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The interpretation of the dream «Unicorn»

Unicorn — a reflection of the spiritual openness, purity and innocence. Reflection of something magical. Reflection of the sexual aspects (in conjunction with other symbols).

Dream book of Vanga

The Unicorn — the personification of purity, happiness and prosperity. If in a dream past you pass a unicorn, then soon you will be fortunate, you will be easier than ever, everyone will call it luck, but in fact your well-being will be well-deserved, you will understand what it will be called, for which granted. Feed the unicorn from the hands - in reality you will experience the bliss that is seldom experienced by people. You will receive a rare and valuable gift of fate, after which you can not be ungrateful. A dream in which you see how killing a unicorn or he dies, foretells misfortune and suffering caused by evil people who live for the sake of gain, you will know and experience it, but to correct this situation, you will not do. The guilty will be punished, and tranquility to resume. If you can pat a unicorn, then the dream says that you are unfairly using the benefits that have. You should be grateful for them, not only the fate, but also the people around them. As long as you do not recognize this soul and mind are not aware, you will not experience true happiness. To pursue a dream of a unicorn or try to catch him - in reality you put a lot of effort to achieve this goal. But perhaps your goal is not worth the effort that you spend. Think about it, not to get in the end only disappointment.

Nostradamus’s dream book

The Unicorn — a symbol of purity, chastity, purity, death. If you dream you are trying to catch a unicorn - in reality all your efforts directed at opposition evil. A dream in which you were able to catch and tame the unicorn is spiritual purity and chastity of a loved one. To dream angry unicorn - in reality to make a shameful act. unicorn chasing a man is a symbol of the eternal game of human death. If you dream you We saw a golden unicorn - it is a symbol of spiritual and physical cleansing, good health.

Hasse’s dream book

To poverty.

Modern dream book

In dreams unicorn (the mythical white horse with a horn in the center of the forehead) is a harbinger of happy events, the successful completion of the cases. A man who dreamed of a unicorn, expect a rapid career growth.

A dream in which you try to buy a unicorn or it encroaches on you, portends serious health problems.

Black or blood red unicorn dream as a warning that you need to take more seriously their health: the probability of disease is high. In addition, the black unicorn dreams sleeping in death or someone close to him.

If you dream to saddle the white unicorn or see yourself in the saddle, it existed in reality, the problem will leave you, and chronic disease will go away.

Freud’s dream book

To see a unicorn in his sleep - it means that you will soon cuckolded, and to have this message reach the last.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Mighty mark. Traditionally regarded as a symbol of Christ. Spiritual revelation. Cleanliness.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Historically, the unicorn was a symbol of Christ. It symbolizes a spiritual openness, innocence and purity. Psychologists say that the unicorn is a sex symbol because of its single horn protruding.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Unicorn see — happiness. Ride it - visit the "special kingdom of the world", to experience something supernatural or unnatural. A woman with a unicorn to see - the "thing in itself", something unattainable / erotic closed system - an honor or successful rival irresistibly stand in your way.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Mythical animal chi-lin, or unicorn. - Presage the glory.

East female dream book

The personification of purity, happiness and prosperity. If the unicorn walked past you, so soon you'll get lucky. Feed the unicorn of the hands - to the bliss that is rarely experienced by people. To pursue a dream of a unicorn or try to catch him - an indication that you are too much force is applied to achieve the goal, which is not worth it.

Solomon’s dream book

Unicorn — to poverty.


The unicorn signifies unconditional love and symbolizes high ideals, hope and insight in a current situation. It also suggests power, gentleness and purity. There is a story that unicorns missed being taken into Noah's Ark because they were too busy playing. They represent intuitive knowledge; in this context we need to be mindful of what is going on in the real world if we are to survive. Traditionally, the only people who were allowed to tend unicorns were virgins. When a unicorn appears in a dream, we are linking with the innocent, pure part of ourselves. This is the instinctive, receptive feminine principle. Also consult the entries for Animals and Fabulous Beasts.


To poverty.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

To poverty.


Feeling magical, or wishing for magic or enchantment. Purity or innocence. Integrity or high personal standards.