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Dream «Hands»

Hand - very beautiful with fine honed his fingers or very large - success in love.

Miller’s dream book

To see beautiful hands - the dream means that you will be able to quickly grasp the secrets of professional skill, you become a well known figure and be in your circle of high-flying bird. Hands ugly, repulsive form of dreams to trouble.

Dreamed blood on their hands - the forerunner of alienation, which for a time dwell among relatives, as well as unjust condemnation friend.

Damaged dreamed own hand - the life force you to compromise and give up something very dear to your heart.

If you burn your hand, you lose, you dare to compete with destiny: you will miss something more valuable, as long as you enthusiastically chasing after wealth.

Your hands were thickly covered with hair - the dream suggests that you will be strong and courageous partners and competitors in the same work. This kind of dream can warn you away from senseless intrigues against truly devoted to you people.

See my hands are larger than this - quickly advance to their very intimate goals. Needless small hands are calling for greater activity.

Saw the dirt on his hands - the dream indicates that you are sometimes very unfair attitude towards those who you truly love.

For a woman to admire the beauty of your hands - it means that it will subjugator many sincere hearts.

I saw that someone took her hand in his and kissed her - a warning that it needs to behave more prudently.

I dreamed that you were holding the fire is not burning - it means that you are on the crest of success.

Hands bound dream to difficulties. Managed to untie them - in reality, set control over the position.

In the dream, your hand was amputated - it means that you and your other half or a loved one will become manifest dissatisfaction with each other and can disperse. There is a likelihood of deception or fraud.

Hasse’s dream book

See right hand - you will have a devoted friend; left - is to change; lost their hands - your good friend die; see injured or dirty - a loss; folded - you will be envious; small in size - friends or colleagues will prove people wrong;

Wash — to gain protection; beautiful and strong - in the cases you will find a huge success.

Esoteric Dream Book

In the dream, saw their own hands - so you absorb the work and care. Washed them - will relax. See dirty - to be "dirty" business, which will remain after the unpleasant aftertaste. Kiss - humiliation. Hurt - waiting spat with your friends. Harvesting a hand - get friendly help, advice. See separate from the body - feel helpless.

Ancient French dream book

Hands that have appeared in the dream means devotion of friends, where you have to make a difficult moment. A broken arm means that the sick one, and your family will begin various disorders. Swollen hands lifted to an unexpected enrichment. If a young woman saw the hairy hands, it means that the children she will produce the light will be very beautiful, and most importantly - happy. See at one arm cut off - a bad sign: come unlucky days are.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Dreamed of palm - get some sign of fate, a female dreamer will be a loved one; Wash hands - free from worries; right-hand man to dream of liberation from something bearing down, dreamed hairy arms mean that in the cases and the money will be successful.

If you held hands in a dream with a loved one or other loved one, you dream foretells a joint test, which will determine the prospects of your relationship. With the enemy, rival - in reality find yourself in a situation that you could reconcile; how do you dispose it depends entirely on you. Holding the hand of a stranger - a dream to participate in a charity event. A character from a fairy tale, fantasy creature - this means that you can get acquainted with the amazing person you will be helping in good faith.

Dreamed that held the hand of people who are in real life feud, - so soon they will start a real fight, suffer and you run the risk that.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

His left hand, consider - a warning from a dishonest person. Right - the right one. Have clean hands - all good things, success, long life and t. Have dirty hands - infidelity in marriage, warning against evil tongues, different troubles. Hand wash in cold water - fun. Hairy arms have - a misfortune threatens you spiritual degradation. Patient hand - evil, caution against accidents, broken - the misfortune to lose his hand - the death of a brother or close friend (quarrel). Do not have hands - a strange situation, a situation which does not know how to react. Not being able to move his hands in his sleep - heavy disagreements between the will and the mind. Have a lot of hands - a good sleep, fruitful, but toils. Wart on hand to have - trouble. Waving his arms - an impossible task in front of you put. Have too long arms - to show the impotence of passivity. Too short - taken lightly for the cause, try to establish a utopian plans. Menacing fist to see - a warning against the powerful enemy. Hands out of the darkness to see that you threaten, frighten and t. - To feel a vague threat to his authority, jealous of an undefined object of someone's unspoken irritation at you. Unusually supple shake hands, touch - the consciousness that severely repress someone's will and autonomy.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

Fold your hands in a dream or cross them on his chest - it's a bad omen that promises difficulties, of which you will be very difficult to get out. If you dream you shake someone's hand - is to reconcile after a quarrel or return other after a long absence. If you dream you suddenly discover that you have dirty hands - a dream foretells you to participate in the affairs of the unworthy, who humiliate you and bring misery.

Chinese dream book of Zhou-guna

Wash — suggests that chronic illness takes place; acts at the hands of pus and blood - a big success; break an arm - the disease.

See the palm of your hand - a sign of destiny; loved one (for women); wash - exemption from the cares; hairy - success in business and money; right hand - the release.

