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Dream «Fake»

Counterfeit money - to betrayal and treason.

Longo’s dream book

If you dream you are making counterfeit money, the reality is your financial situation soon falter. Hurry up to deal with this problem, otherwise your well being will sink into oblivion and the current comfortable life will be just a memory. Try to prevent such unfortunate events, there is still time. If you dream you pay with fake money, so in reality you are acutely aware of their true position, but try to keep a good face on a bad game, trying to behave in such a way that no one would know about the true state of affairs. However, note that a splurge not be around long - sooner or later pops out. Do not exert excessive pride where not necessary, and ask for help - in this case, you have a chance to get out unscathed. If you do decide to deal with difficulties alone, then you will be in difficulty and to recover from the blow of fate you will never be able to. But as we know, can be forged not only money, but also, for example, jewelry. If you dream jewels and realize that they are fake, sleep talking about your outstanding abilities "to ripen at the root," and not be distracted by the superficial trappings. You know the value of people and deceive you hard, almost impossible. Your life experience and insight can only envy. If you dream you are talking to someone that it fake jewelry, you're hiding the truth for a long time, but the moment of truth and you, regardless of the person and the situation will begin to cut the plain truth. Be sure the results will not be long in coming - your love of truth will be appreciated, but not as much as you would like it to. The truth, of course, is good, but not always and not everywhere, so before you resort to such drastic measures, think about the consequences, maybe it will cool your ardor pravdoiskatelstva. If you dream you are engaged in the manufacture of fake jewelry, then in reality you will have in the near future to lie and dodge to avoid incurring his head all sorts of trouble. However, standing on the way of lying, try to do it tastefully and professionally as possible, but in this case, you will be able to achieve the desired. But outright lie, sewn with white thread, plunge into the surrounding shock and only hurt you. If you dream you are making or using false documents, then in reality you will have to take the help of influential friends, to achieve a high position for themselves or loved ones. Help you will be provided in a timely manner, but if you want to prosper, then do not forget to thank the assistant, because good turn deserves another. If you are the owner of a dream of beautiful works of art, which later turn out to be false, it means that your loved ones are hiding something important from you. In addition, you have got the idea about them, which is contrary to their actual characteristics and properties. But it's not your fault - just those "cute" people you those still feel able to pretend and do it brilliantly. Be extremely careful with them, because getting hit in the back, and even from those closest to you, no one wants, so try to get them to clean water - this will protect you, and help them change for the better. And finally, if you dream you are expressing some or feeling, which does not really feel that is behaving disingenuously, that dream can serve as an omen that you will soon have to sacrifice their principles and behave the way you perfectly unusual.

Hasse’s dream book

Counterfeit money to get - you will be deceived; to do - to have evil intentions.


Anything that is fake or false is counterfeit (made in imitation of the original). This echoes the idea that man was made in the image of God, a spiritual concept. In dreams we can become acutely aware of humanity as opposed to divinity. n When we become aware that something is a fake or is false in dreams it is time for us to assess our own integrity. There are flaws or misperceptions in the way we regard ourselves. A counterfeit object is one that in comparison with the original is seen to have flaws. We can admire the fake for its own intrinsic beauty while accepting the flaws. Actually fashioning fake objects suggests that we are conscious that our creativity is not being best used. Projects and tasks all have flaws that can be improved upon, and dreaming of fakes and false objects give us the opportunity to iron out difficulties before they develop into problems.


Make illegal administrative offense for which will be punished.