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The interpretation of the dream «Violin»

Hear in a dream, like someone scraping the wall on the violin is the same, and obviously off-key, foretells that you will fail and lose the respect of friends. Hear the excellent performance of the Violin Concerto with virtuoso professionals means that, in your love life, a period when you just need to make it some variety to sustain interest in this as in yourself and your partner.

Play the violin itself heralds the recognition and honor, if your public performance is a success, and if you have booed and left the stage in tears - in reality lose the favor of their sponsors. To break the hearts of the violin - are risking their well-being.

Miller’s dream book

See or hear the sound of the violin in these things predicts harmony and peace in the family; Your financial affairs too, will not cause any concern. For a young woman playing the violin in his sleep - which means that it will be awarded with honors. If her attempt to play the violin will fail - it will lose favor with someone. Sleep may also presage her that she will seek the things that I own can never. Broken violin heralds loss and separation.

Freud’s dream book

Play the violin in a dream, but in real life you can not do it - it is not necessary to look at the other: everyone has their own happiness, and you need to have your own idea about. what you want from life. Only then will you be able to achieve some success. If you dream you were watching someone else playing the violin, then someone will soon tell you that a long time already loves you and has nothing to do with his feelings.

Esoteric Dream Book

Play — to tears. See. "Music."Getting buy - sad news, the death of loved ones. For the violinist - fatigue, possible occupational diseases. It is necessary to have a rest, spend prevention of health.

Longo’s dream book

If you dream to play the violin people who are not really musicians, it is said that because of its natural Excitedly they allow themselves to be involved in some kind of amazing love affair.

Trying to play the violin, which was not a success, failure portends; the course of events that bring you income, slow.

If you set up the string, it is said that the future is entirely in your hands; it depends on your ability to set goals and choose the strategies to achieve them. If you are characteristic determination and a tendency to act and to risk doing without the long and painful arguments, then the cherished goal you can come pretty quickly and just as quickly be thrown back, if you will fail. Preferring to act on a "Slow and steady wins - will continue", you tighten the implementation of the desired.

Played the violin and false - it means that you often resorts to lies to cover up the truth.

If dreamed violin with broken strings, this suggests that your relationship with your spouse happen disorder, which, thankfully, will be a temporary phenomenon. Do not waste your strength to clarify the relationship and the search for right and wrong: it's no good will not.

Hasse’s dream book

See - a happy home life; hear - will be at the ball; play by yourself - Domestic Happiness.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Violin — a symbol of lyrical memories, a symbol of a person that is related to his previous existence. To play it - will conquer the heart of a true. On her bad play - to be mocked. Hear it - time to remember the past. Guitar, hear it or play it - to grieve about what was in your hands, but you did not used the occasion. Guitar and violin - in dreams symbolize a woman, a woman's body and caused them to desire.

New family dream book

The sounds of the violin, heard in a dream, portend the harmony and tranquility in the home. Your financial affairs too, should not cause you any concern. If a young woman playing the violin in a dream, it will be awarded honors. Unsuccessful playing the violin in real life can turn around for her loss of someone's favor. Sleep also shows her that she is committed to such things, to own that can never. Broken violin heralds loss and separation.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

In the dream, to hear the sounds of the violin - it's a harbinger of joyous event: meeting friends, who returned from a distance, giving birth, some fun-filled celebration, where you will be welcome. If you dream of dancing to the sounds of the violin - sleep is very good since the promises prosperity. Lovers dream promises a happy ending to their romance. Seafarers this dream foretells a safe return from a voyage. In the dream, take a violin, tune it and play it - a harbinger of a happy marriage. But if you find a broken string. Ideal for long years of solitude.

Aesop’s dream book

The expression "play first violin" (that is, to be the ringleader, the leader, the leader of others) could be a source of this image in your dream. In my dream to see a musician, playing the violin - in reality to be influenced by an interesting man who infected you with his optimism and determination. Himself to play the violin - you have to lead a social movement may have to make a speech before an audience. Hear the sounds of the violin, but did not see the person who plays it - you will not be able to explain the motives of his act, but to do something, it is not proper to your normal behavior. If you had a broken violin, then you do not cope with the role of the head, which you do not have to play by your will. To dream, like the violin strings are broken, - a sign of impending trouble you by your leadership, most likely, your offer will be accepted, and the initiative is coming from you will be considered as a desire to show off.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To see a violin to eat a sign of cheerful society and success in love affairs; to play a violin in a concert means a consolation; and to play on it in a lonely place foretells a funeral.

Dream book of lovers

If the violin is dreamed by married or married people, harmony and love will reign in their family.


To see or hear a violin in your dream, symbolizes peace and harmony in your waking life.

To play a violin in your dream, denotes honor and foretells that you will be a recipient of lavish gifts.

To see a broken violin in your dream, signifies separation, sadness, and bereavement.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Violin — love passions, the relations.


To loneliness, despondency.

Schiller School student’s dream book

To see, listen or most to play – to participate in big public meeting or a concert.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Violin – a consent in family life.


To see and hear the sounds of the violin in a dream foretells harmony and peace in the family, your financial affairs, too, will not cause any concerns. Alternative interpretation of what does it mean when you dream about violin

A dream in which you see the violin, or play it means that your home will always be peace and harmony. For a young woman's dream, in which she plays violin, means that it expect lavish gifts. If from the bow out eerie sounds, her hopes for the best in the given true. Broken violin is possible severe loss and separation.

Henry Rommel

See and hear a violin - to enjoy the happiness of the home - a family man; fun in a wonderful company for the lonely.

Miller’s dream book

To see and hear the sounds of the violin in a dream foretells harmony and peace in the family; Your financial affairs, too, will not cause any concern. For a young woman playing the violin in a dream - means that it will be awarded the honor. If it is an attempt to play the violin will fail - it will lose someone's favor. Sleep may also portend her that she would seek to things, to own that can never. Broken violin heralds the loss and separation.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

See — a happy home life; to hear - will be at the ball, play very - homemade happiness.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Violin — agreement on family life.