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Dreams about kissing are common. Oral erogenous zone is the main core, which first manifested in man. She is involved in the early years after birth, when the baby gets food from the mother's breast. In cases of normal mental development of the activity of oral zone is replaced by the activity of the anal area, but with faults in it are the first signs of activity for life. That they manifest themselves in dreams. So, if you dream of a kiss, it's a sign that the person you are kissing or being kissed by you, your subconscious is as deeply infantile object, that is, you do not perceive it as a true lover. Most likely, the person causing your association with any of your relatives with whom you talk up a storm in the early years of life (the memory may be unconscious, that is, you can not even remember this person). If the active side you are acting in a kiss, it means your desire to "absorb" the partner, to assimilate it to yourself to make yourself a part of, his belonging to myself. If he kisses you, you feel like the desire on his part. Kiss of the sebyaSon the kiss with himself quite symptomatic. Based on the theories of Freud, it should be interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer's narcissistic tendencies (that is sexually attracted to himself). Given this understanding of the importance of sleep for a kiss with yourself can be the following: 1) an egocentric focus on his own person; 2) refusal to see anything or anyone around him; 3) thinking, the ability to interpret what is happening to their advantage, for himself around.

Esoteric Dream Book

To see kissing - dissatisfaction, longing for affection. himself kissing - you will find a gentle Union, affectionate relationships, not necessarily those who see in a dream.

Hasse’s dream book

To dream of being kissed often means the dreamer will realize something important that can help them to achieve success in real life. It can also mean that someone you know is not telling you the whole truth. To see others kissing in your dream suggests that you are too involved in their personal lives and relationships. You need to give them some space. To dream of a kiss on the cheek, whether you gave or received it, symbolizes kindness and friendship.

Noble dream book of N. Grishina

Kissing see — sadness, sickness. Woman kissing a man - anger, irritation. A man kissing a young girl - a dishonest profit. Temperamental girl - a new relationship, wedding. An old woman - bad news. At the meeting, greeting, kissing - a nuisance. Familiar kiss - from trouble to get it. Other - to quarrel with him. Kiss their home - change. Dead kiss - for the kissing disease. Portraits of family members - envy or annoyance to experience. The Executioner - will be his own man gifted. Hell kiss - great gifts, bribes. Watchman kissing - get into trouble. Stone - shame. Rusty iron - misery. Enemy kiss - reconciliation. Youngest person of the opposite sex in an improper place to kiss - zlomyslie. Hands kiss - the harm of pride. Kiss the ground - separation / vow to give something.

Dream book of Health

See that you kiss the staff at work - for trouble, stress and negative emotions as a result of possible intrigue. You kiss your relatives or you kiss them - to a lack of love and kindness in family relations. Kissing a pretty girl man or woman looking man - to sexual dissatisfaction.


To dream of a kiss, denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment. To see others kissing in your dream, suggests that you are too involved in their personal lives and relationship. You need to give them some space. If the dream ends just about you are about to kiss someone, indicates that you are unsure of how he or she really feels about you. You are looking for some sort of relationship with this person but you are not sure about how to go about achieving it. If you are heterosexual and you dream that you are kissing someone of the same sex, then it represents self-acceptance. You are acknowledging the feminine or masculine side.

To dream that you are kissing someone*s hand, signifies respect.

To dream that you are kissing someone else*s boyfriend or girlfriend, indicates your wish to be in a relationship and to experience the energy of love. You may be sexually acting out and desire to awaken your passion. Alternatively, it indicates a lack of integrity on your part.

If you are kissing a close friend, then it represents your respect and adoration for your friend. You are seeking some intimate closeness that is lacking in some waking relationship. It may or may not signify a romantic interest for him or her.

To dream of kissing an enemy, signifies betrayal, hostility, or reconciliation with an angry friend. Consider also the saying "this kiss of death". If you are kissed by a stranger, then your dream is one of self-discovery. You need to get more acquainted with some aspect of yourself.

