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The interpretation of the dream «Gold»

Find gold - a complete success; change silver for gold - rush of blood to the head; have a gold plate - an increase in the post or the rank; Gold swallow - advances in science or the arts.

Miller’s dream book

Keep out of the hands of gold - a dream predicts that virtually all your undertakings will be unusually successful. For a woman in a dream to get a gift of coins or gold jewelry means that she will marry a wealthy but selfish man. Found gold in a dream - so for excellence you can easily achieve fame and fortune. Lost gold - a dream foretells you that life will have the unique chance, but you dispose them completely inept. Found a gold mine - it means that you entrust difficult, but honorable thing. Dreamed a desire to work in the gold mine heralds your future attempt to illegally get their hands on the rights of others. Also dream is a warning that will be put to shame because of bad talk about you.

Loff’s dream book

Gold – a universal symbol of purity and wealth. To get gold – to show the power and wealth. It is important to define a source of receiving gold and the nobility, whether there was it a gift, a gain or opening.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Esoteric Dream Book

To see – to poverty, ruin.

Hasse’s dream book

To see – falseness and delusion; to buy – you empty; a large number – poor times wait for you; to receive as a present – beware of false friends.

Ancient French dream book

To dream gold – to a mad act. If in a dream you do gold, – in reality it foretells in vain a downtime. If you found gold, – you get profit. To collect gold or silver in a dream – foretells deception or losses. If you dream false gold, – the dream foretells finding of truth by you.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Great treasure of an inner world.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

It is very good sign. Gold – a symbol of the sun, spirit of life. In the Hindu doctrine gold is called "mineral light". The Latin name of gold sounds the same as the Hebrew word meaning light. Gold is associated often with gold light and an inner world.

Dream book of the Maya

Good value

If gold jewelry, chervonets dreamed you, soon you will have many good changes. The more gold you will carry within a week, the more will occur changes.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Gold in a dream - a symbol of love, good luck, honor.

New family dream book

Dreamed that hold gold in hand, – will extraordinary succeed in all undertakings.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

This dream makes opposite sense.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Gold and silver expensive subjects, jewelry. – Foretells wealth and eminence.

East female dream book

Symbol of deception and seduction, pay special attention to the offers arriving soon – they can appear "setup". Gold rings – to a fast wedding, it is not obligatory for yours. The ring with a stone or a ring promises that Mendelssohn’s march will execute in your honor.

Aesop’s dream book

Emergence in your dream of gold can be connected with known phrases: "All that glitters is not gold" (the external impression happens deceptive), "Small But Precious", "Fly will not get into a closed mouth". There are also quite widespread words: "Clever fingers", "Heart of gold", "Gold character", "Gold hair".

Modern dream book

If in a dream you take gold in hand, – success in affairs is provided to you. If dreamed the woman that she received as a gift gold jewelry or gold money, her spouse will be rich, however korysten. The dream in which you find gold, foretells that you will achieve success on the way of improvement of your financial position thanks to the abilities and efforts. To lose gold – a bad omen. You risk to miss the most important chance in your life. If in a dream you managed to open a pot of gold, in reality the burden of glory will fall upon you. To work at the gold mines means that you will try to subordinate other people to the will. However do not go too far in a family because it can end with large scandals.

Lunar Dream Book

Gold see — have a complaint; gold plates and drink from it - a sign of improving.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

If you dream you are holding gold. You will be unusually succeed in all your endeavors.

If a woman in the dream was presented with a golden little things - coins or jewelry, she will marry a wealthy but selfish man.

Find gold - means that your professional skills will allow you to easily move forward on the road to riches and honors.

If you dream you lost the gold, because of their negligence and in reality you miss the greatest opportunity in your life.

Find your dream gold mine - which means that you will be entrusted with the difficult but honorable thing.

If you dream you are intending to work in the gold mines, it means. You try to illegally take possession of the rights of others.

Dream warns you: rumors around your behalf will lead to your shame.

Kopalinskogo Dream Book

Cash waste.

Solomon’s dream book

Gold — joy; pour of gold dishes - wealth.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To deal with the gold - to the happy times.

Golden Mountains of view - to the delight of.

Dream book of lovers

If a woman dreams that she was presented with gold jewelry - earrings, rings, chain, - then she will marry a wealthy but avaricious man.

Lose gold in a dream means to pass a happy love that is given once in a lifetime.


Gold in dreams can represent our sacred, dedicated side thus symbolizing Spirituality on a supreme level. The old saying of ?everything that glitters isnt gold certainly doesnt apply in the spiritual sense. In an emotional context, gold seldom stands for material wealth. It is more the spiritual assets that we have, such as incorruptibility and wisdom, love, patience and care. These enable us to apply the principles of alchemy and turn base emotional dross into 'gold' and finer feelings. Gold in dreams suggests our best, most valuable practical aspects, such as integrity and honesty. Finding gold indicates that we can discover those aspects in ourselves or others. Burying gold shows that we are trying to hide something - perhaps information or knowledge - that we have. Also consult the entries for Alchemy, Metal and Treasure.

Nostradamus’s dream book

If you dream of table utensils, bowls, containers, etc., made out of gold, this is an omen of financial gain and stability that is entering your life. If you dream of gold bars, ingots, jewelry, etc., this, is an omen that you are too careless with your money and will soon suffer losses if you don*t change.

Azar’s dream book

A large amount of gold – you waits for poverty

Miller’s dream book

If in a dream you hold gold in hand. You will extraordinary succeed in all undertakings.

Esoteric Dream Book

To see — to poverty and ruin. Give, give - get a gift. Getting to take - an unfortunate attachment, do not repay the debt, lose money or contribution. Wearing gold jewelry - carefully! Rogue is already out in a big way.


If you dream you have managed to open a gold mine, the reality on you fall the burden of fame. For a young woman's dream in which she saw a gold chain, means that her husband will be rich but selfish.

Henry Rommel

Gold bullion coins - for success and wealth.For men dream where there are gold jewelry, dishes and other precious things - the dream of lies and deceit that will always haunt him.For women such a dream is a wealthy groom, luxury gifts.Find gold find gold mine - a symbol of respect towards others and material well-being.Lose gold, gold objects - to the loss of opportunity to succeed in life.Subtract Gold - reputation risk.Sometimes dream about the gold warns of the danger or that someone is going to complain about you.Damaged golden thing for a woman - in a loss of money for a man - to the loss of his wife and property.

Islamic dream interpretation

To dream of gold means sorrow and suffering. If someone sees that spilled gold - it is a disaster and destruction, and if anyone sees that gave the gold to anyone to save, that person will deceive him.

Modern dream book

Luck wealth.

Russian Dream Book

Wealth, success.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

See — false and misleading; buy - you - an empty man; a large number - you are waiting for the bad times; receive a gift - beware of false friends.

Tsvetkov’s dream book


Ukrainian Dream Book

Gold — evil, danger. Gold — will soon be a separation from loved ones, it is a bad omen. Gold wedding ring - a wedding. Gold have on themselves - caution, steal gold - the loss of respect, give - will be at the wedding, to lose - the loss, have a lot of gold and silver - all around you a lot of freeloaders; false gold - profit. Goldfish see - did not realize the expected.


The color gold can represent:

Feeling blessed or experiencing happiness or abundance

Something you consider valuable, such as knowledge, money, friendship, etc.

Autumn, which can represent the "winding down" of a phase or cycle

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