Fold your hands in a dream or cross them on his chest - it's a bad omen that promises difficulties, of which you will be very difficult to get out. If you dream you shake someone's hand - is to reconcile after a quarrel or return other after a long absence.

If you dream you suddenly discover that you have dirty hands - a dream foretells you to participate in the affairs of the unworthy, who humiliate you and bring misery.

Its considered — to work and care. Wash - to rest. Dirty - work that will leave an unpleasant aftertaste. "Messy Business". Kiss - grovel. (For example, "bride" - to be humiliated for the sake of profitable business. Wound - a fight with your friends. Harvesting - friendly help, advice. Cut, separate from the body - will experience a sense of helplessness.

If anyone sees in a dream that his hands are longer and stronger than usual, it foretells him great pleasure and profit by his brother or son, in addition, more wealth. If the same dream dream woman, her husband will become richer and more powerful than the previous. Who sees in a dream that his muscular arms, this dream foretells liberation from sickness or prison. Who will dream that his hands or elbows are covered with sores and shelled, expected by boredom, sadness and failure of a. If anyone sees in a dream that his hands were broken or lost weight, it means distress, illness or poverty that awaits children or brothers of the man. The woman that dream predicts short-term separation from her husband. Arm muscles are in dreams servants. To dream of your hands covered with shaggy hair and an increase of wealth. It is assumed that the right hand in a dream means a son, father, brother or friend, and the left - mother, daughter, sister, or friend of faithful servant. Anyone who sees in a dream that he had cut off the right hand, it portends bad luck to his son, father, brother or friend, but if the left is cut off, the daughters, mothers, etc. To dream that cut off both hands, means imprisonment or illness.

If anyone sees in a dream a strange woman with bare hands, it can be at peace about the property and worldly goods. If anyone sees that his hands linked, it means that he will be doing nothing, or lose faith. And if a man sees in a dream that his hands were dry or become powerless, then leave it close. And behold, if the hand he has a lot to do good deeds, with the condition that the person is righteous: but if he is impious, it is still multiply their criminal and sexual acts. If someone sees that he painted "cinchona" it will be a party to the killing of the man, and if he saw that both his hands were painted, it means that hlopocha of worldly affairs, he incur the anxiety and distress.

See palm — a sign of destiny; wash - exemption from the cares; hairy - success in business and money;

See hands clean - joy, relief; Wash hands - free from the hassle of difficult; hairy hands - success in business, money. Hand feed - someone needs your help. Losing hand - the death of a neighbor or the person who assisted you. Many hands - Cashing fair, the work of other.

East female dream book

Shake hands with someone - the return of an old friend; see my hands dirty - to participate in a precarious enterprise; hands crossed on his chest - unfortunately.

Aesop’s dream book

This character is very meaningful: the hands are considered part of the body, without which it is impossible to lead a normal life and be happy that you live. In people there is a mass of proverbs and sayings in which there is mention of the hands. They have different meanings, so the significance of the symbol can not even talk about. To dream that you are looking for glasses and realize that you need them, like the hands, there is nothing you can not do without them - the dream shows the need for an assistant; you have to find a new way to achieve that you need; you will not be able to fulfill the promise. To dream of parents who scold you for the broken glass, laughing and saying that you do not have arms, and the mounting hooks - to criticism, frustration is; for reflection and awakening the next oldest complexes. To dream of a man with strange hands, they look like wings and stick out from the back - you're not lucky with new staff; to the problems of the household; malfunction. To dream that you have a strong itching, - to fight; to clarify the relationship with unstable people; an accident or money. To dream that you try on the big gloves on his hands with prickly thorns - this dream foretells a promotion; family relationships will improve; your kids will present a pleasant surprise; You will find a solution to a problem that has long caused headaches. See that you are trying to wash hands thoroughly without soap, and therefore struggled rub them against each other out - you do not have hope in anyone, so use your own; so as not to get stuck in a messy, time to do your best to give a categorical denial; you can not hide what you've done. To dream that you pour water on the hands of the pitcher and you wash your face - you are concerned about plans to keep a secret and trying to develop a course of retreat in case of failure; You will be prosecuted for hiding the truth. To dream of a man who does everything with his own hands and offers to help - it means that you start up a successful introduction; in your circle will be a person with good connections; you have to get out of the imbroglio. Seeing a dream in which you appoint the right hand boss - your ambition was not to get a decent reward; do not rush to change jobs; to a good conversation; to fulfill wishes. To dream that you are sitting in a hole and can not get out, but a cry for help no one comes, no one hands you a hand - this dream foretells disappointment; you quarrel with a reliable person; you are destined to experience new sensations. See the person who is sitting like a statue, his arms down along the sides - you have to deal with incorrigible slacker; what you have in mind is not carried out, because you will not have real allies; to lack of understanding and communication with empty people. To dream that you are starting to sink, but do not ask for help, and the last effort to try to get out on their own - to the recognition of your achievements; a new project; to bargain,. Are you looking for the culprit who left dirty hand prints all over the apartment - the dream warns you that we should expect trouble; you will be involved in a nasty rumor; to work hard to have his own; you will learn something that will bring a lot of trouble. To dream of a man who is constantly spinning in a cycle of affairs and can not even sit down to rest - this dream foretells boredom, fatigue and monotonous occupation. To dream of a man who his whole appearance inspires confidence and ability to stand up for themselves, whom they say that he had a finger in the mouth do not put - do you think that your opinion is not taken seriously; to doubt; to clashes with the powerful, powerful people.