Miller’s dream book

To dream that you see children kissing, denotes happy reunions in families and satisfactory work. To dream that you kiss your mother, you will be very successful in your enterprises, and be honored and beloved by your friends. To kiss a brother or sister, denotes much pleasure and good in your association. To kiss your sweetheart in the dark, denotes dangers and immoral engagements. To kiss her in the light, signifies honorable intentions occupy your mind always in connection with women. To kiss a strange woman, denotes loose morals and perverted integrity. To dream of kissing illicitly, denotes dangerous past-times. The indulgence of a low passion may bring a tragedy into well-thought-of homes. To see your rival kiss your sweetheart, you are in danger of losing her esteem. For married people to kiss each other, denotes that harmony is prized in the home life. To dream of kissing a person on the neck, denotes passionate inclinations and weak mastery of self. If you dream of kissing an enemy, you will make advance towards reconciliation with an angry friend. For a young woman to dream that some person sees her kiss her lover, indicates that spiteful envy is entertained for her by a false friend. For her to see her lover kiss another, she will be disappointed in her hopes of marriage.

Dream book of lovers

If lovers or spouses dream the kissing children, it means that they are waited by reconciliation and the relations will be improved.

Dream book of the Wanderer

Kiss — parting. Sensitive, vzasos - to an illness; the long - painful long parting or strong quarrel. The cold on lips - you was kissed-noted by death! Lip pain - release from burdensome expectation, care.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

If someone sees that it is kissed by the emperor, it foretells wealth.

Old Russian Dream Book


Psychoanalytic dream book of V. Samokhvalov

Gain and assimilation. Feeding.

Schiller School student’s dream book

Change in love.

Slavic dream book

Kiss of the stranger – to a find

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To receive a kiss from the stranger means a find; to receive a kiss from the woman unfamiliar foretells deception and seduction.

Ukrainian Dream Book

If in a dream to kiss someone, it is trouble. If the girl kisses, for the guy it is an illness. To kiss somebody – to see the friend. To kiss – quarrel. Who in a dream kisses you, that blames. To kiss – separation. To kiss the person of the floor – false acquaintance. You kiss the dead – an illness. An air kiss – humility.

Freud’s dream book

In the dream kissing - for a woman this dream foretells familiarity with some attractive man who is a closer look will a real gigolo. A man who saw a dream, you have to be a little softer to his "second half" - it has long been bored without your care. If you've seen in a dream, like kissing someone else, then you will find yourself caught up in some unpleasant story.


To see kissing - dissatisfaction, longing for affection. himself kissing - you will find a gentle Union, affectionate relationships, not necessarily those who see in a dream.

Henry Rommel

If you kiss a loved one, you expect the separation or treason.Kissing with a stranger, but a nice person - to the joy, well-being; old or ugly - to the bad news; the dead - the appearance you have some secrets.Kissing a man of the same sex - to insincerity in friendship or open hostility.Unpleasant kiss passionately - to the disease.Seeing how other people kiss, - to sadness.

Loff’s dream book

Kissing is undoubtedly associated young lovers. Imagination immediately draws the images of two teenagers (no adults!), Frantically kissing in the subway escalator. You can kiss someone, to watch as they kiss the other, or to experience the feeling that you are about to kiss. Kissing another dream, so you can simply exercise their sexual desire with respect to anyone. And in this case it's not a kiss for kiss and the kiss with a view to feel the energy of love. Kiss - the desire to awaken the passion, not necessarily that this passion will manifest itself. You can see how other kiss? So, you know too much personal about these people, or are taking too involved in their lives. The exception is when you are a witness to kiss your partner - this is an obvious sign of infidelity, or inclination to voyeurism in your relationship. When you wake up with the feeling that you want to kiss, it reflects your real sexual attraction to anyone. Typically, up to the kiss is not reached, because you wake up on this. The reason - the sense of prohibition: you want to kiss, but you understand that this is not desirable. How do you feel when a kiss: pleasant feelings or threat? You longed for that kiss, or it was imposed? What were your overall feeling of a kiss: disgust, romantic feeling or passion?.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

Infidelity, separation; with a person of the same sex - feud.