bear stress, others may not be willing to share them unnecessary stress, and the result is a deterioration of relations and affairs. In special cases, the bright red rose in a dream means taking on a responsible and dangerous, requiring victims affairs. Rose bushes dream dead or torn - unfavorable: the loss of the energy of Heaven and Earth. The same thing is a dried flower in water. If the dreamer knows definitely darivshego bouquet, the dream means the rupture of relations or outright hostility, hidden under the mask of friendship. Roses in a dream to give / receive a gift - an assembly of human hands and any feelings of giving flowers are of particular symbolic meaning. Especially roses have the ability to absorb and then give away the feelings and emotions, it is not recommended to give roses for a reason, and in a dream roses do not just dream about, with roses given to a part of myself to give / receive as a gift or a bright red rose-earth passionate feelings giver to the one to whom he gives flowers, but it will be beneficial or not is difficult to predict; white or soothing colors give roses - a sign of calm, loyal and long friendship; young woman, white roses to give to make an offer; man gives a woman yang white roses - gives himself. What has been said here about the white and red roses individually (by inclination) can refer to any color matching color. From the point of view of Eastern philosophy, rose - Yang is the male flower, so a man should not give a woman roses, Who gives a woman roses, she replied that gives some tears. In sickness to see themselves among the roses or roses donated warm tones - recovery; red or red roses - the crisis of the disease; White roses can symbolize the separation from earthly life, suitable for Spirit earthly life has been lived without reason and sky looks at it favorably. At the cemetery, blooming roses to see - kind of an abundance of energy and bring good luck to the favor of the ancestors. The dead, dried roses in the cemetery, energy depletion kind of promises of good offspring. Perhaps incorrectly generated burial.

Children's Dream Book

Rose — to achieve love, you should overcome the mass of obstacles.

Lunar Dream Book

Roses - love and happiness.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To see the roses blossoming in the house foretells healthy happiness and pleasure, and to the patient - death; to see roses scarlet marks great pleasure and pleasant news.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To see roses — it promises health.

Dream Interpretation sneaking Velez

Bouquet of Roses - close happiness in personal declaration of love.


The rose in dreams carries with it a great deal of

Symbolism. It suggests Perfection and Passion, Life and Death, Time and

Eternity. It also represents the heart, the centre of life and as a psychological

Symbol symbolizes perfection. It contains within it the mystery of life and its

Grace and happiness.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Rose — love, reciprocity, pleasure; beloved. Black - a sign of trouble, bad news; thorns - obstacles, chagrin, evil reproaches, offense.


To innocent romantic appointment.


Get a gift - someone you want trouble and death. Cut - to tears, grief. Sniff - your love will bring you pain. Give - much to the misfortune of others, be the cause of someone's grief. Your conscience should stop you. Planting - with their hands to create problems. Putting on the grave - feel guilty.

Henry Rommel

Red roses dream to fulfill the biggest wish, pink - to wealth and prosperity; the white - to health (they can promise and the disease if they are not falling light and they look like wax).Generally, blooming roses - the messengers of love, happiness, happy events; withered, wrinkled - false hopes.Bouquet or an armful of roses - a marriage proposal; cut half-open roses in bud - to a happy marriage.Wreath of roses - the symbol of good for all but the sick.In addition, pink crown warns those who have something to hide, that their secret will be made public.