Dream » L » Laughter

The interpretation of the dream «Laughter»

Laugh - disturbing the peace.

Freud’s dream book

Hear someone laughing in your dream - it means that you'll be in a society subject for gossip, which can have both positive and negative character. That depends on whether the laugh you pleasant. If so, then the feelings that you call in the hearts of others - is sympathy and good-natured envy. Laughter caused you mental discomfort - it is said that someone would like to spoil your life by making some kind of evil.

Miller’s dream book

Dreamed own fun and laughter - this means that you will have an excellent business partner with whom you are in your enterprise achieve success. Unrestrained laughter at the characters, prompted by fate, foretells disappointment and disharmony in your neighborhood. Happy, ringing laughter of children - a harbinger of happiness and good health. If you laughed at the misfortunes of people, it is said that to satisfy their own selfish desires you deliberately hurting your friends. Hear the taunts - is a malady and disappointment in the affairs of.

Loff’s dream book

As in reality, in the dreams we experience the feelings and emotions that most clearly tend to manifest themselves in funny or, on the contrary, the sad situations. Often there is the dream of laughter from the deeper roots than in the waking state. This is due to the fact that sleep is due to liberation from all restrictions, our reaction to events is more open and direct.

Laughter in the dream may be inappropriate. As soon as we see ourselves as the archetypal cartoon, the explosion can break out the diabolical laughter. Meanwhile, more natural in such a case would be anger, because the situation provokes, rather, it is this sense. Such uncontrolled laughter - nothing like leprosy It.

When you laugh, does that make others? Have to laugh at random? Remember, laughter is born in you a sense of winged or, on the contrary, a sense of guilt.

Hasse’s dream book

Hear someone's laughter in a dream - a dream predicts that revealed that from which you as thoroughly as you seemed to be doing secret. Very loud and strong, Homeric laughter foretells you failure, trouble, sad mood, all of which will be upon you for a long time and this avalanche close to the sun you happiness. If you dream that you are laughing yourself, you will likely have to cry. Dreamed that you were doing it in a completely inappropriate setting, for example, at the funeral - it promises you the problems caused by flaws in your education and manners.

Esoteric Dream Book

If you laughed over strangers, it shows that, despite the adverse circumstances, you're in the eyes of others is gradually gaining more authority. You laugh at someone means that someone's mistakes turn into a negative situation for the benefit of you. You laughed in his sleep over a situation (especially when awakened from his own laughter, and the next you're laughing already awake) - is a harbinger of what circumstances will surprisingly well, waiting for you in spite of all ill-wishers unexpected joy. Hear the sound of laughter - a sign that all is well, all your fears and concerns will be false.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (short)

Laughter — the great healer. Do not take life too seriously.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed)

Hearty laugh — the great healer. Do not take life too seriously. Laugh at yourself - life is not eternal struggle.

New family dream book

If you dream you see yourself happy and cheerful, the front of you success in business and cooperation with partners shiny. Assuming the dream laughing at the portents of fate, you will face disappointment and lack of harmony in their environment. Heard in his sleep happy child laughing promises you joy and health. Ridicule, heard in his address to presage disease and disappointment in the affairs of.

Ancient Zedkielya dream book

Lots of fun and laughing in a dream - to trouble and frustration, frustrated hopes. For love is a sign that it will not meet the love of reciprocity. Feelings of his beloved unstable, it ranges between you and someone else. Be careful in the actions. Restrain your passion, not to be deceived. Laughing in a dream often a sign of the coming of crying and sadness.

Tsvetkov’s dream book

(Hear) — a contradiction, strained relations with the life;

Loss of friendship;

Laughter of children - to money;

Good news;

Hear his laughter - to tears.

Dream book of the Yellow Emperor

Primary elements — fire, water. Elements - heat, cold. Organs - the heart, kidneys. Emotions-joy, fear. The Planets - Mars, Mercury. Completeness - Employment negative emotions of the heart causes a feeling of fullness in the chest and demanding an immediate application of force in the hands (as it is called demotic itching - something to do, and mostly unsuccessfully). Emotional state is expressed through rampant groundless joy, which signals an unwillingness to recognize as his own weaknesses (internal) and external constraints. According to the concept of Chinese medicine joy (the body - the heart) should be restrained by fear (kidneys) if it does not, then there is a pathological overdevelopment of one another because of the lack of energy, the diagnosis is fullness of heart and kidney emptiness. Laugh - it's getting rid of accumulated stress, but do not work on the inside, gave birth to the cause of stress. Laughter is born as freedom from fear, but constant laughter - is the lack of fear as a deterrent, countervailing forces of human behavior: do not afraid of people do not see the danger and can get into a life-threatening situation. Laugh in his sleep / dream own laughter - yang-yin excess expression of the inner, that is, the completeness of the heart. Laugh in his sleep - means ignorance of each other and try to get rid of internal discomfort demonstration outside fun. But the dispersion of external uncontrollable laughter leads to further redevelopment of inner tension. It is urgent to check the heart and kidneys. Laughing in a dream also means ignorance of the actual situation and that portends failure in cases due to excessive credulity or unwarranted self-importance. Laughter in his sleep - always unfavorable peak manifestation emotions of joy, soft, yielding good mood waking forms of laughter in a dream does not happen.

Dream book of Health

See or hear the laughter of others - to unpleasant events and the subsequent stress; Laugh yourself - expect trouble in the beginning of the case, but his success at the end of.

Snotolkovatel (1829)

To dream that you have fun and laugh, meaning success in business in the community of brilliant companions.

Unrestrained laughter at the portents of fate - you portends frustration and lack of harmony in your environment.

Heard dream happy laughter of children - promises you joy and health.

Laugh at the failures of others - a sign that you are intentionally hurting friends to satisfy their selfish desires.

Hear ridicule - foretells sickness and disappointment in the affairs of.

Medieval dream book of Daniil

Laughing in a dream or see laughing - to mourning or to wealth.

Dream book of lovers

If you dream that you are laughing at something fun, this dream foretells you the joy and love of the elect. However, unrestrained laughter at serious things bode lack of harmony in family relationships.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Laughter – annoying surprises.


To hear — your secret will be opened.

Henry Rommel

To laugh or to see and hear others laugh - or cry be worrisome reality.

Hasse’s dream book

To hear — your secret will be opened.

Dream interpretation of Simon the Zealot

Hear — your secret will be open.

Ukrainian Dream Book

Laughter — annoying surprises.