Vedic dream book of Shivananda

If you dream that you have a broken arm or leg, it is a sign that you will soon get married.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Human hands — a brush, hand, fingers - it is a symbol and instrument of any physical embodiment of dreams, and, therefore, a symbol of longevity in the world - a symbol of the movement of yin and yang. From a medical point of view on the palm are the projections (exit point) of all the internal organs: the lines and patterns of skin on the palms and fingers of the experienced eye of a lot of talk about the internal state of the organism. In this (and only this) divination based on the arm (you can predict an early death from a weak heart, but in any way - from the evil wife! On fingers also include projections viscera, so the sense of touch fingers or simply by hand movement information directly into the heart, spleen, etc.. Hand - a brush, fingers, palm play a significant semantic space dream role. To dream of his / strong, healthy hand / brush / fingers - a sign of physical and mental balance, a balance between external and internal. If you dream about someone's strong hand - such a man can be trusted. Closely examine their sleep / foreign hand / brush / finger - to try to see the light fate determine the future (way). Sleep is favorable or unfavorable, depending on the awareness of sleep and waking dreamer's action: the initial impetus to the movement in the dream was given, is to make up your mind, talent and strength. See his / foreign crippled / old / weak hand - a state of imbalance and disease. Internal pathology produces inadequate perception of the outside world, as the whole body begins to live in the affected part gently to the rhythm and movement, and perception. This can result in damage to the affairs and physical injuries, when in an emergency situation and need to implement all abilities to perceive, and some abilities have been lost - a loss is inevitable. In addition, the injured finger in a dream can warn of possible personal injury not only to the internal organs, but also the external parts of the body. The dependence of this: the thumb-head; index-left hand; mid-left foot; untitled-right leg; little finger of the right hand-.


The hands are one of the most expressive parts of the body and signify power and creativity. The right hand is the 'power' hand, while the left is passive and receptive. Sometimes in dreams the left hand can represent cheating. If the hands are contrasted with each other and/or have a different object in each, it indicates there may be some conflict in us between our beliefs and feelings. A hand on the breast signifies submission. Clasped hands indicate union or friendship, while clenched hands suggest a threat. Folded hands suggest deep repose or a state of rest. The hands covering the eyes generally represent shame or horror, while hands crossed at the wrists suggest that we are being bound, perhaps by our own actions. The open hand represents justice whilst the laying on of hands signifies healing and blessing, particularly if the hand is placed on the neck. Hands placed together give an indication of defencelessness; if they are placed in someone else?s it suggests a pledge of service or commitment. When the hands are raised this can indicate either adoration, prayer or surrender; if the palms are turned outwards a blessing is being given; when they are raised to the head we should give a great deal of thought and care to our current situation. Washing the hands suggests innocenceor rejection of guilt, while wringing the hands signifies grief. A huge hand, particularly from the sky, suggests that we have been 'specially chosen'. For this reason, advertising that contains such an image has a profound effect.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Hands — in general - a symbol of a certain fatal force sleeping; skill, assistants; state of affairs; the offer for the woman (the greatest number of idioms!, see additional. Idioms. Dictionary). In blood - scandal with relatives. Dirty - defects, offenses; incorrectness; troubles. Hairy - success, enrichment; patronage. Very big - fulfillment of desires. Palms - close fatal events. To wash - release or discharge from affairs. The right hand - man’s part (the father, the brother, the husband …), left - a female half (mother, the sister, the wife …). To have many hands - big fruitful works; for thieves - punishment, prison. Are damaged, wounded - extensive damage. Loss of a hand - death of the friend, brother, spouse; misfortune. Children’s hands - happiness. Clumsy, dirty, in blots, without fingers - symbols of occupations of black magic (according to Castaneda) within known reception of dreams "viewing of hands in a dream".

Medieval dream book of Daniil

To have dark hands — to need.

Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Hands. Phallus. Also opportunity to make something one hands; creativity.

Russian Dream Book

It is a symbol of action and contact with world around. The condition of hands indicates a health factor, and feelings in them, your self-assessment, at emergence of these or those problems in your life.

Schiller School student’s dream book

The connected – danger, difficulty, poverty and powerlessness.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

The hand which is chopped off, burned or withered seen in a dream, will presage great and inevitable misfortune, and to the handicraftsman absence of work and, therefore, poverty;

Ukrainian Dream Book

To see hands pure – pleasure, the help; to wash hands – be exempted from difficult efforts; hands shaggy – success in affairs, money. To offer a hand – someone demands your help. To lose a hand – death of the neighbor or person who rendered you assistance. It is a lot of hands – you profit dishonestly, work of others.