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The interpretation of the dream «Wind»

Wind — a thought at all; intelligence. Reflection change awareness (also the need for change). The need to "listen to the whisperings of the Universe" and something for her prompt change (the ability to change).

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Strong, rushes – an obstacle from people;

Hasse’s dream book

To hear – to receive an empty prediction.

Esoteric Dream Book

The destructive – to troubles with children.

Modern dream book

If in a dream you feel whiff of a fresh breeze, can hope that at last good luck will smile to you. If you hear how the wind rustles with crowns, perhaps, you will reject love of the person who does not represent without you the life. The dream in which you quickly go, and a strong wind hits to you into a face, means that you will be able to move ahead surely on the planned way, without looking at any difficulties. If in a dream you feel that the wind prevents you to go forward, expect destiny traitress tricks. If a fair wind, you unexpectedly have allies who will help you with affairs.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Wind of change. Air is the primary element, thought, intelligence.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

The wind is the elements symbolizing thought and intelligence. It can also mark spirit or divine breath. In the Arab and Hebrew languages the word "wind" also means also spirit. Winds happen different – from the gentle refreshing midday breeze to the mighty hurricane leaving traces of destructions on the way. Respectively, their symbolics also differs – the wind can mean both the easy, and drama changes of consciousness caused by power of the highest thought.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Wind in a face - a hindrance.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

To feel in a dream easy whiff of a warm wind – a good sign: it foretells that soon you receive joyful news.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Gale-force wind and heavy rain. – Foretells someone’s death.

East female dream book

The easy and warm wind which pleasantly caresses the person, dreams to good news, generally the love. And a hurricane, a storm, an ice wind – to tests, troubles and quarrels with darling.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Emotions – anger.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

Wind calm and pleasant - portends a happy ending of our deals; and the wind was gusty and strong marks in a state of disorder and obstruction in cases.

Azar’s dream book

Wind on the bridge, a storm – contact with otherworldly forces

Kopalinskogo Dream Book

The wind — great news change; a pleasant breeze - fortunately; sharp, swirl - unfortunately.

Solomon’s dream book

Wind — a joyful meeting.


Wind signifies the Power of the Spirit and the movement of Life. Just as the Holy Spirit in Christianity was said to be ?a mighty rushing wind?, so such a dream can represent a Divine revelation of some sort. A gale can be symbolic of the spirit we have within us. The intensity and power of our spiritual belief is depicted by a hurricane an unpredictable force. To be winding something up, such as a clock, suggests that we are priming ourselves for action. On a slightly more psychological level, wind in a dream can suggest the beginning of a new, much deeper awareness of ourselves. Since wind in a dream often denotes spiritual matters, if we are conscious of a gale or strong wind we may be taking ourselves too seriously. We are allowing those forces within us, that will lead us forward of their own accord to something else, to have too much meaning. A hurricane can represent the power of our own passion, or passionate belief, which picks us up and carries us along. In dreams, wind symbolizes the intellect. It will depend on the force of the wind how we interpret the dream. For instance, a breeze would suggest gentleness and pleasure. An idea or concept we have is beginning to move us. A gale might indicate a principle we feel passionately about, whereas a north wind might suggest a threat to our security. Actually being in a gale indicates that we are being buffeted by circumstances that we feel are beyond our control. We are allowing those outside circumstances to create problems for us when actually we may need to look at what we are doing and either take shelter to withdraw from the situation or battle through to some form of sanctuary. When we experience a hurricane in a dream, we are sensing the force of an element in our lives that is beyond our control. We may feel we are being swept along by circumstances or possibly someone's passion and are powerless to resist. You might also like to consult the entry for Breeze.

Miller’s dream book

To dream of the wind blowing softly and sadly upon you, signifies that great fortune will come to you through bereavement. If you hear the wind soughing, denotes that you will wander in estrangement from one whose life is empty without you. To walk briskly against a brisk wind, foretells that you will courageously resist temptation and pursue fortune with a determination not easily put aside. For the wind to blow you along against your wishes, portends failure in business undertakings and disappointments in love. If the wind blows you in the direction you wish to go you will find unexpected and helpful allies, or that you have natural advantages over a rival or competitor.

Erotic dream book of Danilova

To make advances a wind in a dream means subconscious aspiration to change the situation which developed on the love front. If you hear wind noise in a dream, such dream is a sign of that you in vain move away from the person to whom it is also lonely without you, as well as to you without it. If the strong wind picks up you and tears off from the earth, you will lose a support, perhaps, you are threatened by separation from darling or serious quarrel.

Russian Dream Book

To hear – unexpected news;

Dream book of lovers

If you dream you had the feeling that the person blows soft and warm wind, love awaits you as a reward for patience. It is also possible that a loved one finally pay attention to your genuine and gentle attitude. Fly in a dream, caught a gust of wind, it foretells that your life will soon come a pleasant change, not the last role was played by your friends. Wind blowing in your face and gives you joy, says that you have already paid more than made up mistakes of the past. All your misery left behind. If the wind is at your back, you are threatened with separation from loved one due to which you attach great importance. Look at things differently, and you will realize that making a mistake. A dream in which you have to move forward, overcoming the resistance of the wind, said that your dream is attainable only after long days of waiting and frustration.

Esoteric Dream Book

The destructive — in trouble with the kids. Fresh - the good news about the children. Tender - children will be kind to you. Whirlwind - your children are at risk of violence.


If you dream you feel a breath of fresh air, you can hope that at last the luck will smile to you. If you hear the wind rustling the treetops, then maybe you reject the love of man which is not without you my life. A dream in which you will quickly go, but a strong wind hit you in the face, means that you can confidently move on track, regardless of any difficulties. If you dream you feel that wind prevents you from going forward, expect tricks of fate-traitor. If the wind is fair, then you suddenly have allies who will help you in business. To feel in a dream strong gusts of wind means that soon you will find yourself in a difficult position. A good sign will be if at this time you are in a shelter and only hear the wind, because it means that the trouble will pass you. To feel in a dream, that your hair fluttering in the wind, means that you have to be less careless.

Henry Rommel

Quiet, steady wind - the emergence of friends, well-being; strong wind - hostility to you.Fight with the wind - struggle with fate.Heard the noise of the wind in a dream sometimes means estrangement between loved ones.If you hear the wind from behind the walls of the house, you bypass the trouble.Light breeze that you feel - the wind of change, the good news.Strong wind on the sea - help you from afar; rustle of leaves - for separation, sadness; the roar of the wind - the news from the other country.

Hasse’s dream book

To hear — to get an empty prediction.

Modern dream book

Bad deal.

Russian Dream Book

Joyful, pleasant news.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Abreeze — most joyous lead; strong, gusty - obstacles from people; leaves rustle in the trees - the separation; strong sea - distance help pave the way to success; hear - empty prediction.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Strong gusts — obstacles from people; flat - favor; strong sea - aid from afar will pave the way to success; leaves rustle in the trees - the separation; breeze - soon to lead.

Ukrainian Dream Book

As the wind dream, it is the love and girls and boys, and young women and men. Wind dream ~ trouble, empty promises.


The wind blowing can represent:


The dynamics or movement in your life right now

Unseen forces that appear to help or hinder such as luck, fate, Spirit, etc.

Challenging forces or factors in your life, nuisances or frustrations

Chaos, or forces that seem out of your control

A process or progression forward, such as a series of events or the passing of time